PeachtreeNovaPeachtree Nova Black Intregrated Amp / Pre-Amp / DACBlack Peachtree Nova Intregrated Amp / Pre-Amp / DAC combo. I am the original owner of this unit. I have the original manual, remote control, packing material, and box (both inner box and outer...850.00

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I've received numerous questions about the condition of the unit. Please let me expound: In my opinion, 10/10 is only for a brand new un-opened unit; once the box is unsealed the unit is automatically a 9/10. I set this classified as an 8/10 so as to under promise and over deliver. It is impeccable, but it is a used unit, none the less.

This unit has been installed behind a locked door in a cabinet with open metal mesh ventilation. The remote control was used to capture the IR codes for another learning remote control, and then not used again.

Audiogon won't let me add photos to the ad after bids have been placed, please contact me directly and I can e-mail you photos of the unit.

Black Peachtree Nova Intregrated Amp / Pre-Amp / DAC combo. I am the original owner of this unit. I have the original manual, remote control, packing material, and box (both inner box and outer box). Specifications: Amp ST mos-fet amp modules 80w/ch at less than 1% distortion in to 6 ohms Internally wired like Sigma Servo control (two wires from amp to terminal) for better damping PreAmp Hybrid tube design (6922) 6.5V output @ 2.0V input <30 Ohms at the output stage Class A output stage Switching relays in the signal path Polypropylene caps in the signal path Headphone Amp (shared with the Pre-Out stage) Suitable for all electro-dynamic headphones Frequency response: DC ~ 100 kHz +/- 0.1dB Voltage gain: 10dB Maximum output voltage: 7Vrms output impedance: <30ohms Maximum output power: 100mW into 8Ohm / 300mW into 150Ohm / 150mW into 300Ohm Class A output stage 6922 Tube is in circuit DAC 5 digital inputs 1- USB, 2 coax, 2 optical 24/96 upsampling ESS9006 DAC 11 regulated power supplies Organic capacitors Class A output stage Transformer coupled digital Inputs for ground isolation Galvanically isolated USB stage. > 122db S/N < 1picosecond jitter measured at the Master Clock (Super Clock) Size 5” H x 14 ¾” W x 14” D (including volume knob and speaker terminals) Weight 26lbs. In The Absolute Sounds' 2012 High-End Audio Buyers Guide, they said: "Peachtree Audio's versatile Nova is a multi-purpose component that offers a surprisingly high level of performance at a sensible price. Specifically, the Nova combines the functions of a 24/96khz upsampling DAC with USB, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK inputs, a hybrid tube/solid state 80Wpc integrated amplifier with digital and analog inputs, and a class A tube powered headphone amp(you can also use the Nova as a hybrid DAC/preamp). The core sound of the Nova is focused and revealing, with taut, but perhaps lightly weighted bass. Overall we preferred the sound of the Nova with its 6922-based tube circuit engaged, which helps give the unit welcome touches of warmth and harmonic richness. Predictably, the Nova makes a great amp/DAC on which to base starter high-end audio systems." Shipping to the Continental United States only. Paypal only. Sorry for the 'stock' photo. Actual photos to follow shortly.
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