LexiconMC-12Up for sale is my Lexicon MC-12 v5.EQ The Lexicon MC-12 operates as originally designed without any issues. The MC-12 is cosmetically perfect without any scratches, or marks on the front fac...1350.00

Lexicon MC-12 Version 5 EQ with 2 AKG c98 Microphones [Template]

no longer for sale

Up for sale is my
Lexicon MC-12 v5.EQ  The Lexicon MC-12
operates as originally designed without any issues. The MC-12 is cosmetically
perfect without any scratches, or marks on the front face plate. I have the
original remote control and will include a power cord. I also have the
owner’s manual.  This unit has the ability to
automatically set speaker distances and sound levels using microphones, in addition to setting the EQ.  I will include 2 AKG-C98 microphones. Please I will only ship to the lower
48 states.  I have listed below the
enhancements from previous MC-12 versions.  

The V5 EQ differs from previous versions.     

Lexicon LIVE

LIVE (Lexicon Intelligent Variable Environment) is a unique system that can
transform any listening room into an exceptional and pleasurable acoustic
space. It uses a combination of microphones and digital signal processing (DSP)
to enhance the room's acoustics and create the illusion of a much larger space.
Three customizable presets can be selected for a pleasing environment in which
to practice or perform with a musical instrument. For example, playing a guitar
or saxophone in a normal living room will have the sound of playing in a rich
sounding, reverberant hall. Or, use LIVE to change the acoustics of a room when
entertaining guests. A typical home theater which has been acoustically
deadened with room treatment can be instantly transformed into an open, airy
environment. LIVE requires two microphones to be permanently installed in the
listening room.

Improved LOGIC 7 for 5.1 and 6.1 sources

LOGIC 7 for multi-channel Dolby Digital*, DTS ®**, and 5.1 analog sources now offers new playback improvements. For
the first time, poorly mixed multi-channel music and movie sources can be
corrected during real time playback. When played using LOGIC 7, multi-channel
recordings with little or no center channel output will no longer sound
deficient. LOGIC 7 stabilizes the center image and improves the front

Dolby Pro Logic IIx

In V5, movie and music versions of Dolby Pro Logic IIx (PLIIx) has been added
for both 2-channel and multi-channel sources.

Full + Sub     

Full + Sub is a perfect example of Lexicon giving the customer what they want.
This feature adds a new crossover setting that allows for subwoofer output in
addition to full range output from one or more speakers. This provides the
customer with the option of reproducing bass in strict accordance with Dolby
requirements or at the listener’s discretion,
doubling the same bass frequencies through speakers and subwoofers.


ORIGINAL version 5 EQ "not upgraded".

Most Lexicon MC-12’s purchased as older versions, and upgraded along the way from v1-v2 etc. Running changes have been made to many of the internal boards and circuitry so, a TRUE V5 has the latest internal components and all the bells and whistles.

Look on the front panel of the MC-12 you are interested in buying. Look right below the display window and look at the logos that are silkscreened on the faceplate. There are 5 different logos but, 2 of them are ONLY available on the v3 v4 and v5 units. The variations are slight but, if you know what to look for you will see them.

The DTS ES logo no longer has the words surround sound above and below the logo but, instead now has the numbers 24/96 to the right of the logo itself. This is to signify that the DTS audio is now 96/24 which the older models did not have. Look for the numbers 96/24 to verify.

The other logo that has changed was the Lucasfilm THX Ultra logo. The new one is different in that it now indicates a very subtle 2 next to Ultra, signifying it has been upgraded to Ultra 2. A more visible difference in the logo that can be seen in photos more easily is that the old logo was contained in a square box and the new units have an Ultra 2 logo that is free standing with no such square box. In addition, the Dolby Pro-logic II logo, has changes to Dolby Pro-Logic IIx.  



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