RCM Audio Sensor Prelude Phono StageRCM Audio  Sensor Prelude Phono Stage 60% offGREAT SALES ON ALL OUR PRODUCTS. If you want a great phono stage at an amazingly low price, here is your chance! This is RCM Sensor, previous model...FURUTECH upgraded model. I have two unit...1480.00

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RCM Audio Sensor Prelude Phono Stage 60% off [Expired]

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If you want a great phono stage at an amazingly low price, here is your chance!
This is RCM Sensor, previous model...FURUTECH upgraded model. 
I have two units (no boxes for either) available for resale.  Both in great working condition. Both belonged to customers who upgraded to the new model.   
NO BOX.  I will pack well.   
-- new and demo models of the latest model available  ***** 
This ad is for only the used model.  
RCM Audio phono stages are just great. 
They sound fabulous and are of great quality. Two reviewers are listening ot it now. They have provided great feedback. They love it. It easily beats many of the phono stages at twice its price. 
Please contact SORAsound for further info.     
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 RCM Audio Sensor Phono Stage: Selected as Product of The Year 2007 by Polish Hi Fidelity on-line journal, RCM Audio SENSOR Prelude IC MC/MM phono stage is the best value we have seen in a phono stage. great dynamics. On the back panel of SONOR phono stage, you will find all the necessary switches to easily set the optimum impedance, gain and mode of input stage (balanced or single-ended). 
 HiFi Journal of The Netherlands says (text translated):
 “The RCM Sensor Prelude IC clearly isn’t a ‘me-too’ product but the result of thorough investigation and long listening sessions. Sonically, it has a rather unique mix of clarity and grooviness. Many a ‘clear’ sounding component tends to sound somewhat lean or even stuck-up. The RCM is fully fleshed out in it’s presentation which, in combination with a strong PRaT factor results in a moving reproduction of swing (obviously, that had to be present at the time of recording; a below-par rhythm section will be reproduced as such by the RCM). 
The most special thing about this Phono stage is that it doesn’t position itself at one side of the ‘pleasure verses perfection’ dilemma. Detail? Yes. Transparency? Absolutely, but combined with a very good sense of musical communication. The Sensor Prelude IC raises the delicate signal of a Moving Coil cartridge with care, dedication and enthusiasm. Very,very, highly recommended.” ************    
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