PS AudioPerfect Wave DACP S Audio Perfect Wave DAC, 100% new in Black in sealed box from PS Audio dealer (left over very desirable inventory with full factory warranty). Last version can be easily upgraded for the diff...1695.00

PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC Black, new MK-I Awesome DAC! [Expired]

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P S Audio Perfect Wave DAC, 100% new in Black in sealed box from PS Audio dealer (left over very desirable inventory with full factory warranty). Last version can be easily upgraded for the difference in retail prices. Please note MK-I was $2,995 (and still a best value in DAC's) and MK-II is $3,995. Anything posted that doesn't say MK-II is going to be a MK-I and the MK-I is WONDERFUL and the MK-II slightly better. Please note, we have MK-II's and matching transports and a big inventory of PS Audio & other fine products new, demo and pre owned. Part of Annual store "Spring Demo Clearance Sale". It is best to call David with questions in Los Angeles Showroom 310-472-8880 or on my cell after hours and weekends 310-927-2260 or e-mail me @ Please visit our Los Angeles Showroom on line @ Absolute Sounds latest "GOLDEN EAR AWARD WINNER" ! This is one of my my favorite products we sell (the best digital value I've ever seen) as you get true reference sound and feel that you are hearing everything possible out of digital at a reasonable price. I have a few better pieces but not by much and they are many times the price like the Meridian 808.3 CD and Stahl Tek Vegian Dac bot $20,000 each. These are by far the best value and sound in a DAC & Matching Transport I know of. The Perfect Wave Transport is simply the FINEST Transport we have ever heard regardless of price! Highly versatile and the DAC supports variable volume and can be used as a direct link instead of a pre amplifier! Also supports Hi-Res Digital music on Disk and from other sources. Can be used with a i-Touch, i-Pad or i-Phone as a remote. Look out for the coming P S Audio products that go with this is the Bridge a Wi-Fi link and full features Music Server. The Perfect Wave Transport reads the CD's till it gets a perfect read, buffers the information to hard memory and through a I2-Bus using a HDMI cable transmits a virtually jitter free signal to a world class DAC. From the PS Audio Web site: The PerfectWave CD and DVD Memory Transport is a ground breaking new category of device. It is an optical disc reader built to extract both standard and high resolution audio from just about any optical playback medium , such as a Compact Disc (CD) or Digital Video Disc (DVD), and send perfected digital audio data from its solid state memory to any Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) made. It accomplishes this task in a manner quite different than other CD transports and players. Using an optical ROM reader , the PWT extracts the data off any CD or DVD in bit-perfect condition without using error correction and places that data into a special version of the PS Audio Digital Lens. Once inside the Digital lens, the musical information is stored in pure form without clocks or any reference to time. The stored musical information is then retrieved by the PWT's asynchronous fixed timing clock and output to your DAC with perfect timing and extremely low jitter through its digital audio outputs, or jitter-free through the HDMI connector. The results are remarkable. Based on comparisons with any standard technology CD or computer based system, the PWT produces hands-down noticeably better performance for any listener on any system. This transport unlocks all the musical magic stored in your CD library and hidden from you all this time. The PWT's gorgeous color touch screen displays the cover art for each CD and eliminates forever the traditional track selection by number. Song titles are displayed just as they would be on the CD cover making the PWT a joy to use and own. As technology transcends the limitations of CD's and we enter the next evolution in digital audio playback, high resolution audio, the PWT is ready for the challenge. Without the need for a computer, the PWT plays high resolution audio files, lossless stored music, standard CD's and homemade compilations on either CD-R or DVD-R with the ease and grace of a beautifully built machine. The PWT is built to last a lifetime and will be the last optical disc reader you will own. Perfect Wave DAC: The groundbreaking PerfectWave Digital to analog converter (PWD) is a remarkable product. It accesses high-resolution digital audio data from multiple sources such as a CD transport , CD player, computer, network, or the Internet and converts the data to the most musically natural sounding analog audio ever produced. The PWD is the first high-end product to fully transcend the limitations of traditional digital to analog converters (DACS) by providing uncompromised performance for any media delivery or storage system possible. This means that it no longer matters how the digital audio data is stored or delivered, the PWD produces the same high performance audio sent over a network, taken from a hard drive, a CD or even downloaded via the Internet. The PWD is a complete solution that can be used in a multitude of ways. As a standalone DAC, the PWD will accept inputs from any digitally connected source such as a CD player, CD transport, satellite receiver, music server or computer. As a music server , the PWD can access and control any DLNA compatible network source such as a network hard drive (NAS ), or stream music directly off the Internet. As a preamplifier control center, the PWD connects directly to your power amplifier controlling both the volume and any of the seven (possible) connected sources. If you are not interested in playing optical discs (CD's or DVD's) directly, the PWD a network connection and a power amplifier are all you need for a complete high-end music system the likes of which have never been available in one affordable, easy to use, high-end product. Full color touch screen The PerfectWave DAC has a simple faceplate with only two elements apparent: a power button and a color LCD touch screen. Through the touch screen you can control an amazing number of features, functions and even music. As a DAC, you can use the touch screen to select any of the 7 digital inputs and assign any one of 6 sample rates and 5 filters that fit that input perfectly and the choices will be memorized by the PWD. You can control the phase and the volume with a simple touch of your finger or press of the supplied remote control. You can even assign each of the inputs a custom name so instead of the usual "input 1" it can now read "PerfectWave Transport", "Music Server", etc. As a Music Server (with the optional network Bridge installed), the touch screen becomes an indispensible tool that allows you to scroll through your connected music library, tune Internet radio stations, see cover art and song titles of what is playing at the moment and perform any network setup tasks that may be required. 7 digital inputs The PWD has 7 digital inputs that include two I2S over HDMI , an optical TOSLINK , coax S/PDIF , balanced AES/EBU , 24 bit 96kHz USB and the network Bridge (available this summer). The most unique and valuable inputs on the PWD are the HDMI and the network Bridge. The remaining digital inputs are standard types that connect compatible equipment and accept up to 32 bit 192kHz digital audio signals. The HDMI inputs are designed not for accepting HDMI data, but instead are utilized in a unique PS designed standard for I2S data. I2S data is the native data management system within every transport, CD player and DAC. It consists of three separate clocks and one digital audio data line. When a separate transport and D to A processor are used in a system, the I2S data inside the transport is typically mixed together to form one single data line so it can easily be transferred between the transport and the DAC through either optical, coax or balanced means. The format used to send this data is called SPDIF (Sony Phillips Digital Interface) and is found on every CD player and transport from the least expensive to the most expensive units. Once the S/PDIF signal is received by the DAC it must then be separated back into its I2S components and that is where the trouble lies. The process of encoding and then decoding the I2S data into SPDIF data compromises the audio quality on a high-end system. The PWD's unique I2S over HDMI solves this problem in a simple elegant fashion and the audible results are breathtaking. Openness and clarity like you've never experienced in your digital audio system; ever. The PWD has three I2S inputs. One can be used for the PerfectWave Transport (PWT), the second can be used for future products we build or for the addition of the upcoming PS Audio Digital Lens. The third is accessed internally by the optional network Bridge. It is best to call David with questions in Los Angeles Showroom 310-472-8880 or on my cell after hours and weekends 310-927-2260 or e-mail me @ Please visit our Los Angeles Showroom on line @ Weinhart Design has lots of other items new and used and if you're in Los Angeles or visiting please accept my invitation to experience our World Class Audio Showroom and please visit our web site @ We are always interested in purchasing quality Audio and Video items, CD & LP collections and most quality trades are welcomed. All sales out of California are State Sales Tax exempt. California State Sales Tax of 8.75% applies for items picked up or shipped to a California address. We accept payments by Bank Wire Transfers without fees and is the only form of payment on all sales out of the U.S. and Canada. We prefer this method of payment and also makes shipping to addresses other than billing agreeable. VISA, MC and Papal are gladly accepted within the U.S. and Canada as long as the charge is approved and shipping to the billing address on record and adds 3% to cover costs. Please call me directly in my world class showroom in Los Angeles weekdays @ 310-472-8880 or any reasonable time on my cell including weekends @ 310-927-2260 and I can answer your questions and help you with all of your new and pre owned needs.
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