RaysonicSP-88 tube amp Raysonic SP-88 tube amp  with phono preSP - 88 Integrated Tube Amplifier with built in phono preampnew in box full warrantyfor more info please contact us direct at questforsound@aol.com or call at 215-953-9099Raysonic's SP-88 is consid...1389.00

Raysonic SP-88 tube amp with phono pre [Expired]

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SP - 88 Integrated Tube Amplifier with built in phono preamp

new in box full warranty
for more info please contact us direct at questforsound@aol.com or call at 215-953-9099
Raysonic's SP-88 is considered as a one-of a kind integrated tube amplifier in the high-end audio market.Not only it has featured with all the line signal inputs found in most integrated amplifier but it also has a built-in phono amplifier for turnable input. We understand digital audio source is pretty popular in these days and more importantantly we acknowledge that record vinyl has made a strong comeback as well.

The power tube 7591 used in SP-88 is a small beam power tetrode,common in old hi-fi and some guitar amps.7591 was Popular in early 1960s and was originally designed by Western Electric.Currently Sovtek now makes a direct replacement,the 7591EH,It is about 3/16" larger in diameter then the original 7591A,but works fine.If they don't have any then the amp must be converted to 6L6GCs (this is a considerable modification,it will give less output power).Note: JJ is manufacturing the 7591S,which is the same size and diameter of original 7591A.


Unique MM phono input tubes amplifier.
Two pairs of 7591AEH output tubes operate in class AB1 design.
35 watts per channel. 70 watts-two channels.
Double C-core Audio output transformers.
Superior electronic components from U.S.A.
Remote volume control.
Aluminium chassis: silver.


Vacuum tubes: 7591AEHx4, 12AU7x3, 12AX7x1.
Output power: 35w x 2 channels.
Input sensitivity: CD.AUX.LINE.TUNER. 620mv.
Phono MM input sensitivity: 3mv.
Input impedance CD.AUX.LINE.TUNER. 100kÙ.
Phono MM input impedance : 47kÙ.
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