PS AudioP1000PS Audio P1000 PS Audio P1000 Power PlantThis is a brand system I brought and never get a chance to use it. Big amps as well as big systems need big power. Not just any power, but clean, regulated and balanced power specifically tailor...1450.00

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This is a brand system I brought and never get a chance to use it. Big amps as well as big systems need big power. Not just any power, but clean, regulated and balanced power specifically tailored for the correct application. Without this level of sophistication, the truth behind the much used (but often ignored) statement �it�s only as good as the source� will never be as evident. As your equipment demands more power from your home, the quality of that power goes downhill in a nearly proportional manner. With the introduction of the P1000 Power Plant your power quality worries are �out the window�. Regardless of how bad your home�s power is, the P1000 delivers enough pure, clean, balanced and regulated power to satisfy almost any system�s demands and still have an adequate reserve left over. In fact, the P1000 doesn�t care what the quality of power feeding it is: it will provide the finest laboratory grade balanced AC power on the planet, regardless of what goes in. With a Power Plant we can change the old adage to read: �garbage in� equals �purity out�. An awesome 1000 watt AC regenerator Are there competing products on the market? Yes, certainly, but not one of them is a regenerator. Some add and subtract from the the power to help clean, some filter, some magnetically isolate, but none regenerate balanced power. Unlike filters, isolation transformers and non-balanced output AC correction devices, the P1000 is a true AC regenerator. The P1000 is the world�s largest AC regenerator that produces a perfect super symmetrical balanced AC output. No other device in the world produces 1000 watts of pure, balanced, regulated AC. None. A brief explanation of regenerated power What comes out of your home�s AC wall socket is supposed to be a steady, pure sinewave voltage that is free of noise and harmonics. Unfortunately, no one in any country actually receives this. In fact, what you get out of the wall is noisy power, full of unwanted harmonics and varying in voltage from as low as 105 to as high as 130 depending on where you live and the time of day. How does this affect your audio video system? Noise and harmonics will increase the noise floor of an audio system and cause the setup to have a bright and hard glare associated with each musical note. With video, the noise can reduce three dimensionality of the picture and lower apparent color saturation. Low and fluctuating voltage levels out of the wall will reduce a power amplifiers total output capability and decrease the brightness of projectors, CRT�s and plasmas in a video setup. Perhaps worse is the lack of regulation in your home. Even if your power company could provide rock solid voltages to your home (which they don�t) your relatively small gauge house wiring alone will cause voltage swings of up to 10% when your power amplifier or video system draws high power, thus reducing the unit�s performance. A true AC regenerator takes the AC power out of the wall, converts it to DC voltage (like a battery), then re-manufactures perfectly clean, harmonic and noise free AC that you can then use to power your equipment. PS Audio�s Power Plants are the only true AC regenerators in the world and are designed specifically for the AV industry to provide some of the lowest noise, cleanest power on the planet. If you�re interested in �the real deal� this is it. Other schemes such as motorized variacs and LC filtering can neither respond to dynamic changes such as those presented by music or video, or are limited in what they can produce in terms of alternate waveforms. Features Up to 1000 watts of pure power Regulated output Balanced output Servo control AutoWave TubeWave MultiWave II+ Clean Sweep Dual mono AC phases Built in Ultimate Outlet New metering system Benefits Powers nearly every amplifier Handles most systems on its own Produces clean, regulated power Generates new waveforms on the fly Cleaner quieter audio Far better video Stunning clarity
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