WHEST TITAN Pro - UltimateAnalog in Highest ResolutionWHEST TITAN Pro - Ultimate Analog in Highest Resolution &  Perfect Timbre Make for Total Enjoyment!GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay "at" audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and ...13499.00

WHEST TITAN Pro - Ultimate Analog in Highest Resolution & Perfect Timbre Make for Total Enjoyment!

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WHEST TITAN Pro - Ultimate
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Package dimensions30.0" × 24.0" × 10.0" (25.0 lbs.)
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Original accessoriesBox, Manual
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GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay "at" audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and therefore no commissions on sales. Thanks in advance!


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The Whest Audio Titan Pro Phono Preamplifier - The ULTIMATE one-box solution for high-resolution vinyl playback. CALL for your Best Price. Free ship in C.U.S.!


"Our favorite solid state phono stage! Dead quiet, phenomenal resolution, stunning musicality - an absolute joy to listen to!"
- Jay and Don, Audio Revelation on the Whest Titan Phono Preamplifier

"We reckon this is as much phono stage, as much performance, James Henriot could squeeze into a single-box to make it sound as close to the flagship MC REF V, as possible. Yes, Whest TITAN is now positioned just below the MC REF V and my oh my, it has similar reference qualities like bass power, scale, presence, micro-dynamics and image solidity."
- Xtremeplace.com


Whest Audio TITAN Pro Phono Preamplifier

A whole new chapter in Whest Audio phono stage and small signal design starts here. The Whest Audio TITAN Pro Phono Preamplifier utilizes all new technology borrowed from a new Whest Audio flagship , the Whest MC REF V. The essential elements that make the Whest Audio phono stages world-renowned and loved are still retained such as unsurpassed musicality, high-resolution, ultra stable imaging and realism. What the TITAN adds is an extra dimensional space with greater instrument-harmonic resolution, life like musicality and a microscopic type of focus that is totally unheard of at this price level and way above - the TITAN pushes the boundaries of vinyl reproduction like no other phono stage.

Starting with the chassis. Although the chassis is the same size as the 40 series chassis (430mm x 290mm x 78mm) and manufactured using the same precision computer controlled machining, hand-welded and finished seams to give it high rigidity as the 40 Series and MC REF V MK5, a new high-tech paint process has been added to effectively damp the casework to reduce unwanted ringing aiding in greater levels of mid and high frequency resolution. The paint process is unique to Whest Audio and is applied in the UK by a company regarded as the specialists in paint technology.

Internally the chassis incorporates a suspension system for the TITAN's circuit board. The combination of this new suspension system and damped chassis means that all unwanted vibrations from airborne or structure sources are well damped. The TITAN circuit board uses ultra low impurity copper throughout and its copper weight has been increased compared to the PS.40RDT Special Edition. Small signal integrity is of the highest importance and with this in mind a new regulator system has been designed and employed for the all-new discrete technology input stage the TITAN carries. The new discrete input stage for the TITAN is based on the MC REF V MK5 input stage but has been trimmed to get the best from the new regulator system which powers it.

In addition, the TITAN Pro is further enhanced by matching the channels transistors and capacitors to a much closer tolerance. The matching process takes a further day but according to Whest - the benefits are big!

Hybrid RIAA has been kept in the TITAN design as not only is it tried and tested and used throughout the full Whest Audio range, but in the TITAN is now trimmed to a far tighter tolerance for both curve and channel matching. Channel matching now is to within 0.12dB and RIAA curve accuracy to 0.18dB. Both these figures are across a bandwidth with spans from 9Hz and 62KHz. Any non-Whest Audio phono stage would be at least 2dB and even 3dB down at these extremes, but having experience in pro-audio, vinyl cutting and mastering, Whest has designed the TITAN to be able to playback what your precious cartridge is capable to retrieving and often that is all the way up to 55 or 60KHz.

Gain and load selection is accessed under the chassis like all Whest Audio phono stages but the TITAN stretches the envelope further to give the end-user more flexibility with 8 selections on each as well as a fixed user position.

With the fixed user position a permanent resistor can be fixed in this position if the user has settled on a non-standard value. Maximum gain now is 76dB and with the TITAN's ultra low noise levels it means you'll never be stuck for gain ever again! All units are setup for standard low output moving coil (64dB/100ohms with 100pf of input capacitance) but if you do want to experiment it just takes 30secs to change over. Signal inputs and outputs are on audiophile grade RCA and XLR connectors identical to that used in the MC REF V MK4. Because Whest Audio phono stages are used in archiving both professionally and domestically we have included a second set of RCA outputs to allow the user to send the output to their computer for transfer while monitoring the output through their main audio system. This means that the TITAN can be permanently connected to the computer system and main audio system at ALL times, ready to transfer. The TITAN noise levels are so low that using 24bit or 32bit conversion is possible without the fear of unwanted signals getting to the soundcard.


  • Model No.: TITAN Pro

  • RIAA curve accuracy: 9Hz - 62Khz +/- 0.18dB

  • Frequency response: 5Hz - 65Khz -10dB /- 1.0dB

  • Working band: 15Hz - 85Khz

  • THD+N: 0.006%

  • MM Gain 40dB

  • MC gain 50dB-76dB internally adjustable 8 steps.

  • Input Impedance: 50ohm - 47Kohm in 8 steps (or custom)

  • Connections: Silver Unbalanced RCA, Neutrik XLR impedance balanced

  • Connectors: Silver Audiophile

  • Unpacked weight: 15 lbs

  • Packed weight: 20lbs

  • Dimensions: 17" x 11.5" x 3" 19.25" x 13.75" x 6" shipping

  • Operating voltage: 115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz


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GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay@audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and therefore no commissions on sales. Thanks in advance!

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