JVCDLA-X700RusedJVC DLA-X700R THX 3D Projector/ Price reduced 2nd timeJVC DLA-X700R D-ILA THX 3D ProjectorThe X700R is the 2014 version of JVC's 4K capable D-ILA projectors. It combines JVC's exclusive 4K e-shift3 technology which accepts Native 4K 60P through the 4...2100.00

JVC DLA-X700R THX 3D Projector/ Price reduced 2nd time [Expired]

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JVC DLA-X700R D-ILA THX 3D Projector

The X700R is the 2014 version of JVC's 4K capable D-ILA projectors. It combines JVC's exclusive 4K e-shift3 technology which accepts Native 4K 60P through the 4K enabled HDMI inputs and a class leading 120,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio to produce truly amazing images.

Like all JVC Procision Projectors, the DLA-X700R uses three DILA devices to produce stable images with no flicker.

The DLA-X700R is also certified by THX and licensed by ISF, and has met or exceeded all of their high standards. For 2014, JVC added an Intelligent Lens Aperture which adjusts to changes in light intensity for the best possible contrast ratio in any scene. This helps to create incredible black levels with amazing shadow detail.

From JVC product literature:
"JVC's e-Shift technology shifts sub-frames by 1/2 pixel both vertically and horizontally to achieve 4 times the pixel density of the original content. Optimized for the new D-ILA device, the latest e-Shift 3 Technology boosts definition to a higher level"

The e-Shift is implemented several times per second so the eye of the viewer perceives the image as a much higher resolution (4K). Combined with JVC's industry leading contrasts levels and inky black levels it creates amazing life-like images with both 2K and 4K content. In multiple reviews the JVC projectors have consistently outclassed even true 4K projectors in regards to overall image quality and performance.

Note: The JVC D-ILA projectors are among the very best, if not the best, projectors ever made for home theater use. The combination of the eShift technology, huge contrast ratios, and unmatched black levels produce an image that has consistently received rave reviews and won several "shoot-outs" when compared against other projectors.

Recently there have been some less expensive projectors released from other companies that will accept 4K signals and produce a decent image on a good screen. In other words, they are just OK. If you compare their specs, such as black level and contrast, to the JVC D-ILAs, the less expensive projectors don't even come close. If you want a true eye-popping image that will blow away you and your fellow viewers then go with the real deal, a JVC D-ILA.

From a 2014 C/Net review of the projector:

"The JVC DLA-X700R delivered the best overall picture quality of any projector we've ever tested, as deep, inky black levels and brighter highlights lead to superb contrast. It has extremely accurate, well-saturated color; comprehensive video processing, calibration, and setup options; whisper-quiet operation in Low lamp mode; no-nonsense minimalist design; and optional RF 3D emitter compatible with cheaper third-party glasses."

From a 2014 review in Sound & Vision magazine:

"JVC has absolutely raised the bar on contrast with the DLA-X700R. I can’t even begin to preach the benefits this delivers to the black floor and low-light image performance. This is the most noticeable and valuable difference from last year’s lineup. While I’m happy to see native 4K input support introduced, it really isn’t much of a selling point in today’s market. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get the absolute best out of the content on the market now, it would be tough to find a better image anywhere near this price point. Highly recommended! "

This projector was used in my showroom under optimal conditions, with the fan set on high mode and mainly used for customer demos.

The original bulb in this projector has about one half of its JVC recommended hours left on it. If the buyer meets or comes close to my price I would be glad to sell the buyer a new JVC factory lamp for less than my cost: $300. 

Comes with all original packaging, remote, manual, and power cord.

These are selling new at this point for around $4500-$4900.

You will not be disappointed with this projector. It throws a stunning image.

Check my 16+ years of feedback and buy with confidence.

I will accept Audiogon Express Checkout, PayPal, or certified check with shipping after check clears my bank.

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