Lounge AudioLCR MKIIILounge Audio LCR MKIII Phono preampLounge Audio - LCRMKIII Pure Analog Moving Magnet Phono PreampMade in the USA - Handcrafted high-end, high value audio equipment "No matter what kind of music you enjoy the Lounge LCRMKIII doesn't...300.00

Lounge Audio LCR MKIII Phono preamp [Expired]

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Lounge Audio - LCRMKIII

Pure Analog Moving Magnet Phono Preamp
Made in the USA - Handcrafted high-end, high value audio equipment

"No matter what kind of music you enjoy the Lounge LCRMKIII doesn't miss a beat" -  Tone Audio

“I want you to ENJOY THE MUSIC” -Robert Morin, Founder of Lounge Audio

Click here to listen to Robert Morin explain why he chose LCR configuration for his circuit 

We’re dedicated to heightening your listening experience.

We love our product and we know you will too. Professionals reviews were done by  6moons, ToneAudio,  Newrecorday, Wall of Sound and TNT Audio.  Independent sources can be found on forums such as Steve Hoffman and others.

Vetted by Kevin Gray from Cohearent Audio www.cohearent.com

LCR MKIII is listed by Herb Reichert in his Stereophile Associated Equipment for reviews


Click here to listen to Robert Morin talking about how he found and adopted the LCR configuration

Metal chassis with black textured semi-gloss powder coating

LCRMKIII has polypropylene film capacitors for the low frequency filter pole. This gets the bass to sound much more accurate.

Also an extra quiet gain setting resistor is used on the front end amplifier stage.

The gain setting resistor is a very low noise, high temperature stability component.

Cartridge loading capacitor is 100pf Wima foil polypropylene paralleled with 22pf MLCC for a more accurate response.

Cartridge loading resistor is a Caddock bulk foil type. This, along with the polystyrene supply capacitors mentioned below, really clinched the sound for an accurate representation of transients and first reflection room sound cues.  

Polystyrene filter capacitors are used on the power supply line feeding each op-amp. These must be located very close to the power pins of the op-amp so that they have a low impedance path to deliver fast transient current. This gives more sense of "air" and allows fast attack instruments better fidelity.

The PCB is 2oz copper thickness to give lower trace impedance

This unit has extra ferrite beads on the power line to reduce hash noise from the wall voltage.


For moving coil cartridges, the LCRMKIII will need a step up amp such as our Copla (check out our other listing in Audiogon) or another type of SUT.

Lounge Audio cannot test every cartridge known today but based on our internal testing and our customers' input, we compiled the list below. Keep in mind that any cartridge above 1.6 millivolts output should work fine and you can always send us a message for us to double check compatibility

Hana EH

Nagaoka MP-110

Audio Technica AT-440ML

Dynavector 10X5

All Grado moving magnet carts

Grace F9E

Ortofon 2M series

Ortofon VMS 20 Mk II

Rega Exact cartridge

Shure M91ed

Shure M44g

Shure M97

Shure V15 series

Sumiko Blackbird

Sumiko Blue Point

Denon DL110


Click here to listen to Robert Morin talking about the LCR circuit

RIAA Equalization type: Passive LCR network

Gain: 42dB

Input impedance: 50k ohm

Input capacitance: 120 pf

Output impedance 50 ohm

Full scale output level: 7.4 vrms

Signal-to-noise ratio: 74db with1/f noise dominating (ref. to 0.775vrms output)

Distortion: 0.15% @5 VRMS output 3rd Harmonic Dominating

0.15% @0.775 VRMS output. 2nd and 4th Harmonic Dominating

AC Adaptor: 120VAC 60hz, 18VAC, 500ma Wall Cube type.

Amplification Type: Class A biased wideband hi-speed Op-amp

I/O?s: Gold RCA jack

Dimensions: Height 3", Width 7.5", Length 5.8"

Weight: 3 lb 8 ounces


Separate series/shunt voltage regulator circuits for each channel to reduce L-R channel interaction.

Separate ground paths for L and R power supply channel sections.

Separate ground paths for audio and power supply circuits.

Hand matched components for left /right channel accuracy.

High quality low noise Dale resistors used in critical audio path positions.

Polypropylene capacitors used in most of audio path.

Low ESR electrolytic capacitors used in power supply only.

600-ohm drive capability.

Blue LED edge lighting

Hand crafted in the USA.


1 year full parts and Labor

We offer returns on units within 14 days of delivery. If in original condition, with all accessories intact and original receipt we will refund full purchase price minus 10% re-stocking fee. We do not refund shipping costs. Units damaged from use or mishandling will be pro-rated.

Unit must be returned via insured mail paid by the buyer.

Warranty and return term begin on the day of product delivery verification.


Shipping for this unit must be to USA and Canada only. While we love our customers, we only ship products and don’t provide local pick ups. California residents pay 9.25% sales tax.

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