PS AudioAC-5 Power CablePS Audio AC-5 Power Cable 1.5 MetersOne PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-5 Power cable--1.5 meters. I am the original owner and purchased the cable new. I will pay shipping and paypal fees. The performance goals for the AC Series focused...150.00

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One PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-5 Power cable--1.5 meters. I am the original owner and purchased the cable new. I will pay shipping and paypal fees. The performance goals for the AC Series focused on creating a perfectly balanced power cable. Balance between the three main tonal characteristics of music, bass, midrange and treble, is managed in the AC Series by a combination of conductor shape, materials and geometry. The patent describes an elegant solution to managing tonal characteristics of the reproduced audio by leveraging the properties of shaped conductors; specifically square for midrange and a thin flat conductor for the treble. Using these techniques and this unique geometry we designed the conductor configuration for each of the 4 cables in the line. We carefully vary the wire gauge, the skin effect and core sizes for the midrange and the surface area for the treble to achieve the perfect blended and balanced cable within each of the constraints of all 4 models. Geometry, conductor design and blending techniques are the core philosophies on the PerfectWave AC Series. But it takes a lot more than just cable geometry and conductor configurations to make a great high-end power cable. Advanced techniques must be employed in the other critical areas including: shielding, conductor materials, directionality, insulation and the connectors themselves. The bottom line of all this attention to details and design efforts can be summed up with but one listen to the difference between your equipment powered with a stock off-the-shelf power cable or an AC Series from PS Audio. The differences are extraordinary. A stock power cable is something manufacturers purchase in large volumes from the lowest cost vendors and include in their products as a courtesy to make sure you can operate your equipment from the moment you open your new products. These power cables will always be adequate in terms of power delivery but rarely designed to take advantage of all the performance values the equipment is capable of. Including a proper power delivery system for each piece of equipment is a cost prohibitive procedure for manufacturers and thus it is left up to the after-market to design and supply better quality power cables; and savvy customers to appreciate the difference. When choosing a proper power cable for connected equipment, it is important to choose a model with adequate shielding, proper materials and well designed connectors that are up to the task at hand. The PS Audio PerfectWave AC Series represents exactly the type of power delivery system you need for any high-end audio or video equipment. Features: • Superior noise reduction • Fast transient response • Low magnetic properties • Multiple gauge conductors • Flat and circular conductors • PCOCC Single Crystal Copper • Cold and hot welded construction • Nickel over copper prongs • Connectors machined from a solid billet • Quad shielding • Removable ground pin • Gold-plated connectors Benefits • Lowest noise AC cable yet • Instant current availability • Low dynamic restriction • Evenly distributed noise cancellation • High surface area conductors • Reduced grain boundaries • Eliminates ground loops If any questions I can be reached at 214 599 8632
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