PS AudioGCP-200PS Audio GCP-200 Stereo PreamplifierFor sale one PS Audio GCP-200 Stereo Preamplifier in excellent condition. This unit was a demo unit and has less than 200 hours on it. The unit has original instruction manual, remote (new batteri...1000.00

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For sale one PS Audio GCP-200 Stereo Preamplifier in excellent condition. This unit was a demo unit and has less than 200 hours on it. The unit has original instruction manual, remote (new batteries included) and 6' power cord. The boxes are PS Audio double boxes and the unit fits in them correctly but they are not the original boxes. They are from the previous model. (PCA-2 preamp) The unit will be double boxed and insured. The unit will be shipped UPS with signature delivery confirmation unless otherwise specified. PS Audio believes the shortest distance to exceptional performance is a straight line, and that's the design philosophy behind their attractively simple GCP-200. This stereo preamp's carefully engineered circuitry allows your music to travel the shortest, cleanest signal path possible, ensuring that the sound remains remarkably pure and transparent. Innovative Gain Cell™ technology PS Audio's exclusive Gain Cell module is the key to the GCP-200's amazing performance. This revolutionary device provides a remarkable 130dB range of variable gain with virtually no noise or distortion. To simplify internal circuitry, the cell precisely controls all of the GCP-200's signal amplification, volume and balance functions. This also allows the preamp to operate without a conventional volume control or attenuator, eliminating one of the major sources of sonic coloration found on other preamps. Versatile connection options A beautifully sculpted chassis houses plenty of inputs for your stereo gear, including a set of balanced XLR connections. You also get two pairs each of RCA and XLR outputs — great for connecting multiple amps — as well as dedicated outputs for a powered subwoofer. The handy full-function remote lets you control the GCP-200 from the comfort of your easy chair. Overview: The PS Audio GCP-200 Preamplifier is equipped with 6 inputs: 5 with RCA jacks and 1 balanced input with XLR connectors. The unit has 5 outputs, consisting of two balanced outputs with XLR connectors, two main RCA outputs, and one RCA auxiliary output for connecting a second power amplifier or a subwoofer. A wireless remote control makes controlling your preamp much more convenient. Gain Cell Technology: The GCP-200 is equipped with two Gain Cells instead of the old-fashioned potentiometers that normally control the volume. Traditional volume and balance controls attenuate the signal, which can cause degradation of the signal. Gain Cells provide complete control over the gain of the incoming audio signals, and are capable of 130dB of variable gain with little or no noise and distortion. Since there are no attenuators in the unit, the GCP-200 provides the shortest, cleanest audio path available in any preamplifier. Input Names: You can edit the name of each of the six inputs. Names can be up to 20 characters, using any combination of capital letters, numbers, spaces, and some punctuation (colon, hyphen, "#", or period). The input and mute buttons and the volume control are used to select characters when in the name input mode. Adjustable Input Gain: You can adjust the gain of each individual input relative to the other inputs, so that they are all at the same level on the volume control. Each input can be adjusted + or - 5dB in 0.1dB steps. Home Theater Bypass: The Home Theater Bypass Mode permits you to assign one of the inputs as a Home Theater Bypass. This allows you to use your 2-channel preamp in your multi-channel home theater system. Normally, your surround processor or receiver would be plugged into this input. Input Select: You can select your desired input in one of two ways. You can directly select the input using the remote control by pressing the input number (1-6). You can also toggle through the inputs using the front panel up/down buttons. When you toggle through the input choices, the volume will automatically ramp up and down quickly so there is no loud "pop" between inputs. Volume Control: The rotary volume control knob lets you control the gain of the Gain Cell and the loudness of the preamplifier. The control is ergonomically designed, and its step size varies depending upon where you are in the range: lower ranges have larger steps and higher ranges have finer steps. Above a certain point, the volume will increase in 1/10th dB steps if you turn the control slowly. The volume display ranges from 0 to 100. Mute Control: The mute control is found on the front of the unit, and on the supplied remote control. The control will mute the preamplifier's audio when pressed, and will be automatically deactivated and return to its original volume setting if the user turns the volume control up or down, or presses the mute button again. Balance: Left and right balance functions are controlled by the remote control only. The balance has a range of -10dB left to 0 to +10dB right. When the remote's balance buttons are pressed and held, the balance control reacts in the indicated direction in 1 dB steps. When the buttons are pressed and released, the balance control reacts in 0.1dB steps. Phase Control: The unit has a phase (or polarity) control that operates through the remote control. When the phase button is pressed, the preamplifier plays the audio signal 180 out of phase. This is the same as if you were to reverse the speaker leads to the speakers plus to minus and minus to plus. Phase control is important for proper sonics because not all recordings have the proper polarity. This control allows you to experiment with each recording to find the phase that sounds best. Typically the difference is most notable in the high frequencies like cymbals and instruments with a quick impact, such as a drum. Display Panel/Illumination: The GCP-200 features a blue 3-3/8" x 5/8" dot-matrix display. The display has two rows of 20 dot-matrix characters to indicate the current status of the preamplifier or the various menus. The brightness of the display is controlled by the remote control (bright, dim, or off). If the display has been dimmed or turned off, it will return to full brightness for a few seconds whenever an adjustment is made to the preamplifier. Below the display is a long blue light bar that glows when the unit it on. Its brightness is controlled by a 3-way switch on the back panel (bright, dim, off). DC Trigger: This unit can remotely activate another piece of equipment, such as a second power amplifier, through the 12-volt DC Trigger on the rear panel. When you connect the equipment via the rear panel 3.5mm minijack, you can turn the connected device on or off with a push of the preamplifier's front panel power button. Outputs: The GCP-200 offers four main outputs and one auxiliary output. If you are connecting the preamplifier to a power amp with balanced XLR inputs, it is recommended that you use the balanced XLR outputs on the preamplifier. Furthermore, two sets of each type of output are provided to allow you to use the same types of output if you are driving two power amps and bi-amping your speakers. Mixing the two feeds to the same power amp is not recommended. The RCA auxiliary output is recommended for use with long lengths of cable, such as for a remote powered subwoofer, or whenever the run is 3 meters or more. The auxiliary output can handle a long cable run without degrading or "bogging down" the main outputs. Optional Power Cables/Conditioners: It is recommended that you use a PS Audio xStream Power AC cable and a PS Power Port AC receptacle to feed the GCP-200. While the supplied power cable is adequate, using the xStream Power cable will make a significant performance improvement over the stock power cable. The use of power conditioning equipment, such as a PS Audio Power Plant, is also recommended. Optional External Power Supply: For even better performance, the GCP-200 gives you the ability to connect the optional GCPS High Current Power Supply. The external power supply will provide everything the preamplifier needs for power, and eliminate the need for using the supplied power cord. The benefits of using a separate external power supply includes reduced noise, isolation of the rectifier switching currents, lots more capacitive DC smoothing power reserves, and the lack of any kind of magnetic field within the preamplifier itself. The sonic results include a lower noise floor, better bass, and better imaging and soundstage. A Nuetrik connector, marked GCPS, is provided on the rear panel for connecting the external power supply. Specifications: Power Supply Capacitance: 60,000 uF Input Impedance: 47.5 k ohms Input Sensitivity: 175mV - 8.5V Gain: RCA: 4 to 14dB (adjustable) XLR: 10 to 20dB (adjustable) Maximum Output Voltage: RCA: 4.25V XLR: 8.5V Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50 kHz (+/- 0.1dB) THD+N: <0.007% at 1V Power Consumption (idle): <15 watts Weight: 27 pounds
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