RevelSalonRevel Salon Loudspeakers in AZRevel Salon loudspeakers. High Gloss Black w/ Black Ash side Panels. Customer trade in. Free local delivery. SpecificationsDescription: Four-way, floor-standing loudspeaker with rear-facing ref...7300.00

Revel Salon Loudspeakers in AZ [Expired]

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Revel Salon loudspeakers. High Gloss Black w/ Black Ash side Panels. Customer trade in. Free local delivery.

Description: Four-way, floor-standing loudspeaker with rear-facing reflex port and tweeter. Drive-units: 1.1" (28mm) aluminum-alloy dome tweeter, 0.75" rear tweeter, 4" (102mm) titanium-dome midrange driver, 6.5" (185mm) midbass transducer, three 8" (210mm) woofers. Crossover frequencies: 125Hz, 450Hz, 2.2kHz; 8kHz for rear tweeter. Rear-panel level controls: front and rear tweeters, low-frequency compensation. Frequency response: in-room response, 25Hz-12kHz, ±1dB; first-reflections response, 25Hz-17kHz, ±1dB; listening window (on-axis) response: 24Hz-18kHz, ±1.5dB; in-room response relative to target response, 25Hz-20kHz, ±0.75dB; low-frequency extension, -3dB at 24Hz. Nominal impedance: 6 ohms, 3 ohms minimum. Sensitivity: 86dB/W/m.

Dimensions: 5015/16" (1294mm) H by 131/2" (342.9mm) W by 299/16" (674.7mm) D. Spikes add 1.5" (38mm) to height. Weight: 240 lbs (108.9kg) each.

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