Wavestream KineticsDeluxe Tube Phono StageUp for sale is a very rare, custom built Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe Tube Phono stage. Rarely seen on the used market, this tube phono stage is hand built, using all point to point wiring.   This un...4250.00

Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe Tube Phono Stage Custom Jensen Transformers [Template]

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Up for sale is a very rare, custom built Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe Tube Phono stage. Rarely seen on the used market, this tube phono stage is hand built, using all point to point wiring.
  This unit was built for a close friend and he's asked me to list it for sale. Custom Jensen step up transformers input and dircet inputs. Switch on rear lets you choose between the inputs. Different loading plugs can be ordered or made up to suit your cart. Unit was hand delivered, so no orig box, but will have a double walled shipping carton custom made if asking price is met. Orig build sheet available to buyer.
 Scott Frankland of Wavestream informs us that he offers upgrades:
 "The PHx is now at Level 2. It uses 6 tubes and includes a number of circuit and power supply updates, as well as capacitor upgrades. The cost to update 5-tube units to Level 2, should anyone inquire, is $2995".
    Unit can be dropped with Scott after purchase (I am local to him) if this upgrade is wanted. Feel free to message me for details.
    Phono stage utilizes four '6922' type tube and one '12AX7'. Testing now with a Telefunken 12AX7 as well as gold pin Siemens e188cc's w/ a Soundsmith Hyperion cart and it's breathtaking.
More info from Wavestream:
"Three of the most useful specifications are impedance, gain, and noise. The Phonostage output impedance is 200 ohms.
This is achieved without a cathode follower (buffer stage). A 200-ohm output impedance allows the Phonostage to drive
long runs of cable with negligible effect on frequency response.
The Phonostage input impedance is 47k ohms, adjustable downward to any desired value by means of external loading
jacks. This infinite flexibility is important for optimizing the damping of moving coil cartridges, for which the Phonostage is
solely intended. Cartridges with outputs above 1.2mV should not be used, as these can cause phono overload (distortion
on peaks).
The useful cartridge range is therefore 0.2mV to 1.2mV. Given this range of input voltage, the Phonostage gain has been optimized at 60dB. This is 1000 times the input voltage. For example, with a 0.25mV cartridge, the Phonostage output will be 250mV (1/4V); which is widely considered to be standard line level in recording studios.
    In addition to high gain, the Phonostage is designed to be 2-3 times quieter than conventional tube phono stages.

 There are four reasons for this extra quietness: 1) the parallel cascode input stage; 2) power supply noise below 1uV (one-millionth of
a volt); 3) low noise resistors; and 4) decoupling of the audio board from the chassis. All of which simplifies tube selection,
in that almost any reasonably quiet tube will give good results, from off-the-shelf to NOS.

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