ClasseSSP-75Classe SSP-75 5.1 Pre ProEven by today's standards this pre amp processor is the best sounding surround preamp ever built. Very analogue sounding and almost tube like. It's closest competitor is the Arcam at $9500. If yo...2000.00

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Even by today's standards this pre amp processor is the best sounding surround preamp ever built. Very analogue sounding and almost tube like. It's closest competitor is the Arcam at $9500.
If you use one system for 2 channel and theater and are tired of using 2 pre amps this is the best solution.

I am an Anthem Dealer and it kills the D2v. It is also better than the new Classe pre amps because of the negative influence Levinson engineers and brought to Classe.
This was the reference pre pro at Home Theater Magazine for 8 years after it went out of production.  Holographic sounding and doesn't need gimmicks to produce a real palpable sound stage.   
Add an HDMI switcher and it is complete. Only reason you would need 7.1 is if you are doing 2 rows of seating or have a huge room.
Description: SSP-75 - Preamplifier/Surround Sound Processor  With Classé's remarkable SSP-75 preamplifier/ surround sound processor, the true re-creation of a live performance is only the beginning.  Indeed, the SSP-75 provides truly stunning reproduction of your favorite music with an two-channel signal path optimally balanced to provide both exceptional performance and long-term reliability. Left and Right Front balanced (XLR) inputs and outputs are standard. In fact, all six output channels (5.1) are balanced, erasing the problems with ground loops. The new world of multi-channel sound will delight you. The design of the SSP-75 takes you into the future and delivers the most up-to-date digital processing available. Classé's design mandates have always included unusual degrees of flexibility, meticulous construction and simple, intuitive operation.  Even the front panel, classic Classé in its simplicity and elegance, invites the most casual user to enjoy all the benefits today's home entertainment systems can provide. The informative display provides instant feedback and status checks for all important operations.  The SSP-75 rewards the more sophisticated and demanding user with a carefully integrated résumé of capabilities, including Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic surround processing. Sharing the same design philosophy and critical digital converters already proven in Classé's newest extraordinary two channel digital music components, the SSP-75 redefines transparency and nuance for the most critical of music listening. At the same time the SSP-75 raises performance levels for all home theater systems.  The SSP-75 provides analog and digital inputs for up to 20 source components (6 audio-only (one pair balanced), 6 single-ended audio-video, 7 digital audio-video and 1 AC3 (LD) adapter), each with custom input ID capability. The SSP-75 supports three video formats: Component, S-Video and composite.  The fully thought out on-screen menu system allows easy access to unique, upgradeable system configuration software that includes ten user memories for effortless recall of favorite combinations of source selection, and operating mode.  ________________________________________  Frequency Response: +0.1, - 0.6 db DC to 20 KHz typical  Sensitivity: 10mV minimum. analog input level  Maximum Output Voltage (Main): 4.95V RMS single ended, 9.9V RMS  balanced  Gain: 10 db analog inputs all modes  except stereo.  +3.9 db maximum stereo  Input Impedance (line level audio): 10K ohms nominal  S/N Ratio (audio): -102 dbr typical  Input Impedance (video): 75 Ohms typical  S/N Ratio (video): -65 db minimum  Output Impedance (line level audio): 75 Ohms single ended  150 Ohms balanced typical  THD + N: -80 dbr @ full scale output,  -100 dbr @ -60 dbr output typical  Output Impedance (video): 75 Ohms typical  Programming Memories every input  Source Paths 3 separate, simultaneous paths for  audio and video  INPUTS:  Audio inputs: 20 (automatically detect "live" input)  7 (4 Coax , 2 TOSlink, 1 AES/EBU)  Digital. 12 pair (11 pair Single Ended ,  Analog 1 pair Balanced)  1 set analog 5.1 inputs (6 RCA)  Video inputs: 8 total, made up of any combination  of the following  Component 2  S-Video 6 (AV 1 - 6) automatically  detects "live" input  Composite 6 (AV 1 - 6) automatically  detects "live" input  OUTPUTS:  Digital outputs:  Straight through from digital input 2 (1 coaxial, 1 TOSlink)  Audio outputs:  Main Audio Left and Right Front: (For two  channel music and surround):  All analog main room outputs are both Center Front,  single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) Left and Right Surround,  LFE/Subwoofer,  Remote room Audio (with remote control) 1 pair, single ended  Record out Audio (line level only) 2 pair, single ended  Video outputs: 
Main 1 - Component, 2 - S-Video, 2 - Composite, 
Remote 1 - Composite 
Record 1 - S-Video, 1 composite 
Automatic Speaker Calibration Microphone and cable supplied. 
(includes both speaker level 
and delay configuration) 
HDTV ready Component video 
NTSC and PAL switchable in setup 
12 Volt DC out 2 Separate Main room and Remote outputs 
RS-232 control 
Power Consumption: 50 watts typical operation 
Dimensions: w: 18.5 x d: 16.25 x h: 7.25" 
Weight: 48lbs 
Standard Finishes: Satin Black with Soft Shadow Silver
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