PS AudioGCPH l-1 modPS Audio GCPH l-1 mod Phono stage-Great review-SaleSale-Save $200.00 for a limited time.Call me to discuss these as well as our great deals on all PS products. See the superb review in the Absolute Sound where they have recommended the stock GCPH a...1295.00

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PS Audio GCPH l-1 mod Phono stage-Great review-Sale [Expired]

no longer for sale

Sale-Save $200.00 for a limited time.

Call me to discuss these as well as our great deals on all PS products.

See the superb review in the Absolute Sound where they have recommended the stock GCPH as the finest $1000.00 phono stage that they are aware of. Our modification takes it to a new level.

The PS Audio GCPH is a remote controlled balanced phono stage with excellent performance. It plays all cartridges. It has stereo/mono switching, front panel gain, impedance matching and phase reversal. It can even be used as a full preamp with remote controlled volume in a phono only system.

We ship modified units worldwide.

The review summed up with:
"The stock GCPH is a good sounding unit at its price of just under $1k, but the Underwood HiFi mod is significant. It is seriously recommended for the wonderful sound it provides. Notice that I did not say …wonderful sound it provides for the money. The Underwood HiFi modification moves the GCPH definitively into high end territory and makes the unit competitive with other phono preamplifiers in the $3000-5000 range. That is saying a lot for a component that sells for a very reasonable $1350. I would easily choose the Underwood-GCPH over the ARC PH5 ($2000) or Art Audio Vinyl 1 (~$3000). On a performance-price basis, the Underwood HiFi-GCPH is the biggest bargain I know of in audio. Try it. You may find that the price of admission to true high-end LP playback has became affordable."

Read the entire review here:

One customer emailed with:
"Hi Walter,

It arrived and plays. IT IS HEAVEN ALL READY. Even with a Stanton EEE you experience a brilliant level never experienced before(second turntable). With the Frog it is so open, so fast so clean. Oh boy.There is no cd player able to achieve this level of resolution and space. Even a wadia 861 SE Statement update from Steve cant reach this outstanding level. This after a few hours playing its now already sensational. Within a few months I will write a report and send it to you. You can place it on the AudiogoN.

Fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!! Casper"

The stock PS phono GCPH stage is Class B rated in Stereophile and very good. We turn it into a Class A performer that will compete with much more expensive phono stages. Our mod was designed by Chris Johnson, the founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers.

We offer a one year Underwood warranty on new modified units purchased from us.

The following details the Level 1 modification for the PS AUDIO GCPH Phono Stage:

a) Four Japanese RIKEN ½ and 1 watt "signal path" carbon resistors (gold-plated leads)

b) Four INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER HEXFRED ultra-fast soft-recovery rectifying diodes

c) Four Black Gate ultra-premium FK-Series electrolytic capacitors.

d) One sheet of SOUNDCOAT chassis damping material cut & applied where applicable.

e) Two pair of premium WBT-0210-Cu direct gold plated over copper body RCA female jacks.

f) One sheet of ERS EMI/RFI suppression paper applied in critical locations.

g) Four feet of DH LABS 18 awg Revelation series pure 99.999% silver solid core input signal wire, with Teflon tape-wrap dielectric (3 colors).

h) Four EAR small Sorbothane isolation feet added to suppress vibration and airborne feedback.

i) TRT WonderSolder used throughout.

j) 4.5 hours labor


-We make a major improvement to the midrange. It is more liquid and tube-like. It sounds warmer and more like a tube stage. This was the major design goal of the mod and we think that we have accomplished the task.

-The unit is Quieter.... The Silences are BLACKER...It thus resolves more low level Detail, has better ambiance retrieval and is much more three dimensional.

-Bass response is improved. Both bass depth and mid-bass slam are much improved on the Level-1

-Imaging is more focused while the entire soundstage is both deeper and wider.

-Transparency is improved. You get a much cleaner look into the musical soundstage.

-Dynamics are improved. The stock unit is good here. Once modified it is like we add a few more dB of headroom. We add killer dynamics and has better pace. It seems to play much louder on peaks. There is a more excitement in the music. It now plays with the competition that sells for thousands of dollars more.

-Treble detail, both micro and macro, are improved and now keep up with anything that we have heard under $3k

The Level-1 mod is $700.00 to your phono stage.
New GCPH phono stages are available for only 1495.00 + frt
Limited time offer-New modified GCPH's for $1295.00 + frt

One year Underwood warranty on new modified machines.
One year on all mod work to your unit if we mod it.

International sales are paid with bank funds wire transfer.

Optional Upgrade
We can change the Female RCA Jacks to the new ultra-premium WBT 0210-Ag Platinum over silver type. This adds $125.00 to the base Level-1 mod.

We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as money orders. Call Wally at 770-667-5633 for info and to order.
GA residents add 6% sales tax.

International sales are paid for with bank funds wire transfer only.
There is a $25.00 voltage change fee to change voltage to 220/240 volts.

Read all about the stock unit at:

Features of the stock GCPH are as follows:
* Handles both Moving Coil and Moving Magnets
* Front panel gain adjust
* Mono/Stereo switching
* Dual mono signal path
* Balanced input to output
* Phase reversal
* Passive RIAA Curve
* RIAA accuracy better than 1/10th dB
* Impedance matching
* Huge power supply
* Gain Cell technology
* Built in subsonic filter
* Accurate and musical
* Low noise
* Balanced input to output
* Match your cartridge to the gain
* Use as a standalone phono preamp
* Direct into a power amp or preamp
* Gain (unbalanced) - 42/48/54/60dB
* Gain (balanced) - 48/54/60/66 dB
* Loading - 100/500/1k/47k ohms
* Output Impedance - 100 ohms

We also sell stock units at great deals. CALL to discuss.

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