MagnepanMG-1.7Magnepan MG-1.7 Great Condition!Magnepan 1.7 speakers, great condition. Dark Grey/Cherry rails. I have owned these for 3+ years, i am second owner. They have only been used in a high end 2 channel system in my home office - wh...1400.00

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Magnepan 1.7 speakers, great condition.  Dark Grey/Cherry rails.  I have owned these for 3+ years, i am second owner.  They have only been used in a high end 2 channel system in my home office - which doesn't get a lot of use.  Non smoking, no small kids, animals.  Great sounding, but i am downsizing.  Amazing sound for the money.  I have original double boxes, manual, but I prefer local pickup. 

Great shape, only 1 small hole in rear at bottom - see pictures.

Bob 714-227-8199

Take a look at the reviews and "buzz" on the internet that has been generated since the introduction of the new Magneplanar 1.7.

In the latest Absolute Sound Magazine Buyer's Guide, the staff of the Absolute Sound voted the Magneplanar 1.6 as the "Best Bargain in High-End Audio" for speakers over $650 pair. Now, there is a successor to the 1.6 to carry on the tradition.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Issue 205.

"Not long ago, I proposed an article to our Editor in Chief, Mr. Harley, to be called 'What Would You Really Buy?' By this I didn't mean what our reviewers would buy if they had access to a Rubidium Mastercard, but what they could actually afford with their own meager funds. Without a doubt, the speaker I'm about to review is the one I'd opt for.................................Bottom line? I think you already know. Like the 1.6s, the 1.7s are the most life-like speakers I have heard in their price range--or anywhere near it. I could live with them (and did) in a system that costs 150 times more than they themselves do. IMO, they're just plain great."

The new 1.7 won the coveted Product of the Year award. But, it is even better--

"Not just The Absolute Sound's Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade" The Absolute Sound magazine, January, 2011;title

Among the audiophile press, the 1.7 was "the talk of the town" at CES 2010.;title

After a 12-year history, reaching a near-iconic standing, the Magneplanar 1.6 has been improved with value engineering. No costly tweaks of questionable sonic value. Magnepan is all about better ideas which give verifiable, high-value sonic improvements. All members of a listening panel chose the 1.7 or the 1.6 in a blind listening test.

The 1.7 is a departure from Magnepan's 41-year history of using planar magnetic drivers for the bass or lower midrange. The use of quasi ribbon technology down into the lower midrange and bass will provide a new level of coherence.

What is a quasi-ribbon? The quasi ribbon driver is a deviation from the true ribbon design. A very thin film backing is used to hold the delicate ribbons in place. One of the advantages of quasi ribbon drivers is extremely wide frequency band width and high power handling. The result in the 1.7 is low distortion and seamless ribbon clarity--a sound so clear and effortless that it has changed the thinking of thousands of audiophiles about planar speakers.

The 1.7 also boasts a quasi ribbon super tweeter with a wider "sweet spot," and one step closer to the delicacy and detail of Magnepan's true ribbon design.

Trim options- (Wood) Natural or black solid oak, dark cherry. (Aluminum) Silver or black. Prices vary depending upon trim and fabric combinations.

Fabric options- Off-white, black and dark grey. See trim and fabric options.

Magneplanar 1.7Description3-Way, Full-Range, Quasi-RibbonFreq. Resp.40-24 kHz Rec PowerRead Frequently Asked QuestionsSensitivity86dB/500Hz /2.83vImpedance4 OhmDimensions19 x 65 x 2
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