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The universal player developed as a reference player which pulls out the potential of a DVD-Audio to the maximum extent. The digital analog converter corresponding to 192kHz/24bit developed jointly with the Bur Broun company is adopted as a D-A conversion at all the channels. In two channels which become main, two pieces are used by making the digital analog converter corresponding to 192kHz/24bit into a differential mode, and mutually, common mode noise is negated mutually, and is been and reduced. Moreover, the digital filter corresponding to the 192kHz high sampling frequency of the DVD-Audio is jointly developed to a digital filter with NPC, and is carried in it. In order to realize high-quality sound, the pure audio clock reference functionality which changes a crystal oscillator according to the sampling frequency of the disk to play is carried. A crystal oscillator is changed by the 44.1kHz system (44.1kHz, 88.2kHz, 176.4kHz) and a 48kHz system (48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz), and also an exact clock is supplied by turning OFF the oscillator which is not chosen, and high-quality sound-ization is attained. The compact disk Digital Direct functionality transmitted in the shortest path without passing the DSP section at the time of compact-disk play is carried, and the failure of a signal is put into practice and prevented. It is made the layout which carried out the full separation from the power-source part so that R core power transformer only for an audio circuitry may be adopted as a power-source part and also the noise of a servo circuitry or a digital circuit may not interfere in an audio part etc. R core transformer has the special features, like there is little leakage flux used as the noise source in a player. High bit IC is adopted as all the audio channels, and by the original algorithm produced from the wide-range technology, the smooth wave of the original sound of the digital signal currently recorded with the quantifying bit number of 16 bits is presumed, and it is re-quantizing to 24 bits. PX capacitor of a low-impedance is adopted as the main unit of a digital part, and reappearance of loud sound with a clear and pliant elongation is aimed at. Moreover, the power source capacitor of the custom-made specification which took the measures against a noise thoroughly is carried, and the detailed noise of a power-source line is eliminated. The video-systemoff functionality (Auto/on/off) which cuts the power source and gland of a video circuit at the time of a non visual source play is adopted. That this eliminates the detailed noise generated from a video circuit etc. adheres to the high-quality sound play. Functionalities, such as a digital outoff functionality which cuts the power source of a multichannel circuitry, the power source of the multichanneloff functionality which cuts a gland, and a digital out part, and a gland, are automatically carried at the time of a two more channel play. The sound decoder of Dolby digital or digital termination service is built in, and a signal processing is possible in the discrete 5.1ch voice of a DVD-Video. The balance output is carried, the differential of 192kHz of new development/every two digital analog converters corresponding to 24bit was carried out to L of two channels, and R, and the formal balance output-terminal strong also against electrical noise is realized. Moreover, the improvement in a tone quality of a pin jack is aimed at by the off functionality of the balance output. In order to reduce the electric influence of mutual in the interior of a player, the full separation of each part was carried out with the copper plating steel plate, and also the 3LOAD-RESISTOR-BOX-5CHAMBER structure which stores the main unit of a digital part to a shielding case is adopted. In order to inhibit the influence by the oscillation from the outside, the under base in which the heavy weight class was stabilized consists of fixing the metal plate of the 6mm thickness excellent in rigidity to the chassis base. The top plate of 2 moremm thickness was adopted, and the metaled inside plate is adopted as the inner side. Moreover, in order to cut the extraneous vibration from a setting stand, the Naked material of a brass is adopted also as an insulator. By adopting an acoustic damper tray and a double air nowait-lock shield door as a transport part, the reduction of highly precise signal reading and leakage of a sound of operation is realized. Moreover, the large-sized disk clamper was carried for high-quality sound and high definition, and little operation of a Jitter is realized. The 2 waves of high-order-accuracies twin Focus pickup which changes laser light automatically is adopted. This also supports each renewable media and CD-Recordable including a DVD-Audio disk. The play of SACD is also supported, a 2.8MHz DSD signal was changed into the multiple bit signal with the high precision digimation filter, and the D/A convert is carried out. By processing all in the digital stage, this stream composition suppresses the cross interferencee of a signal, and is attaining high-quality sound-ization while it shares a circuitry block of a DVD-Audio to the maximum extent and considers it as a simple stream composition. With the image for 24 coma / 1 second, with the same image for 24 coma / 1 second as this cinema film, all 525 scanning-line intelligences are written in one window, and the image film is usually stored in a disk with the movie software of a DVD-Video. In order to reproduce the image of this progressive method, the 2-3 pulldown scheme "pure cinema progressive scan circuitry" is carried. For film materials, such as movie software, the frame it1 was performed in the original source based on the 2-3 treatment intelligence on a telecine it1, and the more natural and film-like progressive image is realized. Moreover, also in a video-system material, the "motion adaption type complement processing" by an original algorithm has realized the smooth image with the high-resolution which was not made in the conventional treatment (at the time of the display-device using corresponding to a progressive scan). New video-system quality enhancer VQE3 by original design of Pioneer is adopted, and the highly precise and highly efficient video signal treatment is realized. Newly developed component frame DNR-PRO is carried. A proper parameter is set as each of a picture signal and three signals of the brightness [Y] which constitutes an image in an identity of a noise, the color difference [Cb], and [Cr], and a noise detection is performed in a high precision. The image digital signal read in the disk is processed by the fine Focus digital filter of new video-system quality enhancer VQE3 built-in,High-resolution-izing and the noise reduction of a picture signal are realized by carrying out the up sampling of the 4:2:2 picture signals recorded on the disk with high precision at 4:4:4 signals. In addition to "YNR", "CNR", a "detail", etc. from the former, parameters, such as a "progressive motion" and a "white level", are newly carried in the image quality regulating function. The image quality setups for 15 DVD disks is memorized to a flash memory, and the ringback of a setups is performed to automatic 低 next time at the time of a play. Furthermore, functionalities, such as a trick play of included positive reverse 15 steps, new graphical user interface, a program memory & auto special-NetWare-program play, a resume functionality, and a quick-start organization, are carried for double-speed plays, such as a smooth reverse direction. The remote control which realized the one hand operation by centralizing the scan at the time of a play, a multispeed, and the joystick used as the multi-dial which collected the jog operation to one, and the important point of a graphical-user-interface operation on a remote control upper portion is attached. Furthermore, an elementary operation button adopts a self-illuminating functionality, and is also raising the usability in the interior of a room to which the illumination was dropped. Video Performance Features: PureCinema Progressive Output 10-bit Video Processing System w/ 54MHz Bandwidth Automatic Jitter Adjustment Component Frame DNR Y/C Timing Adjustment Dynamic Black Level Extension Horizontal and Vertical Sharpness Control Brightness and Contrast Controls Color Saturation and Hue Controls Viterbi Decoding Process Audio Performance Features: DVD-Audio, Dolby Digital, DTS, & 2 Channel SACD Decoders Analog Devices Multi-bit 192k / 24-bit Audio D/A Converters (Front L/R) Analog Devices 96k / 24-bit Audio D/A Converters (Center, Surround., Sub) Hi-Bit Legato Link Conversion Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Outputs 96k/24-bit LPCM Digital Out Capable Construction: Quad Layered Chassis Copper Shielded Isolated Chamber Construction (3 Chamber / 4 Box) Double Air Lock Shield Door Dual R-Core Transformers Absolute Integrity Construction Output Terminals: Video Parallel Video Outputs Component Video Output S-Video Outputs (S2 Compatible) x 2 Audio 5.1 Analog Out Coaxial and Optical Digital Outputs Exclusive LPCM Coaxial Digital Output Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Outputs Convenience Feature: Jog / Shuttle Remote Control Trick Play Processor Graphic User Interface Condition Memory (up to 30 Discs) Video Parameter Memory On-Screen Bit Rate Indicator Dimensions: Width: 17-6/16 ins Height: 5-15/16 ins Depth: 15-9/16 ins
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