Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Magna Riser StandsMagnepan 1.6/1.7Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Magna Riser Stands Magnepan 1.6/1.7Magna Riser Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Stand and Deliver Stands - With cryogenically treated replacement jumper wires (introductory price) Our newest introduction to the Magna Riser...239.50

Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Magna Riser Stands Magnepan 1.6/1.7 [Expired]

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        Magna Riser Magnepan 1.7/1.6 Stand and Deliver Stands -

         With cryogenically treated replacement jumper wires     (introductory price)

 Our newest introduction to the Magna Riser line is now available for purchase after a six month design process.

The  Magna Riser 1.7 - 1.6 Stand and Deliver stands are a limited production design specifically designed to effortlessly retrofit to your Magnepan using your speakers existing rear mounting holes. You simply unscrew the factory feet and then insert one of the provided mounting bolts and fasten the screw through the new stand bracket on the back of your speaker to complete the installation of your new precision designed stands.

Magna Risers are for those :

               Who know their speakers can look and sound better and:
                                        For whom good is not enough

This design offers sonic gains because of the combination of mass loading techniques, resonance tuning and use of replacement jumper wires...a systems approach of sorts that helps move you more into the musical moment of a performance.

Our newest design is specifically fabricated and tuned for the 1.7/1.6 and is the result of about a years development. These stands are the culmination of extended listening sessions where various prototypes were tested. Everything from various metal types, metal gauges, and alternate component parts construction materials were compared, combined and evaluated. This model represents an optimized set of design choices that yielded the best blend that helps maximizes the performance of your speaker while retaining the most balanced and authentic musical signature. This model also includes spikes that may help in situations with thick carpeting or rugs.

The geometry has been optimized for added stability by choosing a wider foot pad with extended length while retaining a cosmetic look that is upscale...the finish is in a high gloss grand piano ( liquid black ). It is an extremely durable powder coating which though costly is beautiful and long lasting. (Our metals finisher works with world class race car teams and his finish is almost a work of art in itself). I drive more than three hours total to drop off and pick up these stands from the coater and even hand pick the bulk metal from our supplier to insure the best possible cosmetics before I hand burnish and take the stands over for three additional prep stages before coating.

We are audiophiles from the lunatic fringe and I will not release a design unless I am convinced it offers improved performance, a more upscale look and genuine value. In this case theses stands are hundreds less than other brands. Our margins are small and bulk metal prices are rising so this set is offered at an introductory price that may not again be available. Each pair is precision crafted one pair at a time and availability is very limited. They are made more out a desire to share my love of sound and design discoveries with other Magnepan owners than anything.

In a world where some audiophiles pay thousands for small improvements in sound Magna Risers offer a lot of return for the modest investment.

Magna Risers are sold on a money back guarantee if the buyer notifies us of the intention to return the stands within one week of delivery. Returns should be made in the original box with the stands in the condition they were shipped. Return shipping costs are at the buyers expense. 

With the dozens of Magna Risers sold not one owner has ever failed to hear the sonic upgrades our designs provide.

I have outstanding feedback on US Audio Mart, eBay and Audiogon; you can purchase with confidence.

Shipment is via the US Postal Service and is a flat $24.50 to anywhere in the continental US. Shipment is only to the US lower 48 at this time. A signature is required for delivery to protect your purchase from theft unless you opt not to have a signature in which case your tracking information serves as proof of delivery. I normally ship within 24 hrs. of notification of Pay Pal receipt of payment which is required at the time of purchase.

Please note that this listing is for one pair of 1.7/1.6 speaker stands only.

(Most Recent Feedback)

"I don't want to move the speakers or change anything, they sound so good (after mounting a pair of Magna Risers on a pair of 1.7i)

"Great Product! All...owners should buy them, highly recommended A+++++"

"Before the sound was flat, with the stands I have a deeper soundstage, more ambiance and sound that is more dynamic and alive", (1.7i owner)

"The stands have transformed my system like a serious upgrade in a source component might for a fraction of the cost"

"Awesome fit and finish. Don't spend $300+ on the Magnepan version, get these!" (.7 oval stands)

"I may have mentioned that I was considering selling my MMG and getting a pair of .7. That is not something (after purchasing Magna Riser stands) I intended on doing anytime soon. "

" I feel as if I have an almost brand-new speaker which are also far more agreeable than the Martin Logans."

"Stands are the BEST, REAALY WORK, NO BS -recommended "

" My impressions are quite favorable-the soundstage is wider and taller. The overall balance of the speakers is better even with or without the subwoofer turned on. The stands are a decided improvement.

"Great Product! All MMG owners should buy them, Highly recommended A+++++"

"The stands are awesome and perform flawlessly. Fit and finish are perfect, too. Very nice work."

Bass was transformed...I was ready to buy a pair of 3.7i; after placing my 1.7 on Magna Risers I decided it was not worth the extra money...the speakers sounded so improved"

" Thank you very much for all your hard work, research and fine communication."

"I noticed a better sound stage and more detailed imaging"


"Highly recommend looking into Magna Risers as overall the build quality and sonic gains are definitely worth every penny."

"The Magna Riser is fantastic at addressing a few ( of the) the flaws in the stock MGM stands"

"Totally satisfied! Sound improved! Looks improved. The wife digs it. The manufacture of the stands is pleasant, highly informed (audio) and responsive to work with."

"Let me say I WAS PREPARED TO BE UNDERWHELMED. However I am seriously blown away by the improvements in soundstage, imaging and detail".

"Fantastic stands for my Magnepan.7  A great bargain with excellent follow up and instructions. A+ all the way." 

"Set up the stands last weekend and have been enjoying the improvement all week". "The stands are excellent, build and finish outstanding".

"super fast shipping, great seller, very happy with the product. A+++++++++++++++++++++++"

"love my stands, fast shipping thanks"

"Super great product, very effective, great sell"

"Just the solution I was looking for"

"Highly recommended and affordable tweak for Magnepan owners".

"My impressions are quite favorable-the soundstage is wider and taller. The overall balance of the speakers is even better even with or without the sub woofer turned on. The stands are a decided improvement". 

"I may have mentioned I was considering selling my MMG and getting a pair of .7. That is (after purchasing Magna Risers stands) not something I intend on doing anytime soon".

"Highly recommended if you are at all interested in improving the performance of your Maggies for a modest price."

So a quick recap of the benefits of using this design:

  • optimal elevation 

  • optimal vertical orientation

  • upscale appearance with high gloss grand piano (liquid black) hardened finish

  • solid speaker support (firm foundations)

  • more involving and detailed sound, improved sound staging

  • each pair is hand crafted and precision fit

  • uses intentionally selected build materials and proprietary resonance tuning combined for their specific sonic performance

  • utilizes existing factory rear mounting holes 

  • includes optional geocentrically treated replacement jumper wires

  • includes Magna Riser installation instructions and speaker set up tutorial

 Feel free to ask questions before you place your order. Thank you for taking time to consider this upgrade to your system
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