Phase TechnologydARTS 525 FSPhase Technology dARTS 525 FSFor sale is a Phase Technology dARTS 525 FS system. It is a 5.2 system, meaning that it includes three front channels (DFS-525-C), two switchable bipole/dipole on-wall surround channels (DCB-525-S...9100.00

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For sale is a Phase Technology dARTS 525 FS system. It is a 5.2 system, meaning that it includes three front channels (DFS-525-C), two switchable bipole/dipole on-wall surround channels (DCB-525-SURR) with mounting hardware, and two 12" subwoofers (DCB-112-SUB). It also includes the 16-channel amplifier (DP-2000) required to drive all speakers (except the subs, which are self-powered). The front three speakers are finished piano gloss black, and the other speakers are flat black. The system retails for $19,875. You can find more information and pictures at www dot phasetech dot com. This system is active, meaning that speaker crossovers are performed digitally (inside the amplifier). The front three speakers are triamplified and require three runs of speaker cable each. The two rear channels are biamplified and thus require two runs of speaker cable. The dARTS system is calibrated using Audyssey MultEQ XT Pro. I do have the calibration kit for the system and it will be included in the purchase price. This particular calibration kit requires a separate computer running Windows, with a Firewire port. You will of course need a surround sound processor or an AV receiver with preamp outputs to interface with the amplifier. I currently use the Onkyo PR-SC885P, and would sell it at an additional charge if the buyer is interested. I am the original owner and it has been in service since March 2008. It gets used a couple hours per week on average -- pretty light use. We are a pet-free and smoke-free home, and the kids do not enter the room unsupervised. A couple things to mention. First, the grilles for the front three speakers are magnetically attached, and the magnets on the grilles are set into a round extrusion. As can be seen in one of the pictures, three of the extrusions on the right front grille and one on the center grille have pieces that are broken off. This in no way affects the performance of the system, nor does it affect how well the grilles attach to the speakers. You'd never know they were broken if you didn't see it. They came to me that way, but I didn't request new grilles because it is a complete non-issue. Second, I noticed while taking pictures that the top of the right front speaker has a few hairline scratches that can only be seen up close and if the light is hitting the speaker just right. I was not able to capture this in a picture. Other than these two things, every piece in this system looks next to new. I have all the original boxes and packing material for the system. It would be nice to arrange local pickup or to meet somewhere within a reasonable distance (say, 100 - 150 miles from Salt Lake City). If the buyer lives within that reasonable distance, I would be willing to help him set up and calibrate this system. I also am willing to ship at the buyer's expense. FedEx quotes $238 from the Phase Tech factory in Jacksonville, FL to my current location in Utah, so that will give you an idea. The quote is $288 on a pallet via freight truck. It will take me two or three business days after the sale to box them up and prepare for shipping. Also, please add 2% to the cost if paying by Paypal, to help defray Paypal fees. Thanks for looking. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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