PowervarABC-1200-11Powervar ABC-1200-11 power conditioner -premiumPOWERVAR AC POWER CONDITIONER ABC-1200-11 - Premium Powdercoat Case FinishHave you been searching for the best value in legitimate power line conditioning?What are you willing to pay for it? $500?...250.00

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POWERVAR AC POWER CONDITIONER ABC-1200-11 - Premium Powdercoat Case Finish

Have you been searching for the best value in legitimate power line conditioning?

What are you willing to pay for it? $500? $750? $1000?

Is your audio and video system investment valuable to you?

Do you want your equipment to operate flawlessly?

Do you desire that your equipment’s circuitry be preserved for extended life and maximal enjoyment?

What is the true cost of disrupting, degrading and destructive raw AC power is on your expensive fine audio and video electronics:

1. Shortened operational life?
2. Frequent repairs or unscheduled maintenance?
3. Poor video and audio quality?
4. Less than maximal listening and viewing pleasure?

Are you interested in your fine electronics functioning optimally for many years and delivering clean and beautiful sounds and sights?

Powervar power conditioning is the state-of-the-art answer at a very reasonable price.

Don't be fooled by pretender manufacturers who do things half right. This is NOT an outlet, noise filter(s), high voltage surge clamper (TVSS), or some other combination of less than paramount technology that does not meet Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standard (IEEE C62.41) used by the National Semiconductor Industry.

POWERVAR power conditioners offer a power protection foundation that protects systems from Destruction, Degradation and Disruption. Common mode noise (present between ground and neutral wires) and normal mode noise (present between active and neutral wire) are purged when POWERVAR is used.

The multi-stage POWERVAR incorporates three stages of conditioning using the following components.

1. Low impedance isolation transformer (toroid). Does not limit current!

Isolation transformers help eliminate common mode and normal mode noise or voltage disturbances as permitted by the electrical code (bonding to the ground wire to permit voltage disturbances a clear pathway to the earth and away from your electronics). Both and LOW and high voltage (amplitude) transients are shunted away from your fine electronics to ground.

2. High quality AC noise filter. A filter removes higher frequency, low energy, voltage or noise disturbances.

3. Surge diverter. A diverter takes all high voltage transients and diverts them safely away from your precious electronics.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This unit does not regenerate the sine wave. The unit removes all AC line voltage transients and protects your circuits providing a clean wave form. This unit will not tolerate a square wave INPUT or any other consistently improper wave form INPUT.


• Used. Rated 8-9/10.
• NOW AVAILABLE: Premium, scratch and fingerprint resistant
black powder coat finish on cover. Beautiful!
• 43 pounds! 43 pounds! 43 pounds!
• 12 (TWELVE) amps of TRUE AC power protection and cleaning
• Master power switch with breaker and six quality NEMA
• Indestructible barring direct lightning strike.
• Fits on almost all audio rack shelves (H x W x D IN)
5.60 x 11.15 x 16.10
• Eight foot power cord that can easily be replaced if

Over 625 units sold to discriminating audio and videophiles. Perfect for plasma televisions too!


43 LB FLAT SHIPPING CHARGES (Prompt shipping!):

USA -- $35.00 UPS or FedEx ground double boxed shipping to contiguous USA. Shipped same or next day after funds received.

Alaska and Hawaii please email for quote.

CANADA -- $90.00 UPS ground (4-6 days) double box shipping to CANADA. Canadian buyers pay all brokerage. Shipped same or next day after USD funds received. Pay Pal extra.

Canadian customers, please do not ask me to ship by any other method. Thanks kindly.

Tracking provided in all cases of FedEX and UPS.
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