PS AudioGCPH PS Audio GCPH  Phono Stage MM/MC PreamplifierFor sale PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage MM/MC Preamplifier Passive RIAA curve Accurate to within a 10th of a dB Gain Cell technology Fully adjustable gain from front panel Works with any cartridg...600.00

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For sale PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage MM/MC Preamplifier Passive RIAA curve Accurate to within a 10th of a dB Gain Cell technology Fully adjustable gain from front panel Works with any cartridge MM or MC Gain settings: 48 dB, 54 dB, 60 dB, and 66 dB Impedance settings: 100 Ohms, 500 Ohms, 1000 Ohms, or 47K Ohms One of the quietest phono preamps n the market Huge High Current Power Supply Front Panel user control allows mono or stereo configuration Phase control on front panel Unique Blue LED Gain control allows you to feed a power amp directly Hi-fi News "Award Winner" 2007 Very Accurate, Highly Versatile Phono Stage Leave it to PS Audio to engineer one of the quietest and most versatile phono stages we’ve ever used. The PS Audio GCPH Phono Preamp works with any MM moving magnet or MC moving coil cartridge on the market. And because of its proprietary Gain Cell technology, it can act as a stand-alone phono system feeding a power amp directly. But wait until you hear how it sounds! The GCPH wins "Recommended Component" status in the April 2006 issue of Stereophile magazine. "The sound had the same sort of tonal neutrality, combined with high resolution of detail, that characterized the [PS Audio] GCC-100," reports Robert Deutsch. The GCPH was also an "Award Winner" for 2007 in Hi-fi News magazine, which calls it "the default phono stage even at twice the price." "The Match of Any $1,000 Preamp" Just how good is this highly versatile preamp? "The GCPH was easily the match of any $1000 preamp I've heard, and better than many," observes Michael Fremer in the July 2006 issue of Stereophile. "With its Phase and Mono switches, plus its versatile gain and output capabilities, it's one of the best values in under-a-grand phono preamps, and easy to recommend!" "Best Sounding Sub-$1K Phonostage" "Whether you evaluate it from the standpoint of design, construction, or sound quality, PS Audio’s $995 GCPH phonostage seems like it ought to cost more than it does," says Chris Martens in his April 2009 review for The Absolute Sound magazine. "Overall, PS Audio’s GCPH is the most versatile and best sounding sub-$1k phonostage I’ve yet heard." "It's a 'Must Have'" "This is an outstanding design," raves Christopher Breunig in the May 2007 issue of England's Hi-Fi News magazine. "It gets more from an LP than anything I've heard and consequently brings one closer to understanding both the music itself and the manner in which it is played. It's a 'must have'…" Accurate to One-Tenth of a Decibel The GCPH Phono Preamp boasts a passive RIAA curve with accuracy to within one tenth of one decibel. The compact chassis houses the kind of huge high-current power supply that is more commonly found inside a power amplifier. Not only does this meticulously designed power plant make sure that the GCPH never runs out of juice, but it also keeps the music signal significantly quiet. You hear detail instead of noise, bringing out nuances you may never have experienced before in your favorite vinyl recordings. Gain Cell Technology PS Audio's Gain Cell 'under the hood' makes the GCPH the world's first and only phono preamp with no attenuation of the signal. Instead, the GCPH changes gain as a means of controlling volume. Each Gain Cell can be set for a fixed gain or a variable gain without changing any parameters inside the Gain cell. Volume is controlled through a front panel knob. Own an oddball phono cartridge that's tough to pair with a garden variety phono stage? The GCPH can handle it. It excels with both moving magnet and both high and low output moving coil cartridges, too. In addition to regulating the volume, front panel controls also let you select mono or stereo configuration and select the proper phase for your cartridge. A handsome chassis and unique blue LED add to the appeal of this impressive component. Available Gains and Impedance From the rear panel you can adjust the gain of the GCPH to 48 dB, 54 dB, 60 dB, and 66 dB. You can then adjust the Gain Cell for even more gain from the front panel. In short, the GCPH will provide enough gain for just about any phono cartridge ever made. Impedance setting are equally flexible. You can choose, 100 Ohms, 500 Ohms, 1000 Ohms or 47K Ohms regardless of what gain setting you are using. Many vinyl lovers use a moving coil cartridge at the standard moving magnet impedance setting of 47K and adjust the turntable’s VTA such that the increase in overall system brightness is reduced. The combination of proper turntable setup and higher impedance for Moving Coil cartridges can result in some incredibly dynamic and open music on your system.
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