Pioneer/TADS-8EXAUDIO VIDEO LOGIC... Always worth the drive! Celebrating our 21st anniversary in audio specialty retailing. QUANTITES LIMITED........SAVE 35% WHILE QUANTITIES LAST ON ALL PIONEER EX SPEAKERS! ...1750.00

Pioneer/TAD S-8EX New - Save 35% - full warranty [Expired]

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AUDIO VIDEO LOGIC... Always worth the drive! Celebrating our 21st anniversary in audio specialty retailing. QUANTITES LIMITED........SAVE 35% WHILE QUANTITIES LAST ON ALL PIONEER EX SPEAKERS! Pioneer EX speakers, giving you a big taste of TAD Reference quality sound at up to 1/10th the cost! We have made a special volume purchase of TAD designed Pioneer EX series speakers. Included are two floor standing, two stand mountable, and two center channel models. They were designed by TAD's Andrew Jones, and use all TAD professional drivers, as a label on the back of each speaker proudly announces. Since Pioneer formed and has owned TAD since 1975, their collaboration on the EX series was a natural. Pioneer EX series speakers have been highly rated by Stereophile, TAS and other magazines for excellent sound quality and are considered overbuilt for their price. All product is new factory sealed with full manufacturers warranty. Audio Video Logic is both an authorized Pioneer dealer as well as an authorized TAD dealer so your warranty stays in tact. Go to or call us at 515-727-2279 for more information about this incredible Pioneer EX series speaker offer. Pioneer S-8EX. Sale price $1750.00 each. Retail $2700 each. (For use with any brand front speakers. See bottom of copy). The most affordable center channel of the EX series is the three-way four driver S-8EX. It uses a TAD designed and built coherent source transducer (CST) featuring a 1 3/8 inch Ceramic Graphite tweeter mounted in the center of a 5.5 inch Magnesium midrange driver. This results in an aligned sound delivery which is unusually linear and coherent with excellent directivity (pattern) control. Unlike conventional speakers with separately spaced tweeters and midranges, the TAD CST totally solves problems related to phase and off-axis frequency response errors. Dual TAD 6 and 5/16ths inch Aramid / Carbon composite shell woofers provide deep high definition bass response. One piece cone and center cap construction combined with the rigidity of the aramid fiber structure produces a much stiffer and more rigid piston. Unwanted cone resonances are pushed beyond the bass driver’s operating range significantly improve the accuracy of sound reproduction. With the tweeter/midrange and bass drivers perfected, an equally ingenious enclosure was created. The EX Series’ cabinets are crafted from multiple layers of laminated MDF, ranging from a minimum of 30 mm up to a generous 100 mm, to ensure that they remain inert. Along with the Perfect Curve baffle and radius edges, these enclosures enable an amazingly realistic sound stage with exceptional clarity and focus. IMPORTANT! Because of radiation pattern errors, center channel speakers with a centrally mounted tweeter flanked by two mid/woofers, actually sound worse positioned on their side. The S-8EX avoids this problem and sounds good positioned on it's side or end. This is because the TAD CST coincident driver offers a similar radiation pattern from 250hz on up regardless of positioning. This coupled with it's wide bandwidth and uncolored sound make it a great center channel to match up with your home theaters front speakers, no matter what brand. Call Audio Video Logic to order at 515-727-2279. Email: Website: UPS ground shipping to the lower 48 states is $99.00 each. Regarding payment: Due to the size of this transaction and the heavy discount, we only accept wire transfers, US Postal money orders, and bank cashiers checks that are verifiable. Sorry, we can not take credit cards or PayPal on this transaction. Returns and exchanges: To keep prices low for everyone, all sales are final unless a written exception by Audio Video Logic is provided to the buyer in advance of the sale. When returns are authorized, a restocking fee may be charged. Shipping charges are always non refundable.
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