Magna RiserMagnepan 1.7/1.6 Designer Oval StandsMagna Riser Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Designer Oval StandsMagna Riser Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Designer Series Oval Base Stands w/ cryogenically treated replacement jumpers (special introductory price with free shipping ) Our newest intro...249.50

Magna Riser Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Designer Oval Stands [Expired]

no longer for sale

Magna Riser Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Designer Series Oval Base Stands

                   w/ cryogenically treated replacement jumpers

(special introductory price with free shipping )

Our newest introduction to the Magna Riser line is now available for purchase after a six month design process.

Simple but elegant-

     Stunning in appearance-

          a unique and sophisticated upscale look

For those who know that your treasured Magnepan can look and sound better
and who feel that good is not enough and who want to cross new musical thresholds

The Magna Riser 1.7 - 1.6 Designer Series is a limited production stand specifically designed to effortlessly retrofit to your Magnepan using your speakers existing rear mounting holes. You simply unscrew the factory feet and then insert one of the provided mounting bolts and
fasten the screw through the new stand bracket on the back of your speaker to complete the installation of your new precision designed stands.

Replacing the original speaker feet addresses areas that keep the speaker from the levels of sonic excellence that it is truly capable. We believe cost considerations by the manufacture led to a speaker foot design that was more utilitarian in both look and sound.

Magna Risers help provide a more effective mass loading that directs resonances away from the panels which improves clarity. One owner likened the improvement in sound to that of a source component upgrade at a fraction of the cost while another said the Designer Series transformed his 1.7's.

These are limited edition stands. The bases are a CADCAM design that are precision machined on a computer driven CNC milling machine by a prestigious architectural interior design company that does custom cabinetry, moldings and furniture manufacturing and installation in high end hotels, government and commercial offices and million dollar homes. The same people who make our bases did all the interiors of three presidential libraries. The risers are meticulously custom manufactured for a glove like fit by a master craftsman. The finished product is a work of art.

Most people who see them think they also give the speaker the look of a more expensive design. The finish on this set is a ten coat gloss coat that has the look of a grand piano. Each coat was wet sanded and allowed to dry for 24 hrs. before the next coat was applied. The final coats are clear coats which were again wet sanded.

More than twenty man hours goes into the cutting, machining, fitting and finishing of each set. These are well thought out and executed stands that offer a combination of great looks, stability and improved sound reproduction, realism and detail.

On the basis of hours spent in the finishing process...these stands are a true bargain offering value with upscale looks and sonic performance
that allows your speaker to obtain added levels of which it is inherently capable but not fully realized with the factory stands .

When used with the supplied thermally treated jumper wires (cryogenically treated) that replace the solid factory resistor bars the sound becomes more sophisticated, refined and engaging. will not confuse your speaker with a fifty thousand dollar pair…but
for the modest investment you may just find less of a desire to upgrade
immediately and you might find yourself listening longer and more
enjoyably at times and in an audiophile world where some spend thousands
for small improvements in sound...these stands offer a lot for a modest

We are audiophiles who have owned some of the most celebrated reference caliber speakers over the years and we believe that these stands offer a quality product that enhances both the look and the sound of your speaker in a way that helps more fully realizes the potential of your speakers. With around 100 stands now in owners homes who confirm the improvements in sound we hear in the course of our R&D process and extensive in house listening we are confident that our designs offer genuine gains in performance.

The Magna Riser 1.7 - 1.6 Designer Series stands are the result of many months of extensive R&D and months of critical listening and feature intentional design choices. Each design (we make 8 different models) is prototyped in house and then sent to various owners for additional feedback and listening impressions. If a design does not meet our criteria of stability, improved appearance and more involving sound that design will not be offered for sale. The Designer Oval Series helps transform the sound of your Magnepans with owners noting gains in bass performance, imagining, detailing and overall realism.

Magna Risers are made available to share our sonic discoveries with our thoroughly researched and extensively field tested designs with other fellow Magnepan owners. Each pair is meticulously individually hand crafted by a custom master woodworker/furniture maker. They are limited production semi-custom products. 

If you are not happy with your purchase you are free to return the pair in the condition shipped with notification of no more than one week after delivery for a full refund if you pay the cost of return shipping. (Of the Designer series Magna Risers sold not one pair has been returned even with the money back offer)

Check our Audiogon, eBay and US Audio Mart can purchase with confidence.

So a quick recap of the benefits of using this design:

       Optimal vertical orientation

       Upscale appearance with a ten coat wet sanded gloss grand piano like finish

       Solid speaker support (firm foundations)

       More involving and detailed sound

       Each pair is hand crafted and precision fit

       Uses solid select woods, metal and composites chosen for their specific sonic    performance

      Contemporary designer styling

      Utilizes existing factory rear mounting holes

      Includes optional proprietary replacement jumper wires

      Includes Magna Riser installation instructions and speaker set up tutorial

is limited to the continental US 48 through standard US Postal Service or Fed Ex. Shipping is included
 with your Pay Pal payment which is due at time of purchase. I am currently traveling out of state so shipping cannot be made before Monday October  the 25th. 

Each pair is uniquely manufactured in limited production and will be carefully bubble wrapped and securely packed and then placed in a sturdy box.

A signature will be required upon delivery for shipments to insure safe delivery unless you specify otherwise. Shipment is normally made within 24 hours of receipt of Pay Pal notification. A tracking number will be forwarded the day of shipment via email.

Please note that it is only the speaker stands that are for sale. You are only purchasing two pairs of stands that mount two Magnepan 1.7 or 1.6 speakers.

Feel free to ask questions before you place your order. Thank you for taking time to consider this upgrade to your system.


Jumper Wires, Set Up Instructions, Speaker Placement & Sub woofer
integration tutorial, mounting screws and hardware.

((Please note the three screws in the photo of the 1.7i base are not part of the design but a part of an experiment the owner undertook ))



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