RotelRC-1070 PreampIf you know anything about Rotel then you know this is one hell of a preamp. In very nice condition. I would give it a 8-10 only for a few smuges and scrapes on top. Not visible unless you look ...500.00

Rotel RC-1070 Preamp [Expired]

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If you know anything about Rotel then you know this is one hell of a preamp. In very nice condition. I would give it a 8-10 only for a few smuges and scrapes on top. Not visible unless you look very close. Go to Rotel or search reviews and you will know that this rivals all 2000.00 preamps. Honest Rotel Info: Many aspects of this preamp are not obvious at first glance.It comes with a brand new two day old remote control, (tested), but Rotel refused to do the remote input selection in the normal way. It was too much of a compromise. They did it a better way.Inputs are changed with a nice feeling knob, but it’s actually a total FAKE! Rotel knows that people prefer a good solid knob to a bunch of fiddly buttons. The problem with knobs, though, is that rotary selector switches wear out and get dirty inside. When this happens, one or both channels start to “cut out” or distort. In the Rotel, the knob is actually sending tiny pulses to a microprocessor which figures out which input you want. Then it does the actual input switching in SEALED RELAYS placed adjacent to the input jacks. This way the switching is brought to the music, not the music to the switch.The result is VERY low noise. You can turn the volume WAY UP and there is little or no noise, and it will stay that way for many years.In fact, you can turn the knob around to the end input, then some more, and the LED just goes to the beginning input again…very cool. When you use the remote control, the knob stays still, but the LED moves to the selected input name. This preamp has no ordinary tone controls. Bass and Treble controls are of little use for most people. Instead, Rotel has a special CONTOUR control. Position L1 gives a slight bass increase, for a fuller sound, but only at very low frequencies, so you hear more bass without adding BASS BOOM like you would have if you turned up a regular BASS control.Position L2 does the same thing, but a little more. It boosts the deep bass about 4dB, which is just right for most movie soundtracks if you plug your video system into the amp. Position H adds a bit of sparkle to the extreme highs.Finally, Position LH combines the high and low frequency (treble and bass) boosts.There is a separate RECORD selector. If you have another system around the house, you could connect it tthe RECORD outputs on the rear panel, and listen to two different sources in the two different rooms at the same time keeping all your source components at the Rotel.You could also hook up another amp to the record outputs to listen to music around the house, and the main and remote rooms do not have to listen to the same source.This preamp has LOTS of inputs, including PHONO, TUNER, CD, AUX, TAPE1, and TAPE2. Actually, these are just labels. You can plug anything into anything (such as an IPOD into TAPE and a TV into AUX). The only thing is the PHONO input which is strictly for turntables.And what a phono input it is! On this preamp, the phono section was a high priority.It has such low hum and noise it is simply amazing. I would venture to say that a better separate phono preamp would cost at least $300. It’s that good.If you already have a Rotel (or any other brand, for that matter) system and you just need a phono preamp, you can use this preamp for that. Just use the tape record outputs, and you are tapping straight off the phono preamp (once you select phono on the front panel) and this bypasses the volume and tone controls.Just as importantly, this preamp has TWO SETS of PREAMP OUTPUTS, which permits you to connect two stereo amplifiers for simple bi-amplification without resorting to “y cables”. The TRIGGER output on the rear will make the preamp turn compatible external power amps on and off automatically with the remote control.Like all Rotel preamps, it sounds powerful, musical, detailed, yet it never sounds harsh. It’s the perfect entry point for real, high-end componentry.
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