PS AUDIOJEWEL & NOISE HARVESTERWHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET FOR LESS 2 POWER CABLES .05 METER IEC AND 1 NOISE HARVESTER Our most affordable entry level AC power cord is perfect for any source equipment, digital products and sma...160.00


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WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET FOR LESS 2 POWER CABLES .05 METER IEC AND 1 NOISE HARVESTER Our most affordable entry level AC power cord is perfect for any source equipment, digital products and small to medium power amplifiers that uses the more standard three prong detachable IEC power connector found on most high-end equipment. PS AC power cables are unequaled from a construction quality and performance standpoint. The PS Jewel allows anyone to replace their stock power cables and make an immediate noticeable improvement. If your detachable power cable uses the smaller "shaver plug" This is IEC version style connector, . Choosing to upgrade your power cables can make a significant improvement to your equipments performance. Smaller connectors fit better in tight installations New! Reworked shielding provides better coverage and noise rejection 12-gauge copper conductors made of multi-strand OFC copper Removable ground pin Excellent power delivery Converts Power Line Noise to Light PS Audio's Noise Harvester is the world's first true power line noise converter that actually eliminates power line noise instead of shuffling it off somewhere else. Plug it in and watch your power line noise evaporate right before your very eyes. You can actually see Noise Harvester working. And you can certainly hear the results. "The level of grit and noise on the line was already very low. But color me absolutely floored when the noise floor plummeted like a Boulder amp from the fifth story of a luxury high-rise," reports an online review for Audio Asylum. An online reviewer for observes, "The Harvesters seemed to fill the sound stage in more by separating the instruments and making the sound stage have more depth and 3D like." Other Filters Simply Shift Noise Around All other power line filters, regardless of design do not actually eliminate noise from the power line. Instead, they shift the noise around from one place to another. Typical power line filters either redirect the AC noise from hot to neutral or place a resistance between the AC source and the connected gear. In either case, power line noise is not actually eliminated. It is simply redirected, and this is far less effective than actually eliminating it. It is a fact of physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. And this applies to power line noise. The noise can be rerouted or converted to another form of energy, but it cannot be eliminated. PS Audio's Noise Harvester does, in fact, eliminate a measurable amount of power line noise from your home by taking advantage of the laws of physics rather than trying to defy them. Watch Noise Harvester Make Noise Disappear The Noise Harvester is a plug-in module that can be placed on any AC receptacle. Once connected, the Noise Harvester begins to harvest and redirect the AC line noise into a storage tank and then converts the noise into light! Plug in the Noise Harvester and watch it go to work. Each blink of the LED is power line noise that's gone forever. "Bottom line: The Noise Harvester works exactly as advertised," reports Audio Asylum. "It 'harvests' noise and grunge from the AC line, and even works on lines that are already very low in noise." The more Noise Harvesters you add to the room, the lower the noise level on the line. They're incredibly devices and make an immediate sonic and visual improvement. Plug one in and prepare to be blown away We offer a 15 day money back guarantee less shipping and a 25% restocking fee. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs to return items. All items must be returned with complete packaging in the cosmetic condition in which they were received. Please contact us via e-mail or to make return arrangements.Just ship back the item(s) with original packing and in the condition they were received and you have everything you paid (minus shipping) in trade towards any item(s) we sell.We ship worldwide buyers are responsible for brokerage fees,duties and taxes outside the United States! also only accept wire transfer for international sales!,,Call:1-(866)-645-4369to use paypal please use (TOLL FREE)WHERE EVERYONE IS A VALUED CLIENT!WE ARE FULLY AUTHORIZED DEALERS OF GENESIS,BURMESTER,WEISS,SOTA,MUSIC HALL,EPOS,PS AUDIO,WIREWORLD,NITTY GRITTY,BELLARI,ROLLS,CREEK,GOLDRING,CREATIVE CABLE CONCEPTS,WHEST,EURO AUDIO TEAM,SHELTER,DENON,MAGIC DIAMOND,JELCO,DENON & A LOT MORE!CALL!
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