PS AudioP-1200 w/MultiwavePS Audio P-1200 w/Multiwave The Mac Daddy of them allI am selling my beloved PS Audio P-1200 the biggest of all the PS Audio Power Re-generators. With the system in my new home I no longer need this one that has served us faithfully for many years n...2400.00

PS Audio P-1200 w/Multiwave The Mac Daddy of them all [Expired]

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I am selling my beloved PS Audio P-1200 the biggest of all the PS Audio Power Re-generators. With the system in my new home I no longer need this one that has served us faithfully for many years now. It is a brute, we used it for our mono Krell Power amps for years, set at 117 volts it performed some magic with them sweetening the highs and midrange almost to a tube amp extent. The background you get with this unit powering everything is absolutely silent, as black and black can be. This one is currently set up for 120 volt input, however if you switch it to 220 or 240 you effectively double its already generous output. I can say it puts out more than 1200 watts easily. This is a multiwave unit, it also has a hard soldered power cord the same cord that Krell uses for their amps. This amp originally had the nuetrick connector on the power cord but that connector was the only real weakness these units ever had so this one was upgraded. There is an excellent article by John E. Johnson, Jr. He states "The Sound The P1200 is rated at 1,200 watts continuous output, and will handle 2,000 watts on a short term basis (such as an explosion in a Stallone movie). I decided that for $3,995, it will have to do everything, so I plugged in our entire home theater system, including a Sony VPL-VW10HT LCD Front Projector, Yamaha DSP-A1 Receiver, Yamaha SD-6200 DVD Player, Cinepro 3k6 SE Gold Power Amplifier (I used five of the six available channels operating at 425 watts per channel), and six (!!) subwoofers (five Velodynes and one Mirage). By golly, I thought, we will find out if the P1200 can handle the pedal to the metal. The first thing I did was use a digital volt-ammeter to measure the current flow in our system, with heavy duty movies playing, and the volume cranked up. At idle (projector at standby mode), about 5 amps were being used by the audio system (turned on but no movie or music playing). I was surprised to find that only 9 amps flowed to the entire system (projector on) even when "True Lies" was on, and the whole house was shaking. When I connected the ButtKicker into the system, 17 amps flowed, so I decided not to put that little item into the P1200 circuit. What this tells us though, is that the P1200 should handle just about any home theater you can possibly imagine. The effect of having the P1200, and clean AC, for all our audio equipment was fantastic. The slightly harsh edges in the sound that had been there previously were gone. The ground loop problems were gone. No buzzing, no humming, no nothing but crystal clear audio. We could crank up the sound all we wanted and still maintain a pleasant experience. The irony is that an expensive product like the P1200 may very well have its best effect on the least expensive components, like mass market products. Those components are most likely to have modest power supplies that don't filter out all the AC hash. Such noise interferes with the music waveform, doing such things as beating (this is where two frequencies are very close together). I also felt the P1200 cleaned up the video signal a bit, meaning that there was an apparent reduction in the video noise I could see in the background. This will result in better blacks, where the noise is most visible, but I had no instrument to actually measure it. The improvement in audio, on the other hand, was very noticeable. I could not tell if the audio detail was improved, but the reduction in harshness was obvious, and this makes such a marvelous difference when watching action movies. I also listened to some DTS surround CDs, and the harshness was gone too. I had previously thought that this harshness was just due to the compression in DTS and DD, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it had been something in the overall audio system, and quite correctible with the P1200. Conclusion I am delighted to give the P1200 my highest recommendations and congratulations. The PS Audio Power Plant series might just very well deliver the cleanest AC on the planet! I can deliver this unit on the west coast I live in N CA however if you pick it up I would be willing to give a break on the price. I do not have the original box for it. With the payment arrangements, Cash yields the biggest discount, Paypal will cost you the 4%. I try to be as fair as I can be but everything has it's advantages and disadvantages. I feel if someone makes the extra efforts they should benefit from that effort. Please no low ballers, like I said I'll consider everything in the offer, I just want a fair deal this is really a great unit.
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