borbely phono preampusedborbely  phono preamp (MM)Custom Phono stage based on E. Borbely design. Uses. (2) 6dg8 & (2)ECC85. MM phono stage Only (NO MC stage). Power supply uses ECC82. Amperix 6dg8 tubes probably worth $250 pair. ...600.00

borbely phono preamp (MM) [Expired]

no longer for sale

Custom  Phono  stage  based on E. Borbely  design.  Uses.  (2) 6dg8  & (2)ECC85.   MM phono stage Only (NO MC stage).  Power supply uses ECC82.  Amperix  6dg8 tubes probably  worth $250 pair.  Superb workmanship and layout by master  engineer  Dusko Markovic.  Superior binding posts. Quiet, clean, musical.  Sonically superior to  EAR834p   and most other commercial units at  the sub-$1500 level.     Cosmetically marred   at rear of unit with    a few  slight rash marks (see pictures)  but otherwise   fine. NJ/NY residents are welcome to audition this fine unit.  If you  want something  at a somewhat higher  performance level,  please consider the JC Morrison & Nick Doshi premps that i  am putting up.
Only  selling to prepare for relocation to NM. 

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