ClasseSSP-800Classe SSP-800 made in CanadaHere is for you consideration my beloved SSP-800 .. it is one manufactured in Canada not in China . It comes with the original box , Remote , power cord , printed paper owner's manual it is i...2999.00

Classe SSP-800 made in Canada [Expired]

no longer for sale


Here is for you consideration my beloved SSP-800  .. it is one manufactured in Canada not in China . It comes with the original box , Remote , power cord , printed  paper owner's manual  it is in great condition and play perfectly . it is rated 7 because i'm not the first owner and don't have the 1,4 hdmi upgrade  , but have been updated in classe last year september with the new 1.3 hdmi the Dual DSP board that is  $1000.

  If you read this you probably already know about this pre-amp processor good it is in home thater as well as stereo mode …

The upgrade for the hdmi 1.4 is for the 3D and also 4k that is not a need for everybody like me ..otherwise it is a great machine .. as you can see it is in great shape and play perfectly ...


The reason why i sell this …it’s because I just bought a CP-800 to go back in stereo

So it’s your chance to buy this reference at a great price


Here is the spec and some specialist evaluation


Classé Audio SSP-800 Mulitchannel A/V Controller

Type: Ten-channel controller
Inputs: Two (each) S-video, composite video, component video; four (each) HDMI, coaxial digital audio, TosLink digital audio; one discrete 7.1-channel analog input; one stereo balanced analog; two stereo unbalanced analog; one (each) IR, RS232, USB, CAN Bus 
Outputs: Two (each) component video, HDMI, trigger ; one (each) CAN Bus, coaxial digital audio, TosLink digital audio, main analog audio (7.1-channel output plus auxiliary stereo output, all on both balanced and unbalanced jacks)
Surround formats supported: Dolby ProLogic II, PLIIx Music, PLIIx Movie, PLIIx Matrix, PLIIx Game, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Surround EX, DTS, DTS Neo:6, DTS Neo:6 Cinema, DTS Neo6: Music, DTS Neo:6 Cinema ES, DTS Neo:6 Music ES, discrete, mono, stereo, “party,” “mono plus,” “move plus”
Dimensions: 17.5" x 6.75" x 16.5" (excluding connectors)



Here is what specialist says about this great processor :
Weight: 29 lbs.


Hometheaterhifi :

I have never heard better surround sound from movies or music discs than what I experienced with the Classé SSP-800. This is definitely reference quality. Finally, one can have audiophile-grade sound with multi-channel music, as well as with movies that have high definition soundtracks (most Blu-ray movies these days), using the HDMI input.

stereophile :

The Classé CT-SSP is the first surround-sound processor I've used that I do not want to remove from this system, but I must—so impressive is its performance that an audition with my big Manhattan rig is a necessity. 



So if you are in the market for a statement quality A/V preamplifier/processor that is clearly more A than V, it is definitely worth looking at the Classe SSP-800.


the Absolute sound :

The Classé SSP-800 is a remarkable achievement, combining a comprehensive feature set, outstanding user interface, advanced technology, and most importantly, category-defining sonic performance. Frankly, I’m surprised that this level of build and sound quality doesn’t cost more. Although it’s difficult to call an $8000 controller a bargain, that’s exactly what the SSP-800 is when you consider that it is fully up to the task of serving as the centerpiece of a demanding high-end two-channel and multichannel playback system.



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