Arche AudioOpus 6Arche Audio Opus 6 World Finest MC Step-up TransformerArche Audio OPUS 6 Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer The Opus 6 is a high performance moving-coil step-up transformer for discerning analogue lovers and audiophiles who seek to enjoy analogue mu...1800.00

Arche Audio Opus 6 World Finest MC Step-up Transformer [Expired]

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Arche Audio OPUS 6 Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer The Opus 6 is a high performance moving-coil step-up transformer for discerning analogue lovers and audiophiles who seek to enjoy analogue music at the highest class. The Opus 6 expresses magical tonality, finest nuances, and whole textures at the level to which even mega expensive phono amps could hardly approach. Once you listen to the Opus 6 being mated with a proper MC cartridge, you would immediately find yourself being totally mesmerized into music, realizing how the complete analogue music reproduction would sound like. The musical engagement impact offered by the Opus 6 is so deep and huge that one listener would regard it as the rare experience of musical wholeness. Adopting a quality step-up transformer is nowadays not the popular choice among the mass analogue lovers as well as phono amp manufacturers, since a quality MC step-up transformer alone costs more than many phono amps in the market. At the same time, the disappearance of good audio transformer artisans during the last half century has precipitated the plummeting availability of quality step-up transformers at the audio industry sight. This circumstance has led to the situation that many analogue lovers and audiophiles are not exposed to the true benefit of quality MC step-up transformers. The Opus 6 is developed to showcase the true performance of a top class step-up transformer. It was not developed only by electric engineers, but also by audio engineers and transformer artisans through the countless proto-type making and actual audition testing to fine tune the electrical parameters and to invent the best winding structure. Employing our exclusive transformer design and proprietary winding technologies, the Opus 6 renders the most musically complete retrieval of analogue music, magically presenting the most enchanting tonality, perfectly preserving the finest musical nuances, and expressing the delicately woven musical textures. All transformers are carefully hand-wound by our most skilled transformer artisan, while the massive monolithic case is precision-milled from the solid block of billet aluminum. The input and output sockets are also custom-manufactured by our own proprietary design, utilizing only the best materials such as the high purity phosphor bronze, Teflon insulation and the 20-micron super-thick pure gold plating. The Opus 6 comes in two standard models: the L model for the cartridges with 6 or lower impedances and the MH model for the cartridges with 15 or higher impedances. Also, custom-made Opus 6s are available to suit the very special musical taste of demanding audiophiles and analogue lovers. The Opus 6 L model is an outstanding match for Ortofon SPU cartridges and many Japanese low-impedance cartridges, while the Opus 6 MH is very well mated with the EMT cartridges and other European high-impedance cartridges. TESTIMONIAL by a Clear Audio Goldfinger Statement cartridge owner Upon opening the box, my first impression was that the Opus 6 is exquisitely built to a quality befitting the work of the best of all artisan masters. Straight out of the box, I was immediately suitably impressed by the sound. The background was very quiet with no electrical noise. The tonal colours were very good and the expression and nuances of the singer’s voice was top notch. I am sure with more running in, the sound would become richer and the soundstage more expansive. US buyers are reccommended to contact with Phillip at Mockingbird Distribution, TX. SPECIFICATION  Gain: 29dB (L model) and 26dB (MH model) or lower to match with the cartridge output  Input and output: two pairs of RCA sockets for left and right channels plus one ground tab  Dimension: W180mm x D120mm x H110mm  Weight: 2.3Kg NET
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