AcurusP10 usedAcurus P10  Near mint heavily upgradedI am selling my personal Power Plus upgraded Acurus P10 phono stage. This phono stage is in near mint condition in fact I would give it a solid 8 of 10 just to be on the safe side. I would say that...375.00

Acurus P10 Near mint heavily upgraded [Expired]

no longer for sale

I am selling my personal Power Plus upgraded Acurus P10 phono stage. This phono stage is in near mint condition in fact I would give it a solid 8 of 10 just to be on the safe side. I would say that cosmetically it is easily in the top 5% of what you will find on the used market for these phono stages. In other words, you will have a very hard time finding a cleaner one. This P10 is the late generation version with the all black chassis, where earlier versions came with a medium grey lower chassis. The black chassis P10’s were only produced the final 1 - 2 years of production and very few of them were produced in those final years. This particular version was built sometime in late 1998 - early 1999 based on the date codes of the electrolytic capacitors that were replaced. This Acurus P10 has received extensive professional modifications. This P10 has received my own Power Plus upgrade built into an external power supply chassis as well as a full replacement of all electrolytic capacitors with audio grade Nichicon capacitors and replacement of ALL of the low end metal film line stage resistors with exceptionally low noise Dale RN-60D mil-spec resistors. The Dale RN-60’s are what comes standard in most of the Aragon components (except the 47k). In addition to this I have added the Aragon CRC power supply filter stage into the P10 main board. The Power Plus upgrade and additional upgrade work I performed on this particular P10 includes the following, > A custom built external power supply which include a low noise encapsulated toroidal transformer providing 3X the current capacity of the original internal EI core transformer and front panel power LED indicator lamp. > Replacement of the stock AC cord with a mini-XLR connection for DC power feed from the custom external power supply to the P10. > Custom DC power cable featuring braided conductors of high grade Teflon insulated silver plated copper. > Additional CRC filtering integrated into the original Acurus main board. > Wima polypropylene MKP series high frequency bypass capacitors added to the DC rails. > Upgraded the original 1 amp standard speed rectifiers to 2 amp ultrafast soft recovery rectifiers to minimize noise. > Massively upgraded filtering capacitance from the original 6,600 uF to 22,000 uF total. > Replacement of all electrolytic storage capacitors on the regulated DC rails with Nichicon audio grade caps of the same capacitance, but with increased voltage capacity to lower the ESR. > Replacement of the original bi-polar electrolytic capacitors with Nichicon Muse series bi-polar audio capacitors > Replacement of all line stage resistors with Dale RN-60D exceptionally low noise mil-spec resistors. > Replacement of the low quality original board mounted rear panel RCA jacks with high quality panel mounted Teflon insulated RCA jacks. > All soldering work performed using Cardas Quad Eutectic silver solder. These upgrades easily catapult the performance of this phono stage into another league. In my opinion it even handily beats the performance of the Aragon 47k phono. Many people do not realize that the Acurus P10 and the Aragon 47k are virtually IDENTICAL internally. In fact the 47K and P10 use the same mainboard and the Aragon 47K even has the provision to mount the same internal power transformer that the P10 came with. For the Aragon 47K Mondial chose to use an external power supply and use the vacant internal transformer socket to house the CRC filter. This is exactly what I did to this P10. What really elevates this P10 in addition to the high quality power supply is the use of the dale low noise resistors through out the line stage. The RN-60 resistors are laser trimmed to help lower noise and they use non-magnetic end caps to minimize cross talk and noise. Of all of the later Aragon components only the 47K phono came equipped with the same lower quality metal film resistors that were used in all of the Acurus components. So what that means is if you were thinking about buying an Aragon 47k and paying a premium for it, your not getting a lot for your money over buying a stock Acurus P10. Essentially you are getting an external power supply and CRC filtering. The mil-spec high quality parts that are a trademark of the Aragon brand are sorely lacking in the Aragon 47K. But not in my upgraded P10. My upgraded Acurus P10 features better quality parts than you will find in the Aragon 47k. Much more storage capacitance than a stock P10 and even more than an externally powered 47k. When you sum up all of the parts I have added to this P10 you end up with what Mondial should have produced as the Aragon 47K phono stage! I am quite confident in the reliability of this upgraded phono stage, so much so that I will give the buyer a full 3 month warranty after the sale. Try finding that type of a guarantee from another seller of used electronics. I will split paypal fees with the buyer so add 1.5% to your total for Paypal. Buyer pays actual shipping. Contact me for a quote. Local pickups are always welcomed.
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