PerreauxAudiant 80iOur mint demo Audiant 80i. Highly reviewed and just a superb all around amplifier with built in dac and phono stage.Audiant 80i - FeaturesTouch button interfaceThe touch button interface utilises c...1550.00

Perreaux Audiant 80i Mint Demo [Expired]

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Our mint demo Audiant 80i. Highly reviewed and just a superb all around amplifier with built in dac and phono stage.

Audiant 80i - Features
Touch button interface
The touch button interface utilises capacitive touch technology to provide an intuitive interface which complements the design aesthetic.

Dimmable display
The LED backlighting of the touch panel can be dimmed to suit your listening environment.

Transformer Coupled Digital Input
The coaxial digital input is transformer coupled, providing electrical isolation and improved jitter performance for coaxial digital source components.

Home theatre input
Integrate Audiant 80i into a home theatre system using the home theatre input.

High-current toroidal power supply
The high-current power supply, with custom designed toroidal transformer, delivers bass with punch and authority.

USB input
Connect directly to a computer using the USB input and take advantage of the high-quality upsampling digital to analogue converter.

Control iTunes via USB
When using the USB input, the Audiant remote can control iTunes or similar music applications, such as Windows Media Player.

Infrared remote control
The infrared remote control allows wireless control of Audiant 80i.

Digital inputs
A variety of digital inputs allow connection to all of todays digital sources.

Phono input
Connect a record player to the phono input to enjoy some of the many quality pressings available on vinyl today.

Class-AB amplifier
The Class-AB amplifier output stage allows environment friendly energy requirements without compromising sound quality.

MOSFET output devices
MOSFET output devices are at the heart of all Perreaux amplifiers and provide a detailed and dynamic sound that embodies the soul of the music.

Upsampling digital to analogue converter
The on-board Audiant 80i upsampling 24-bit/96kHz digital to analogue converter (DAC) enables high fidelity sound from any digital source.

1 Watt Standby power consumption
With power consumption below 1 Watt in standby, Audiant 80i is one of the most energy conscious hi fi amplifiers available today.


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