Raysonic CD-128 modified Raysonic  CD-128 modified  L-1 modified tube CD playerI have a trade in Modified Raysonic CD-128 player for sale. It has our Level-1 mod and sold new for $2690.00 The stock CD-128 received a Blue Moon award at 6moons.com for Build, Design, Musical...1190.00

Raysonic CD-128 modified L-1 modified tube CD player [Expired]

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I have a trade in Modified Raysonic CD-128 player for sale. It has our Level-1 mod and sold new for $2690.00 The stock CD-128 received a Blue Moon award at 6moons.com for Build, Design, Musicality & value in the under $2000.00 price range. They felt it was the best under $2k player. We take this machine and made it dramatically better. Our modifications were designed by Chris Johnson, the founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers. The following details our Level-1 modifications for the RAYSONIC CD-128 Player: a) We add one pair of premium “machined” VAMPIRE “direct gold plated over copper body” Teflon insulated RCA female jacks on the output (replace cheap stamped jack modules). b) Eleven BLACK-GATE STD and FK grade PS caps, NX grade DAC PS Caps, and N grade output coupling capacitors c) Two RIKEN OHM ½ and one watt "signal path" 1% carbon comp. resistors (gold-plated leads); d) Two AUDIO-NOTE Tantalum film resistors; e) Two KIWAME 2-watt carbon film resistors f) Eight CREE 1A 600V high-voltage SiC Schottky rectifying diodes installed in the POWER SUPPLY g) We replace the stock I-V op amps with world’s best – Burr-Brown OPA-627 in a special dual DIP module – 2 pcs. total….along with two machined gold-plated DIP IC sockets. h) We add Four 4.7uf MUNDORF M-Cap metalized polypropylene coupling caps; i) we add Four 0.01uf with REL-CAP TFT Teflon film and tin foil bypass coupling caps. j) Four large EAR compliant Sorbothane feet k) WBT high silver content (4%) solder used throughout l) One sheet of SOUNDCOAT chassis damping material cut & applied where applicable, to control chassis resonances m) Four pieces of DH LABS 99.999% pure solid-core long-grained silver output signal wires, with foamed Teflon tape wrap dielectric. n) 7 hours labor This mod is done to single ended part of the machine only Improvements in the Level-1 mod are as follows: -It is much more dynamic. It now has more jump and overall detail across the entire frequency spectrum. -The unit is Quieter....the BLACK’s are BLACKER...thus, resolving more low level Detail and Ambience retrieval. -It is More dynamic and micro dynamic contrasts are much improved. Highs seem to go on forever and there is much more air in the presentation. -Transparency is improved and you can now look farther into the soundstage. It is like a thin curtain has been raised from in front of the music. -Images are sized better and are more focused. Stage width and depth improve. -Bass slam and extension are improved with fuller weight and authority in the critical mid-bass region...It now competes with more expensive solid players in this important area -The clock improves the midrange naturalness, adds better detail retrieval, makes sound-staging better and adds even more weight to the bass. A Level-1 mod was a 990.00 upgrade. All told this was a player that sold for $2690.00 + frt. My player is rated conservatively as a a 5/10 as it has various small marks as shown in the pictures. It looks quite good and all the marks are small but there. This player is a steal at only $1190.00 + frt and selling at that due to the condition. We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as money orders. Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 to discuss this fine player. Brands carried: Acoustic Zen, Audio Space tube electronics, Balanced Power Technologies, Bob Carver tube amps, Creek, Denon, Emerald Physics, Epos, Gallo, Gini Systems, Graham Slee, Jolida, LSA amps and speakers, Marantz Reference, Modwright amps & preamps, Mordaunt Short loudspeakers, Music Hall, Okki Nokki record cleaners, Peachtree Audio, Project, PS Audio, PurePower APS power regenerators, Quad, Raysonic, Rolls Bellari, SONOS, Silverline Audio, Spatial Computer, Spread Spectrum Technologies, VMPS Loudspeakers, WADIA, Wireworld, Wyred 4 Sound, Wywires Sales policies on our website at www.underwoodhifi.com
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