MarantzAV-7005Marantz AV-7005 PreampThe Marantz AV-7005 is a versatile powerhouse! The Marantz 7005 pre/pro has it all, great sound, amazingly versatile, great for both home theater and 2 channel. All the hook-ups that you need,...450.00

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The Marantz AV-7005 is a versatile powerhouse!

The Marantz 7005 pre/pro has it all, great sound, amazingly versatile, great for both home theater and 2 channel.  All the hook-ups that you need, and my particular favorite - DNLA compliant direct hook-up via Ethernet to your network to stream JPEGs, audio from a server, Pandora or internet radio!  The firmware of this unit is upgradable over the internet and has been upgraded to use AirPlay, which is a fantastic convenience for those in the Apple family.  All the inputs you could want, HDMI 1.4a compliant, with an iPhone app that allows you to control most functions from your iPhone or iPad, and the ability to control the pre-pro from your laptop or desktop (very convenient if you rock out while at a desk and need to mute for a call or switch inputs, for example).  I have often thought of going to another level of expense (because I'm an audiophool), like the Classe SSP-800 for example, but the Marantz has so many convenience features that are important to me every time I use it that it is just not worth it. This pre/pro is a steal for $500.  I have original Owner's Manual, remote, and Audessy microphone.  I don't think I have the original box but it will be professionally packed if I can't find it!


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On the audio front, the AV7005 can decode and process anything you throw at it. DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby Digital TrueHD for Blu-ray as well as Digital Plus, Pro Logic IIz, IIx, II, Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone ES Discete6.1, Matrix6.1, Neo:6, 96/24, and Neural Surround. Bottom line, when it comes to surround sound and matrix audio formats the AV7005 has you covered. For your MP3 collection there is Marantz's M-DAX 2, an updated Marantz Dynamic Audio eXpander, which can make compressed music files sound better. Add this with the DNLA compliant Ethernet connection and you are ready to stream music from your home network, Internet Radio, Rhapsody, Napster and/or Pandora account.

Video-wise, the AV7005 includes one of the best upscaling chips on the market, Anchor Bay's 10-bit Video Processor/Scaler. The ABT2015 is Anchor Bay's fourth generation scaling chip, capable of transcoding as well as deinterlacing; all the while scaling any legacy source to 1080p via HDMI for output to your high definition display.

All in all Marantz has produced a quality home theater preamp in the AV7005 that falls into a price bracket with few competitors and at a price everyone can afford. The fact that AV7005 has a retail price less than its predecessor speaks volumes about Marantz's commitment to value. Sure there were a few quirky items here and there but overall the AV7005 proved to be a stellar all-rounder that when paired with a quality power amp took my home theater to a whole new level of performance. The AV7005 from Marantz is one AV preamp I'm not about to let go of nor stop recommending to my friends and family, which is precisely why I bought my review sample. It is that good.

From Sound and Vision:

Not surprisingly, the AV7005 shares the same warm, transparent sound found in other Marantz gear I’ve reviewed. It’s free of hollow-metallic afternotes, edginess, brightness, and grit. The bottom end was nimble, well controlled, and well extended. The mids sounded rich, and the top end was reasonably airy and expansive. The AV7005 didn’t have the Cary’s iron grip on the bottom or shimmering precision on top, nor the Cary’s stunning immediacy or explosive dynamic impact. Still, it wasn’t far off the mark. The Marantz’s transient attack was decisive, its sustain was long enough to produce warm, extended fills, and the decay produced satisfying delicacy. Bill Evans’ classic Waltz For Debby live at the Village Vanguard on two-channel SACD let me know that.

The AV7005’s deviation from neutrality veers slightly in the direction of pleasing warmth and a subtle softness. I’ll take that every time over the big chill or hollowed-out sound that less accomplished electronics produce.  . . . How sold am I on the AV7005? I’m buying one.


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