Resolution AudioOpus 21 SystemResolution Audio Opus 21 System DNM & UcDYes, this system is still available. Please feel free to ask a question if you have one or free feel to click ‘buy now’ to purchase. For sale is a mint condition Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD Pla...1899.00

Resolution Audio Opus 21 System DNM & UcD [Expired]

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Yes, this system is still available. Please feel free to ask a question if you have one or free feel to click ‘buy now’ to purchase. For sale is a mint condition Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD Player ($3500 new) and S 80 Integrated Amplifier ($2500 new) system. Both units are in as new condition and include manuals, remotes and original shipping crates. I will includes a $50 Furutech ceramic fuse for improved sound quality. I will also include an extra TEAC transport to ensure this system plays great music for another decade as well! The Opus 21 CD play is also a HiFi Choice Editor's Choice winner. It uses the same 4 Burr Brown 1704 multi bit DACs as the Naim CD555, Meridian 808, Wadia 381 and Wadia 861 Reference CD Players. The S80 integrated is based on a DNM amp that is currently Stereophile class A winner. I’ve owned the following systems; a Gamut D200 mk3 & Wadia 861 system, a Naim NAC 202 with Hi Cap2, NAP 200 & CDX2 system and an Ayre AX-7e & CX-7e. The Resolution Audio system is one of the most musical! And it resolves as much of detail as the others. It has the PRAT of the Naim system if not quite as powerful as the Gamut D200’s 200 wpc. The Resolution Audio system will have you digging through your CDs in an effort to relearn your entire music collection. Warning: do not listen to this system unless you have some time on your hands!!! The system offers 1 set of XLR inputs, 2 sets of RCA inputs and 1 coaxial digital input. The digital input makes Satellite Radio and/or Digital Cable sound great. While many other brands such as Naim and Ayre have increased their prices over the years, Resolution Audio has not! This CD player and Integrated are a bargain at $6000 combined direct from Resolution Audio! They are a total STEAL at my price!!! The Opus 21 CD Player: The CD 21 has won many awards including Hi FI Choice’s Editor’s Choice, 5 Stars from What Hi FI and the Golden Ear Award from TAS. I can tell you from personal experience it out performs the Ayre CX-7e and Naim CDX2 and compares to the performance of the Wadia 861! It is also worth mentioning the CD 21 has a coaxial digital input which can be used to connect sources such as an iPod or Satellite Radio to the RA’s Burr Brown 1704 DACs! The Opus 21 CD Player is the culmination of 10 years of digital audio development. It couples our refined multi-bit DAC design with an TEAC-bus drive that enables ideal low-jitter design and reads all discs, including CD-R/W, SACD-hybrid, and copy-protected discs, with ease. By moving the power supply and display to a second chassis, the critical audio circuitry is free of interference, bringing out more detail than ever. Three-dimensional circuit construction, while more costly, dramatically reduces signal path for unparalleled precision. We use the finest multi-bit DACs available, as we have yet to find a superior alternative DAC architecture. Our custom DSP-based digital filter uses synchronous upsampling, as we have found that asynchronous designs create audible artifacts. By implementing volume-control in the analog domain, full performance of the converters is maintained independent of listening level. • 4 BurrBrown PCM1704 24-bit converters • 16x digital filter upsamples to 705 kHz/24-bit • analog-domain volume control • balanced and single-ended outputs • digital input operates up to 96 kHz/24-bit enhancing two-channel home theater The Opus 21 S80: More power. Less complexity. The S80 is a hybrid of sorts. It is designed around the DNM amplifier principles but uses the award winning UcD switching output stage to deliver 80 wpc to drive a wider variety of speakers. This is the same switching output used in the Channel Islands D100s which has won awards and recommendations from both Stereophile and HiFi News! Built using the same design principles as the s30, the s80 integrated amplifier substitutes a highly efficient UcD modulator for the output stage. Conservatively rated at 80 Watts per channel, this amplifier will happily drive any speaker. The UcD modulator overcomes all the shortcomings of previous class-D designs, thanks to a patented circuit that uses feedback after the output filter, directly at the speaker terminals. This removes the filter from the closed-loop response and eliminates speaker dependence that is all too common in class-D amplifiers. The s80 will drive complex loads without changing character, and is just warm to the touch at any power level. The s80 is a dual-mono design and includes two large toroidal transformers that are installed in the outboard power centre. The complete system uses a single power cord and does not require interconnects. Just connect the speakers, forget about the equipment, and enjoy the music! • 80 watts/channel • dual-mono construction • 2 line level inputs, 1 balanced input • 1 digital input via cd player • rs-232 input for system controller • integrated remote control • cd player and amp share power supply No trades please. I am not taking offers at this time. I am only selling in the US and Canada at this time. Thanks for looking, Kevin
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