AnthemStatementAnthem Statement D2V  - Latest software v3.09Paypal fees apply if applicable. Please wait for me to send an invoice before paying.Please note:D2V will be shipped in Anthem double boxes, ARC will be shippid with accessories in original boxTh...2500.00

Anthem Statement D2V - Latest software v3.09 [Template]

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Paypal fees apply if applicable. Please wait for me to send an invoice before paying.

Please note:

D2V will be shipped in Anthem double boxes,  ARC will be shippid with  accessories in original box

The ARC box is 16" x 13" x 3"  10lbs 

 I have included the URL where the current software can be downloaded in the box with the serial # of the mic. 

Anthem D2V , unit does not have 3d board, if you have an oppo player or similar with two hdmi outputs, then your good for 3d. connect one hdmi to tv and other to dv2

Perfect working condition, Unit has a scratch on the handle see picture

The D2v pushes the boundaries on what you expect from music and home theater performance. With the unparalleled flexibility you have to come to expect from Anthem processors, it provides both the versatility and adjustability you need to ale all of your digital video components work together seamlessly. The results are spectacular.

7.1-channel audio and video processor, eight HDMI inputs, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, PCM 24/192, highest quality 1080p upscaling with 1080p24 compatibility, Anthem Room Correction, premium quality A/D and D/A converters, 24-bit/192 kHz upsampling on all channels in main zone, two stereo zones.

ARC-1 Software v3.0.2 current download

Anthem Room Correction (ARC)

Even when the finest speakers are perfectly positioned, the room itself still has a dramatic impact on a system’s sound, an impact more profound than that of any individual component. Various solutions have fallen in and out of favor over the years, but none has solved the problem of “the room.” Until ARC. Using proprietary processes and the power of your PC the ARC system, years in development and included with your Anthem Statement D2v, analyzes each speaker’s in-room sound and then computes the required correction to yield optimal performance from every speaker. It’s a process that takes less than five minutes! Anthem’s approach is a true audiophile solution to the problems of the room. ARC is garnering rave reviews across the industry. For more information, see the ARC data sheet in the downloads & support section.


D2V double boxed, manual, accessories, (ARC,  mic, stand, mic usb cable, orig box), and  one D2v remote

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