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Upgrade your PerfectWave DAC I to the Mark II Home Design Audio is a Authorized PS Audio Dealer Full line in stock with factory warranty, you can contact us with any questions at The PerfectWave DAC, introduced to the world in 2009, was a ground breaking product. A state-of-the-art D to A processor that connects to any digital audio source including USB and with the optional Bridge, the home network. Regardless of the input or the delivery method, music played through the PerfectWave DAC was unparalleled and uncompromised. The Mark I has been hailed by reviewers and customers alike as one of the single best sounding pieces of audio equipment in their system. And now we introduce the Mark II. The Mark II Media DAC Introducing the Mark II version of the PWD which represents a major leap forward in performance and features. The Mark II comes with a completely redesigned digital processing board, software, connecting cables and remote control. New features of the Mark II are listed below in greater detail but include 192kHz 24 bit asynchronous USB, NativeX mode, non-saturated logic data path, 11 additional power supplies, lower jitter, new clocks and a balance control for the output. The new Mark II outperforms the Mark I by a significant margin with its improved sweet, open, analog and musical performance. Owners of the original Mark I PerfectWave DAC can upgrade to the Mark II standard by purchasing the upgrade kit. The procedure can be handled by PWD owners at home or through your dealer, distributor or PS Audio directly. Which PWD’s qualify? Over the life of the product there have been several variations of the PWD Media DAC – none of the variations have any affect on the performance or audio quality – but slight differences exist in assembly and CE compliance procedures. All PerfectWave DACS qualify for the Mark II upgrade process. If you decide to upgrade to the new model, you will be asked to look at the rear of your PWD and compare with the examples we have placed on the checkout page to purchase the upgrade. Choose which model matches yours so we know which upgrade kit to send you. Once upgraded you will place the supplied rear panel sticker indicating the unit now is identical to new production models shipped from the factory. We appreciate that the PerfectWave DAC is an investment level product and want to make sure PWD owners can upgrade their Mark I’s and maintain the unit’s value. To that end, an upgraded MK I is no different than a new factory built MK II. What’s the upgrade process? The upgrade process is fairly simple and straightforward. We estimate less than one hour from start to finish. A skilled PS technician, for example, can perform the upgrade in under 5 minutes. The top cover is removed, the digital input connector’s screws and lock nuts are unfastened from the back panel, the internal connecting cables are disconnected by simply pulling them out of their sockets and the digital processing board is then removed and replaced with the new one. The unit is reassembled, the internal fuse is replaced, software is upgraded through the SD card in the rear and you’re done. There is no soldering involved and very little skill is needed. You can see in the picture that the digital processing board is connected through plugins.
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