Pro-ject TurntablePerspectivePro-ject Turntable PerspectivePro-ject Perspective Turntable I have the original box and packing, and the turntable will be VERY carefully repacked for safe transit, if desired. Includes: Cartridge alignment tool Anti stati...800.00

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Pro-ject Perspective Turntable I have the original box and packing, and the turntable will be VERY carefully repacked for safe transit, if desired. Includes: Cartridge alignment tool Anti static cleaning brush Cotton gloves Record Clamp Grado Cartridge - looks to be in good condition, not sure what model 45 adapter I purchased this "open box" TT, and never hooked it up. Information and pictures as provided by the original seller: It appears to have never been used. The box was opened, and the power supply was missing. I believe it was taken for a customer who had lost theirs, and never reordered. I ordered a new one from the importer (Sumiko) and now it's "good to go". I did plug it in and it spins great. The belt appears to be fine. There are MANY nice things about this unusual turntable. I will take them one step at a time. STYLING: This is about the prettiest turntable I have ever seen. I believe it is even better looking than the other glass/acrylic turntables on the market, since it does not have loads of chrome/gold trim to send the styling "over the top". THE MOTOR: The turntable uses an AC synchronous motor that simply CANNOT drift in speed. That's why there is not pitch control. None is needed. The speed locks into not the voltage, but the FREQUENCY of your AC line, which is held within very tight limits. In this turntable, though, there is an external power supply, so only low voltage is brought into the turntable. With this type of motor, the machining of the motor HUB is the sole variable in the speed accuracy. In the Perspective, the motor hub is VERY precisely machined, and done so for only 33 RPM speed. What happens if you want to play a 45 RPM record? You pop off the motor shroud, unscrew a thumbwheel, and motor assembly pulls out, and you replace it with the second (included) 45RPM motor assembly with its own precisely machined hub!!! PLATTER/BEARING: This turntable uses a heavy platter and precise bearing. The platter is heavy and dynamically balanced for smooth running. Without the belt installed, it just keeps spinning if you nudge it. This is the sign of a good bearing, and that's even before it's been fully lubed! There is an indentation in the platter for the record label to sink into so the rest of the record can sit flat. You MAY choose to get a felt mat to use on the platter. It does not have one, and I'm not sure one is needed. RECORD CLAMP: A nice clamp is provided, and uses pressure instead of weight (so the bearing does not get extra stress) and spins into place effortlessly. THE DUST COVER: Heavy, well made, removable, in great shape, and with adjustable tension so it can be made to stay up half-way. THE BASE: Made of acrylic (I assume!) and it's thick, well damped, beautifully finished, and comes with adjustable leveling cone feet. SUSPENSION: The best part. The arm and platter float on a metal triangular casting with very compliant springs. It floats softly, and should provide near complete isolation from feedback and other sonic break-through sounds. By attaching both the platter bearing and tonearm to such a massive piece, they move exactly together, yet isolated from the outside world. Three screws allow the suspension to be leveled. DAMPING: Very unusually, there is a silicon well in the base and a rod that sits in this well to provide damping. This is important if you have a loose floorboard in your house to prevent the suspension from bobbing up and down too much. Undamped floating suspensions can be a problem because they just keep on bobbing up and down all the time. Ask and owner of an older Thorens! This suspension is more like a BASIS turntable (though not as sophisticated, as you would expect considering the price), in that the motion can be damped as needed. That puts it in good company! There is even a spring below the floating chassis to compensate for the pull in the opposite direction of the belt. Someone really sweated the details with this design. THE TONARM: The tonearm works well with almost all MM and MC-type cartridges. It has very low friction, no signs of play in its bearing, and it comes with TWO counterweights, allowing both the installation of very light and very heavy cartridges. With most cartridges, you can use EITHER the lighter weight and place it further out on the arm tube, or the heavier one, moving it closer in. This will change the EFFECTIVE MASS of the arm. Most MM cartridges like LOWER effective mass, most MC (moving coil) cartridges like HIGHER effective mass. TONEARM WIRING: The tonearm terminates into a VERY flexible cable (to not interfere with the floating suspension) and ends up in a box attached to the rear of the table with very nice, sturdy RCA jacks and a ground lug. The turntable comes with a cable, but this system makes upgrading later a snap. CONVENIENCE: A damped cue lever is attached to the tonearm, and there is even a built-in bubble level on the float suspension to aid in leveling.
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