PS AudioPW DAc/transportPS Audio PW DAc/transport Great deal on a 10/10 setI have one black Perfect Wave DAC and Transport package for sale. This is a one day old pair that was opened and then swapped for a silver set. $3990.00 for the pair.These are essentially new with ...3990.00

PS Audio PW DAc/transport Great deal on a 10/10 set [Expired]

no longer for sale

I have one black Perfect Wave DAC and Transport package for sale. This is a one day old pair that was opened and then swapped for a silver set. $3990.00 for the pair.

These are essentially new with the 3 year factory warranty.

Call me to discuss this great deal even if you just need a transport or DAC as I will break the package at $1790.00 for the $3000.00 DAC and $2390.00 for the $4000.00 transport.

Info is below on the two units:

PS Audio introduces the
Perfect Wave Transport and Perfect Wave DAC System

The Perfect Wave System is extraordinarily versatile and future-proof. Here is an overview of the components that make up the system.

Perfect Wave Transport
The Perfect Wave Transport (PWT) is unique in that it can extract both standard and high resolution audio from both CD and DVD optical discs. When a disc is played the data is stored, without any error correction, to an internal solid state memory buffer, (“Digital Lens”). Here the data is rebuilt (much like the PS Audio Power Plant which rebuilds AC power) and stored for up to three minutes, so you are never listening to music directly off of the disc.

From the Digital Lens buffer the data is then sent to an “asynchronous clock” and then out to any DAC with perfect timing and extremely low jitter. When used in conjunction with the Perfect Wave DAC, the data is completely jitter free utilizing I2S technology through an HDMI cable.

The PWT incorporates a color touch screen. Once connected to the internet, the PWT will display the cover art as well as song titles of nearly any CD or DVD. You can even input your own disc information through the personal library page.

Up until now, if you wanted to listen to high resolution WAV files, such as those from Reference Recording and Chesky, you had to integrate a computer into your audio system, a sonic compromise at best. The PWT changes everything! The PWT can read WAV files directly off a DVD with resolution of up to 32 bits and sample rates as high as 192 kHz.

You haven’t heard what your system is capable of until you listen to high resolution files with perfect timing and in a jitter-free environment. This system outperforms away any SACD that I have heard when fed Hi Rez native 24 bit 96K or higher resolution data. AND, when used in its Native mode, it also makes regular Redbook CD’s sound better than most SACD’s that I have heard.

The PWT is the only transport that can accomplish this. I mentioned earlier that the PWT is future-proof. The PWT operating system and feature list are upgradeable through either the rear mounted SD card or online access.
There are many other unique features of the PWT, and I encourage you to visit PS Audio’s website to learn more (PerfectWave Transport), but here is a brief overview of many of the features:

• Reads audio CD and DVD
• Reads high resolution audio files
• Displays cover art
• Displays song titles and track time
• Bit perfect extraction
• No error correction
• Memory player
• 64 mb of RAM
• Built in Digital Lens
• Asynchronous output clock
• Extremely low jitter
• Outputs SPDIF and AESEBU
• Outputs I2S through HDMI
• Bit depth to 32 bits
• Sample rate to 192 kHz
• Field Upgradeable
• No computer components used


The PWD can access both standard and high resolution digital audio through multiple sources. Whether a CD transport, CD player, computer network or the internet, the PWD can handle it. It really doesn’t matter how the digital audio media is stored or delivered, the PWD produces the same high performance whether the audio data is sent over a network, taken from a hard drive, CD or even over the internet.

As a music server, the PWD (with the optional network Bridge-Out late in 2009) can access and control any DLNA compatible network source such as a network hard drive. It can also stream music directly from the internet. The PWD can connect directly to an amplifier which allows it to be a system preamplifier, controlling both volume and any of 7 connected sources.

Like the PWT, the PWD has a full color touch screen. The touch screen allows the user to select any of 7 inputs, which can customize, and assign any one of 6 sample rates and 5 filters. Once selected, the PWD memorizes the settings for a particular input. You can also control volume and phase, on the touch screen as well as the supplied remote.

The PS Audio website goes into great detail explaining both the filters and sample rates (PerfectWave DAC), and I encourage you to read the information.

But, one new filter stands out as extraordinary. This is called an Apodizing filter. To my knowledge this technology is currently only being used by PS Audio and Meridian (in their $15,000 player). As Bob Harley recently wrote in The Absolute Sound about the Meridian Apodizing filter, “This is a startling development…..and is nothing short of revolutionary.” Briefly, most filters used in digital playback suffer from “pre-ringing.” Pre-ringing is basically an echo occurring before a musical note, rather than after it. This is a very unnatural sound, and is believed to account for the stridency many refer to when listening to digital audio. The Apodizing filter in the PWD eliminates pre-ringing, providing a much more natural, analog sound.

One of the most striking features of the PWD when connected to the PWT through the I2S via a HDMI cable or the “Bridge” is the ability to listen in what PS Audio calls the “Native” mode. In this mode, you are listening to raw data, without any manipulation of bit depth or sample rate. When sent data, by I2S from the Perfect Wave transport, this is accomplished because there is virtually no jitter for the PWD to eliminate. I was floored when I heard disc after disc sound better at 16 bit 44.1 kHz versus the conversion to 24 bit 192kHz. I could go on and on, but again I urge you to visit the PS Audio website to gain a thorough understanding of these two groundbreaking products. Here is a brief overview of the many PWD features:

• State of the art D to A processor
• Optional network Bridge with Lens (Late 2009)
• Direct output to power amp
• High resolution volume control
• Full color touch screen
• Assignable custom input names
• Polarity inversion control
• Sample rate conversion bypass
• 6 sample rates
• 5 assignable filters
• Triangulated dither
• Asynchronous clock
• 7 digital inputs
• 24 bit 96kHz USB
• I2S direct via HDMI
• Discrete analog output stage
• 24 bit 192 kHz
• 32 bit input compatible

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