LEXICONMC-12V5.25LEXICON MC-12V5.25Item Description Lexicon MC-12 V5.25 I am the original owner, Excellent Condition, non-smoking environment, with no inside pets. Unit is in excellent working condition, no scratches, ...1999.00

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Item Description Lexicon MC-12 V5.25 I am the original owner, Excellent Condition, non-smoking environment, with no inside pets. Unit is in excellent working condition, no scratches, kept in a well ventilated area, plugged in to surge suppressor. Class A rated preamp section with Lexicon's LOGIC 7 decoding, the best processing algorithm for watching movies or listening to music. Your movies or music will never sound the same. Includes: original box, MC12v5.25 manual,remote, power cord. The unit will be shipped to you in the original box and then double boxed. Logic 7 decoding (the BEST). • LIVE! (Lexicon Intelligent VariableEnvironment) • Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby ProLogic, Dolby Pro Logic II, and Dolby ProLogic IIx decoding • DTS 96/24, DTS NEO:6, and DTS-ES(discrete and matrix) decodingTHX Ultra2 and THX Surround EXdecoding • THX Ultra2 CertificationPrice The MC-12's three zones are independent, allowing for seamless control of multi-room systems. Because each zone is capable of routing a different input source, it is possible to watch a DVD in the home theater while listening to a CD in the kitchen and recording a program from a satellite receiver to a DVD-R. The record zone can also be used to provide audio to a third room. A glance at the MC-12's rear panel will show the tremendous array of inputs and outputs. Analog audio is available on stereo connectors and a 5.1-channel connector, ideal for DVD-A or SACD sources such as the RT-20 Disc Player. High resolution 24-bit/96kHz analog-to-digital converters can be used to bring these sources into the digital domain for processing or, for audio purists, a true analog bypass option is available which keeps the signal in the analog domain from input to output. Digital audio input is available on one AES/EBU, six S/PDIF coaxial, and six S/PDIF optical connectors. These signals are processed at their native sampling rates through a two stage phase lock loop, achieving remarkably low intrinsic jitter and high jitter rejection. Lexicon's proprietary auto azimuth processing corrects timing and level imbalances in stereo signals, resulting in exceptional channel separation in matrix-encoded sources. The MC-12 has twelve channels of audio output, including stereo subwoofers, an LFE, and two auxiliary outputs. Each of the outputs uses two 24-bit/192kHz DACs operating in dual-mono mode. This design extends the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range, resulting in superior sound quality. High precision crossovers and tone controls are digital to avoid the signal distortion their analog counterparts often introduce. In addition, digitally controlled analog output levels can be adjusted in 0.5dB increments. For maximum flexibility, each of the main audio outputs has independent crossover, speaker distance, and output level control. The crossovers are available in 10Hz increments from 30 to 120Hz. If the THX speaker setup is selected, a THX 80Hz crossover setting is automatically applied to all main audio outputs. The MC-12 also provides access to advanced speaker array processing and, if a THX Ultra2-certified subwoofer is present, boundary gain compensation controls. Automatic calibration of speaker distances and output levels is available using the rear panel microphone inputs. (microphones not included) The accurate adjustment of these settings ensures that signal arrival times and levels are optimal relative to the listening position. A comprehensive bass management system helps protect the subwoofers and other loudspeakers from overloading, even with Dolby Digital and DTS sources that produce low-frequency signal peaks at much higher levels than stereo sources. Sophisticated routing automatically directs low-frequency signals to the loudspeakers most capable of reproducing them, while adjustable bass peak limiters restrict the amplitude level of low-frequency signals sent to the subwoofers and redirected to other loudspeakers. Complementing its extraordinary audio performance, the MC-12 includes two broadcast-quality video switchers. An ultra-wide bandwidth component video switcher accepts analog component video signals, including high-definition television signals, while a separate composite and S-video switcher accepts high-quality NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video signals. The MC-12 has five composite video inputs, eight S-video inputs, and four component video inputs. Enhanced versions of Lexicon's popular Nightclub, Concert Hall, Church, Cathedral, and Panorama listening modes are available, along with an impressive collection of advanced decoders, including Dolby Digital Surround EX®, Dolby Pro Logic IIx®, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo:6, DTS-ES (discrete and matrix),THX Ultra2, THX Surround EX, and the latest version of Lexicon's own critically acclaimed LOGIC 7. Unlike other decoders, LOGIC 7 is compatible with all input sources and requires no special encoding for playback. Applied to music recordings, it increases the sense of spaciousness in the listening area without altering the front soundstage, resulting in a more realistic recreation of the original recording. Applied to film soundtracks, LOGIC 7 expands stereo sources to 7.1 channels for a performance that rivals that of discrete multi-channel sources. LOGIC 7 also derives two additional channels from 5.1-channel sources to create a more enveloping listening experience. Most impressive about the MC-12 is its enormous array of custom processing. Four 32-bit floating-point digital signal processing (DSP) engines provide vast resources to power such proprietary features as LOGIC 7, Lexicon LIVE, Auto Azimuth, five-speaker enhancement, bass enhancement, and dialog enhancement. Lexicon's bass management system, digital crossovers and tone controls are also powered by these DSP engines. This processing is performed at sample rates up to 96kHz, with 24-bit resolution to retain top performance from all input sources. A fifth DSP engine is dedicated to decoding Dolby Digital and DTS sources. Inside and out, the MC-12 is designed to accommodate possible hardware and software advancements with internal expansion slots, a removable rear panel access plate, and additional RS-232 connector. One RS-232 connector performs flash-memory software upgrades as well as configuration downloads. A configuration tool available at the lexicon website can be used to send current MC-12 settings to a compatible personal computer, creating an archive of settings that can later be sent back to the MC-12 for instant reconfiguration. The MC-12 is a paragon of home theater processing. Immense power, leading-edge technological sophistication, and extensive expansion capabilities make it an indispensable addition to any high-quality home theater. E-mail or call with any questions 773.977-9996,
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