ZESTO ANDROS 1Tube Phone Preamp, CustomerZESTO ANDROS 1 Tube Phone Preamp, Customer Trade, Warranty!WANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at jay@audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We a...2490.00

ZESTO ANDROS 1 Tube Phone Preamp, Customer Trade, Warranty! [Expired]

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WANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at jay@audiorevelation.com rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We are proud to represent many of the world's finest Audio Brands - CLICK HERE for a complete list!

'Among the more enjoyable and satisfying phono preamplifiers I've auditioned at any price' - Michael Fremer, Stereophile

"The Best Bargain in a high end Phono Stage" - R. Levi, Positive Feedback Online

Zesto Andros 1 Tube Phone Preamp, Customer Trade, approx. 2 yrs. old in 9/10 condition. With like new set of JJ Gold Pin tubes (Zesto's stock tube). 90 day warranty. Retail $4,300, sell for $2,490 ALSO AVAILABLE: - Zesto Leto 1, customer trade, 3.5yrs old in 9/10 condition, with like new set of JJ Gold Pin tubes. Retail $7,500, sell for $3,550 - Special Super-Sale new in box Zesto Bia Amplifier $6490 (Retail $12,500)! Zesto Andros 1 on middle right shelf, Zesto Leto 1 on middle left shelf Audio Revelation is an authorized Zesto dealer.


2015 Editors Choice Award  - The Absolute Sound "No analog devotee will not enjoy listening to the Zesto Andros Phono Preamplifier. It had an addictive sound that combined the 12AX7 tube's well known golden glow warmth with uncommon extension at the extremes of the audioband... I highly recommend the Zesto Andros. It's among the more enjoyable and satisfying phono preamplifiers I've auditioned at any price" - Michael Fremer, Stereophile, March 2013 "The new Zesto Andros Phono Preamplifier clobbers the original, and may just be the best piece of audio gear designed by George Counnas to date. Combine trend setting flexibility, head turning design, glorious performance, and super competitive pricing and you will understand the impact of this beauty in my reference system. If you are searching for a top performing phono stage, consider the Andros 1.2. It will open a window to the glories of high-end, high-definition sound without your having to take on a second mortgage. My highest recommendation!"  - Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback, April, 2015 (read the review) Robert Harley in 2012 CES show report stated the Zesto room (at 2012 T.H.E. Show at The Flamingo) exhibited "a rare epiphany in which the system so totally disappears that the music seems to just exist independently of the hardware. The system, put together by Zesto, Lindemann, and retailer Audio Revelation, was absolutely jaw-dropping in its presence and realism." Robert also awarded this room one of his "Best Sound" awards. "In a nutshell, the Andros is like finding the Mona Lisa at a yard sale. It is the best bargain in a high-end phono stage I have discovered since I have been reviewing. Buy it, max out the ancillaries, and move on!"  - Robert Levi, Positive Feedback Online, Nov-Dec. 2011 (read the review) 


Zesto Andros Phono Preamplifier The Andros Phonostage has won numerous award including Stereophile's 2013 "Analog Product of the Year" finalist as well as their Class A Recommended Component. In 2013 the Andros received The Absolute Sound's "Golden Ear" award and for 3 years in a row received their "Editor's Choice Awards". Inspired by RCA’s vacuum tube circuit designs from the 1930s, the Andros has been engineered to bring you the clarity and depth of the original recording. Your highs will be crisp but not overly emphasized, your midranges clear and present without being shrill and your lows full and firm without being boomy. A Startling Difference As Zesto went through testing, a panel of audiophiles marveled at hearing subtle nuances, discovering new things in recordings they’d played many, many times. They appreciated its clear stereo image with maximum channel separation and minimal phase distortion.

Key Features

- The Circuit is specifically designed to provide sufficient amplification to match your cartridge with the rest of your system. - Each unit is made by hand. - 50 hour factory burn in on all circuits and vacuum tubes. - A low Noise level of -80dBu allows the quietest passages of you music to be heard. - The output circuit is designed to drive your cables and isolates the output from the influence of the next stage. - RCA connectors are high quality, Gold plated, recessed with an isolated ground. - Isolated ground RCA connectors plus the Ground On/Off switch will allow you to choose the best ground configuration. - Recessed RCA connectors are durable and will hold up to the typical Audiophile who loves to change their configuration. - All switches and knobs are easily accessible, nothing hidden inside to adjust. - 10 position MC load, from 20 to 1000 Ohm. - Accommodates both high and low MC output cartridges - Elegantly designed 16 gauge steel enclosure to help isolate the electronic “chatter” from nearby equipment. - Award winning Isonode anti-vibration feet. - On/Off power switch conveniently mounted on front side panel. - Easy to read large type on back panel.

Zesto's Story, as told by George Counnas, President of Zesto Audio

Fussy Can Be Good I’ve loved music all my life – as a musician, record producer and audio engineer. That makes me fussy about sound. That’s a good thing. If you want something done right… Digital technology has its place, but true audiophiles know that for the truest, purest sound, nothing beats analog. As I returned “home” to the warm, wonderful world of vinyl, I looked for the gear that would deliver the highest fidelity. I wasn’t satisfied. Vacuum tubes: everything old becomes new again As a young man in England, I designed vacuum tube circuits. I worked for DECCA Navigator -- at the time Britain’s largest electronics company -- as part of a research and development team designing airborne navigational systems for the Royal Air Force. Vacuum tubes faithfully convert the delicate signal from my turntable and bring warmth and harmonic tonality like nothing else can. My quest for perfection I started doing research on past phonostage designs going back to the original RCA circuits of the 1930’s. These guys got a lot of things right, even though their tools were slide rules and trial and error. Their “classic” designs were my starting point. But I had the advantage of CAD software to simulate electronic circuits. Ah yes, the old and the new. But even with the engineering skill, history, technologies, in the end it’s designed by how it sounds, by ear. Voila! Here’s my baby! One year later, after 71 circuit revisions with hundreds of component upgrades, I have a phonostage that I am proud to put my name on. It gives me joy to listen to music. The Andros PS1 Phonostage is my baby. I compromised on nothing. The resisters are very quiet, the capacitors are transparent, and the transformers have minimal distortion. To make sure its visual aesthetics lived up to its sound, I had an industrial designer and an artist collaborate to create an elegant enclosure that’s built like a tank. In the end, however, the Andros PS1 is about what you hear. Hearing is believing.


Inputs per channel ■Separate MM and MC inputs ■MM/MC switch ■MM impedance 47K Ohms ■MM capacitance 100pf ■MC Unbalanced ground isolated RCA or Balanced XLR3F ■MC ground on/off switch ■MC load impedance adjustable 10 positions, from 20 to 1000 Ohm ■MC Internal step up transformers ■MC High/Low switch with -10 dB gain for high output MC cartridges Outputs per channel ■Impedance 10K ohms ■-10 dB Vu output level Active Components ■Four (4) Gold pin ECC83S vacuum tubes with high quality ceramic sockets Power ■Ground binding post ■Power consumption 27W , 0 drain when off ■Voltage 110/120V AC 60Hz, (optional factory installed 240V AC 50/60Hz) ■Standard 3 pin IEC power connector ■ON/OFF power switch conveniently located on the front side ■Two internal high quality linear regulated power supplies, 250V and 12V Detailed Specifications ■Gain MM input 45dB ■Gain MC input 67dB ■Noise - 75dBu ■Frequency response complies with the original RIAA curve within +or- 0.5 dB ■RIAA curve is achieved using a passive filter ■1% metal film resisters throughout ■Polypropylene capacitors throughout the audio path Other Features ■Each unit is made by hand ■50 hour factory burn in on all circuits and vacuum tubes ■Dimensions 17" W X 12" D X 5" H ■Weight 20 lbs. ■16 gauge steel enclosure ■Two year limited warranty ■Six months warranty on Vacuum Tubes ___________________________________________________________________ California sales subject to sales tax. Audio Revelation, Carlsbad, CA 92010 760.434.2625. 9am-6pm PST Monday through Saturday. Visits by appointment only please.

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