Emerald PhysicsEP2.3Emerald Physics EP2.3 Closeout-Save $2200 GREAT TAS reviewAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPalBlack Friday Pricing for limited timeThe EP2.3 was formerly called the CS2.3 MK2. Customers are comparing the EP2.3 to speakers in the $20-$...3495.00

Emerald Physics EP2.3 Closeout-Save $2200 GREAT TAS review [Expired]

no longer for sale

Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

Black Friday Pricing for limited time

The EP2.3 was formerly called the CS2.3 MK2.

Customers are comparing the EP2.3 to speakers in the $20-$30k retail range.

We are closing out the current line to make way for the Carbon Series $7500.00 EP2.4. We have the $6000.00 EP2.3 on sale for only $3495.00 during our Black Friday Sale. Yes, the $7500.00 EP2.4 is better but the EP2.3 for this price is amazing and fully upgradable to the 2.4 in your home in the future for only $1,800.00. 

Now available with a single amp crossover

See the Jan 5, 2015 The Absolute Sound review at:


Paul Seydor sums with:

"This speaker excels in so many areas, including those that are central for the truthful reproduction of music in the home, that they warrant the highest recommendation. When you factor in their price—$4800 a pair in the current configuration then their value is quite off the charts."

See our new video tour at:


Our Show place in Broomfield, Colorado is now available for auditions.
Multiple Emerald Physics systems are set up. Call for an appointment. Virtually every customer who hears them there buys a pair.

We now have consumer demos for qualified potential customers in:

-Louisville, KY 40245

-Wildomar, CA 92595


-Lynchburg, VA 24503

-White Plains, NY 10605

-Alabaster, AL 35007

-Los Angeles, CA 90046

-Los Angeles, CA 90013

-Newport Beach, CA

-River Vale, NJ- This is near Saddle River; about 1.5 hours from the Princeton area, and about 2 -2.5 hours from Philadelphia

Emerald continues to get Best Affordable Sound at the Shows. We have received it for the Newport, Axpona and now RMAF from both Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. We must be doing something right. And yes we are, by offering tremendous sound at very low prices with no dealer profits. And built in the USA.

Save $2200.00 on a new pair of EP2.3’s. Plus you can buy any of our amps if you need a second amp to biamp for 50% off.  The $1600.00 EP100.2 is $800.00 while the $2200.00 EP100.2SE is only $1100.00. Plus we can now offer these speakers with a full range crossover so you do not need to biamp them.

In the October 2013 Newport Beach show report Paul Seydor said: “The CS2.3 mk2 offered simply the most precise imaging and best soundstaging I have ever heard anywhere; for once and without exaggeration I could use the word holographic. Dynamic range is extremely wide, bass response subterranean, midrange rich and open. Orchestral music is spectacular while Sinatra on “Angel eyes” is palpably present, three dimensional and spookily real- also rare at this show a true baritone (it took all of maybe 20 seconds before a smile appeared on my wife’s face). Biamping is required (no longer) but the crossover is supplied. If this thing performs in most rooms the way it did here it may be just about the best performance per dollar I know in high end loudspeakers.”

We are now shipping our new EP2.3 (formerly called CS2.3 MK2). This speaker was the hit of the Newport Beach show (see above reviewer comment) with many listeners commenting that we outperformed systems selling for 5-10 times our price. We have a closeout deal this month at $2200.00 off, just $3795.00 for a $5950.00 set. Plus you can buy any of our amps for 50% off to run the midrange/tweeters in a biamped system if you need a second amp. Use your amp for the bass and ours for the midrange and highs. We also have the beautiful $1200.00 Tri-coat finish option available for 50% off at only $600.00 while supply lasts.

The Emerald Physics EP2.3 is an upgrade to the CS2.3 that garnered great raves. The CS2.3 was a radical step forward and a worthy successor to the legendary CS2. This new EP2.3 version does not use a single part from the original CS2.3 and offers a major step forward in sonics.
Emerald speakers are unique in the following ways:
1) Our controlled dispersion design eliminates the room over 300Hz
2) Our open baffle design eliminates box cost as well as all box coloration’s
3) Our DSP speaker control eliminates frequency aberrations for amazingly flat response
4) Our design allows very good performance with inexpensive electronics although better electronics will make the speakers sound better.
5) Our equalized pro drivers are extremely low distortion and play very loud with virtually no listener fatigue
6) Our point source midrange offers exceptional imaging combined with the huge soundstage of planar designs.

With all new drivers, passive outboard crossovers, Emerald DSP, upgraded baffles and cosmetics, the EP2.3 is a true 3-way, 4 driver full range dipole speaker design. It can also be run now with a single full range amplifier. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism and dimensionality at anywhere near its cost, or as our customers can attest to even double or triple their cost. The EP2.3 uses the new Emerald Physics designed custom designed Point Source 12" midrange and compression tweeter along with two Emerald Physics custom designed long throw 15" woofers. These woofers move 80% more air than the woofers used in the original CS2.3, while the midrange moves twice as much and the tweeter is far more linear.

Our unique Aperture Bass Propagation technology, as introduced in the original CS2.3, is continued in the EP2.3. This proprietary system is used for both 15" dipole woofers, improving low frequency power and linearity, while retaining all the speed and articulation of the original 2.3. DSP equalization and active crossover functions are provided by the included new Emerald Physics DSP2.4 Digital crossover/EQ processor.

The EP2.3 was redesigned from the ground up using the original Emerald Physics design concepts with all new parts. There are no parts from the original CS2.3 used in this new version.

EP2.3 Pricing: Standard Satin black semi gloss finish with DSP Processor ..... $5999/pr
Closeout sale while supplies last: $3795.00 a pair. SAVE $2200.00
$3495.00 during Black Friday Sale.
Shown in black Tri-coat. Standard finish on sale at $3795.00 is black satin. We have the $1200.00 beautiful Black hand painted automotive black Tri-coat on sale for $600.00. We also show the optional $2,000.00 gorgeous Rosewood hand painted finish that is on sale for 50% off at only $1,000.00. These are amazingly beautiful.
Buy with confidence from AudiogoN’s #1 rated dealer by feedback.
We accept PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Bank wires and money orders.
Call me at 770-667-5633 to discuss these superb speakers.
GA & HI residents add sales tax.

EP2.3 Product Specifications:
Type: 3-Way, 4 driver, Active Dynamic Loudspeaker
Dipole below 900Hz, Monopole above 900Hz
Controlled directivity design
DSP controlled
Emerald Physics Concentric midrange/tweeter drivers
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Treble Driver: One 1 inch (25mm) exit custom Emerald Physics compression driver
Midrange Driver One 12 inch (300mm) custom Emerald Physics driver
Bass Drivers: Two 15 inch (380mm) custom Emerald Physics woofers - pulp fiber cones
Sensitivity: 97 dB 2.83V1M 1kHz Crossovers: Mid/Treble: 1000Hz Butterworth 3rd Order - Internal Passive network Bass/Mid: 200Hz Linkwitz-Riley 8th Order
DSP based active network Amp Configuration:
Biamplification recommended but not required (amps not included)
Signal Processing: Outboard 4 channel Emerald Physics DSP2.4 (digital signal processing) unit Emerald Physics proprietary software pre-loaded
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz -3dB (with DSP correction) to target curve
Amplitude Linearity: 100Hz-20kHz +/- 1.0dB to target curve
Finish: Standard - Black Satin
Gloss Finish: Optional - Automotive Tri-coat in various colors as well as faux Rosewood lacquer


Height: 51 inches
Width: 18.5 inches, 22 with the base
Depth: 2.75 inches Baffle 8 inches Total Depth inc base
Net Weight: 78 lbs (35kg) each
Shipping Weight: 98 lbs (43kg) each

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