RowlandModel 301Here is a lovely pair of Rowland 301 mono amplifiers. This pampered one-owner pair was purchased new in ‘05 and are just back from the factory after a full check out (and remain in their sealed box...11500.00

Rowland Model 301 Mono Amplifiers [Expired]

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Here is a lovely pair of Rowland 301 mono amplifiers. This pampered one-owner pair was purchased new in ‘05 and are just back from the factory after a full check out (and remain in their sealed boxes). Note: These amps are the newer version of the 301. Mint condition! With 1200 watts into 4 Ohms, the 301 is the most powerful Rowland amplifier ever! Enough horsepower to easily control any load and guarantee an absolute freedom from dynamic limitation. Model 301 Mono With its configurable ability to drive low and high impedance speakers alike with a perfect combination of finesse and control, the Model 301 delivers the true Rowland character. Musical authority and dynamics with a superb frequency extension deliver sound to a vast three-dimensional stage. The resolving power to recover the finest sonic details and exceptional transparency is complemented with a complex exposure of the music’s harmonic structure, and the sweet texture of the treble. Rather than taking the easy way out, and giving the Model 301, a deceptively pleasing colored patina of euphonic warmth, Jeff Rowland has chosen a way less traveled, and has instilled in this amplifier, an agile, sensuous, and neutral musicality. This reference level instrument for music reproduction is created to the exacting Rowland artistic and engineering standards that have consistently turned technological innovation into heirlooms. Unsurprisingly, music lovers the world over choose the Model 301 monoblock power amplifier over "cost-no-object" amplifiers, regardless of their underlying technology. Model 301 Features * Supremely powerful: Monoblock 600 Watts into 8 Ohms, 90 Amp design, maximizes performance and channel separation. * Understated elegance: Housed inside Elegant, ultra-low resonance, structurally rigid chassis that are precision-machined from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum that are completely sealed for trouble-free operation and high RF and EMI isolation. * Configurability: Configurable for higher and lower efficiency speakers: parallel operation mode yields maximum current and high damping factor, combined with low output impedance for speakers with input impedance between 2 and 8 Ohms; series configuration mode yields maximum voltage and high output impedance for speakers with input impedance higher than 8 Ohms and up to 16 Ohms. * Power Factor Correction conditioning: Massive universal AC input 1200W Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) based current rectification sub-system, converts noisy AC power into supremely quiet and smooth DC high voltage. AC line harmonic noise pollution is virtually eliminated, and power utilization efficiency is increased to 99%, resulting in exceptional nimbleness and refined musicality. * Power supply efficiency: Custom multi-regulated, extremely high speed, vanishingly quiet switch mode power supply ensures consistent performance under all operating conditions. * Fully balanced: Balanced input and output topology, including active positive and negative leads on Cardas output terminals for optimum speaker control, yields high common rejection ratio of 90dB over 20 to 20 KHz audio frequency band. * Line level transformer-coupled IO: Transformer coupled inputs provide universal compatibility with other components and eliminate ground loop noise and EMI, while transformer coupled outputs produce ideal amplifier-to-loudspeaker impedance, damping, and current matching. * Quiet power: Momentary contact switch on front panel and 12V remote jack on back plane quietly cycle Model 301 from power-saving standby to full power. * Output circuit protection: Avoids damaging shorts when speaker wire leads come into contact with each other. * Circuit breaker: Fail-safe operation provided by user-resettable thermal circuit breaker located on rear panel. * Selectable gain: Internally selectable overall gain of 26 or 32 dB. * Isolation Footers: Three-point self-leveling chassis support and Sorbothane compliant pads. * IEC 20-Amp female IEC AC power connector. * Grounding: Grounding post for star-grounding and other advanced configurations. Model 301 Specifications Output Power @ 8 ohms Continuous RMS 1800/600 watts (series/parallel) Output Power @ 4 ohms Continuous RMS NA/1200 watts (ser/par) Frequency Response 10 Hz - 60 kHz, 3dB Peak Output Current > 90 amps Dynamic Range 120 dba THD + Noise, 0.1W-500W/4 ohm typ. .006% @ 1kHz CCIF Intermod. Dist., 19/20kHz 90dB, 20 Hz 20 kHz Amplifier Weight 80 lbs each Amplifier Dimensions 10.6" x 15.5" x 18.3" ******************************************************************* SEE ALL OF OUR GREAT VALUES IN NEW, USED AND DEMO GEAR! VISIT US ONLINE AT: HTTP://WWW.GCAUDIO.COM/PRODUCTS/STEALS.HTML ******************************************************************** Credit cards or PayPal Accepted, please add 3.5%
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