PIONEER RECEIVERSX 1080NOTE: ACTUAL PHOTOS ADDED OCT 27TH Hello "vintage" stereo receiver lovers... I bought this a couple of years ago as a backup in case one of my more expensive amplifiers ever needed repair a...300.00


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Hello "vintage" stereo receiver lovers... 

I bought this a couple of years ago as a backup in case one of my more expensive amplifiers ever needed repair and I would be *gasp* without music for a period extended or brief,  Upon receipt I immediately took it over to Scott @ SG Custom Sound in Douglaston,  N.Y. for a look-see/checkup,  and nothing was deemed necessary. 
The SX 1080 is rated at 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms.  I have been unable to find out what it may be rated at into a 4 ohm load,  which my Thiel CS 3.5's are.  A week ago I swapped this out just for the heck of it,  removing my Primare A34.2 amplifier, my B.A.T. VK 3i preamplifier,  and letting this go. 
Dang,  this performs well.  It had no issue whatsoever driving my Thiels,  and with the pre-outs removed I was able to hook up the Thiel equalizer and listen as I had the system with the aforementioned pieces removed.  This is one powerful,  and still sounding amazingly good vintage stereo receiver. 
The cabinet has a few minor scuffs,  and the "A" speaker connections were misaligned by my attempting to stuff modern day banana plugs into them.  I'm an idiot sometimes. The "B" speaker connections are perfect and 100% functioning. 
One selector knob - the treble control -  on the face of the receiver has some play in it,  but since I never bother with tone controls to begin with that's a very minor issue.  It does function, it may just be the teeth are worn. I was not able to test how well the tuner section performs since I don't have an antenna to do so,  but the power meters work perfectly.  (One of the reasons I bought a lower powered amplifier.)  I'm assuming that the tuner section operates well enough. 
I love these old receivers,  and I still have an SX950,  as well as a Marantz 2252b - both of which have a home in my girlfriend's house,  both of which still garner appreciative remarks.  This one handsome piece of audio equipment. 
Unfortunately I cannot ship this.  This is offered as local pickup only.
There is no Blue Book pricing on this model, so I've gone below what I've seen on eBay and other sights.  This seems to fetch $500 and upwards depending on condition. I've seen worse examples of this classic fetching more than my $400. 

This is 100% stock,  no mods or alterations have been performed on it.  This ain't no Mercedes with BBS wheels slapped on it.  It's as it was back in the 70's.
I'm simply thinning out my herd of audio stuff here.  This is working,  and should continue to wrk for many more years.  It IS repairable should the need arise.  Say THAT about some of the current crap-ola out there. 
I have 100% positive feedback here so you can inquire/buy with confidence. 
Thanks for looking.
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