RELQ100E Sub-Bass System REL Q100E Sub-Bass System  -- All the Bass You NeedThe REL Q100E Sub-Bass System realistically delivers the bottom end of the audible spectrum in both two-channel audiophile stereos and in multi-channel home theatre setups. This unique design has ...501.00

REL Q100E Sub-Bass System -- All the Bass You Need [Expired]

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I will now add a special promotional item at no additional charge (except shipping, which you must pay.)

The perk? One great looking 4-shelf Studio Tech Component Rack. This is a modern style shelf set made of thick, vibration damping MDF and tubular steel. The finish is mahogany color shelves and light gray tubing. It comes with “tiptoe” feet which decouple the rack mechanically to help reduce vibration entering the rack to shake your gear. The result? Better music which is more free from the effects of ambient vibration. It’s not perfect but it’s fully sound and very presentable. I give it an 8 out of 10.

I paid $367 for this rack in 9/1999. That’s probably a $400 value or more in today’s dollars. This rack held the whole high-end audio system I am presently selling off.

At this point I have five items on auction here – a transporter, a preamp, a power amp, a pair of speakers, and a sub-bass system. All the interconnects and speaker wires needed to connect all the components are included. I may add a special CD player soon. This rack will be awarded to the person who buys the most in dollar value from all the items I am selling.

The eligibility window closes on the last day of all the auctions I start on Audiogon before Sunday, 5/20/2012. Total dollar amount you spend with me during the eligibility period is what counts. This total will extend across more than one item if you win more than one. I will add together all items won from my current auctions by a single buyer with the same Audiogon user name.

Of course, if I offer you the rack and you don’t want it, I will then offer it to the next highest winner and proceed in that manner until the rack is taken. I’ll be the sole determiner of the winner and my decision will be final.

Please shop all items I am auctioning now. There is a link to them in the gray box on the right side of this page. Pick the things you want and bid. Good luck to you in the auctions.

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Here's some bidding advice to help someone win this auction.

There is a reserve set. If it's not met, I am not obligated to sell, even to the highest bidder. And I am not likely to sell if I don't feel the best bid is a fair offer. After all, the reason I set a reserve is to assure I would get a fair, acceptable deal. Or be able to walk away.

The object in an auction is to win the item you want, not to be the highest bidder and still lose. So don't be blinded by only considering what other people are bidding. Don't just react, hoping you will get lucky. Forget competition. Instead, think about what would be a fair price if all I say about this item is true (it is.) Don't just bid to get $1 ahead of someone else. Make every bid count. And please, never bid a dollar more than you believe is fair.

Then you're in the game to win and you have a good chance. The bidder who walks away with this item will probably be someone who follows this strategy.

The REL Q100E Sub-Bass System realistically delivers the bottom end of the audible spectrum in both two-channel audiophile stereos and in multi-channel home theatre setups. This unique design has two separate input channels with their own volume controls to provide maximum versatility. The crossover point is user selectable to nestle in with any speakers. Therefore the system is compatible with traditional stereos and also all digital multi-channel formats that include a dedicated LFE channel (Low Frequency Effects) including AC3, Dolby Digital, DTS, and MPEG 2. This legendary sub received fifteen 5 star user reviews on ( I have used this sub with my tube audio system to overcome the usual weakness of tubes – tubby, wimpy bass reproduction. Adjustable crossover and volume controls enable you to precisely fill in the range from about 120Hz down to lowest levels where sound is more felt than heard. It’s powerful enough to shake my house. Have fun because you won’t destroy it by playing too loud as long as you back off the volume when you hear the sub go into limiting. Built-in safeguards control the 12 inch driver’s excursion. Bring on the kettle drums. Enjoy earth-shaking disaster movies on your home theatre system. Or both. This sub can be configured to serve double duty, running with whichever system you happen to be enjoying at the moment. So if you have a home theatre and also enjoy audiophile listening, you don’t need a separate sub for each rig. In my audio system, the REL works in tandem with a pair of RM7si Signature speakers to reproduce the entire audible range convincingly, maintaining transparency, authority, and grace right through the bottom end. The REL Q100E has a built-in solid-state amp of it’s own to provide just the low bass sound from 20 to 120 Hz. My RM7’s handle the rest, needing no help above 40 Hz, where I set the crossover by ear. I know. Tube folk tell me this is cheating. But why not revel in the best of both worlds? I need to hear what’s in the recording, including all of the low bass. Another nice feature -- the black spatter-painted finish is easy to maintain because it’s speckled. Re-touching can be applied to hide any dings. This unit has had one scratch on the top, about 2 inches long, which I retouched. The manual (included) has complete details on how to set up this sub for best results, including positioning in your room. I also provide the special Neutrik Speakon lead/connector (for the digital side) and the dual RCA cable for 2-channel stereo. Partial Specifications (with marketing language left out): Type: closed box working below system resonance. System Resonance: approximately 100 Hz. Enclosure Volume: 50 litres. Drive Unit: 12 inch, long-throw, steel chassis. Mode Selector: maximum slam or bass extension. Gain Control: 80 dB range. Amplifier: DC coupled bipolar, with internal protection. Triple Protection System: 1. Fully electronic with Set-Safe. 2. DC fault protection. 3. Output short protection. Input impedances: High level -- 100 ohm unbalanced Neutrik Speakon. Low Level -- 10K ohm unbalanced RCA. Frequency ranges: Slam mode, 20-240 Hz. Depth mode, 20 – 120Hz. Phasing: Positive or reversed, switch selectable. Phase Switch: forward cone movement for positive input in position 1. Mains Voltages: 220-240V or 110 to 120V. Shipped set for 110-120V (USA). Dimensions: Approximately 16 X 16 X 16 inches. Weight, Unpacked: 42 lbs. Shipping Weight: 51 lbs.
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