PS AudioGCP 200This is a superb pre-amp that won't disappoint you. The matching integrated (GCC100) was accorded the coveted Class A rating by Stereophile magazine. This pre-amp is renowned for its consistent t...810.00

PS Audio GCP 200 - Superb Pre-amplifier [Expired]

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This is a superb pre-amp that won't disappoint you. The matching integrated (GCC100) was accorded the coveted Class A rating by Stereophile magazine. This pre-amp is renowned for its consistent treble and bass response at all volume levels due to its gain cell technology. It is in excellent condition; I rated it 7/10 only because it's 3 years old. The GCP-200 is equipped with 6 inputs: 5 with RCA jacks and 1 balanced input with XLR connectors. The full function remote allows direct selection of each input as well as phase and balance controls. The unit has 5 outputs, consisting of two balanced outputs with XLR connectors, two main RCA outputs, and an additional RCA auxiliary output. The RCA auxiliary output (variable) is recommended for use with long lengths of cable, such as for a remote powered subwoofer, or whenever the run is 3 meters or more. The auxiliary output can handle a long cable run without degrading or "bogging down" the main outputs. Gain Cell Technology: The GCP-200 is equipped with two Gain Cells instead of the potentiometers that normally control the volume. Traditional volume and balance controls attenuate the signal, which can cause degradation of the signal. Gain Cells provide complete control over the gain of the incoming audio signals, and are capable of 130dB of variable gain with little or no noise and distortion. Since there are no attenuators in the unit, the GCP-200 provides the shortest, cleanest audio path available in any preamplifier. Adjustable Input Gain: You can adjust the gain of each individual input relative to the other inputs, so that they are all at the same level on the volume control. Each input can be adjusted + or - 5dB in 0.1dB steps. Home Theater Bypass: The Home Theater Bypass Mode permits you to assign one of the inputs as a Home Theater Bypass. This allows you to use your 2-channel preamp in your multi-channel home theater system. Normally, your surround processor or receiver would be plugged into this input. Input Names: You can edit the name of each of the six inputs. Names can be up to 20 characters, using any combination of capital letters, numbers, spaces, and some punctuation (colon, hyphen, "#", or period). Phase Control: When the phase (or polarity) control button on the remote is pressed, the preamplifier plays the audio signal 180 degrees out of phase. This is the same as if you were to reverse the speaker leads to the speakers plus to minus and minus to plus. Phase control is important for proper sonics because not all recordings have the same polarity. This control allows you to experiment with each recording to find the phase that sounds best. Typically the difference is most notable in the high frequencies like cymbals and instruments with a quick impact, such as a drum. DC Trigger: This unit can remotely activate another piece of equipment, such as a second power amplifier, through the 12-volt DC Trigger on the rear panel. When you connect the equipment via the rear panel 3.5mm minijack, you can turn the connected device on or off with a push of the preamplifier's front panel power button. Specifications: Power Supply Capacitance: 60,000 uF Input Impedance: 47.5 k ohms Input Sensitivity: 175mV - 8.5V Gain: RCA: 4 to 14dB (adjustable) XLR: 10 to 20dB (adjustable) Maximum Output Voltage: RCA: 4.25V XLR: 8.5V Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50 kHz (+/- 0.1dB) THD+N:
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