Russ Andrews Oak3 torlyte platforms &Russ Andrews Oak 3 torlyte platforms & mains euro block!!"Thanks for looking at this Russ Andrews accessories special advert". We have on sale a combo of Russ Andrews products like 3 remaining units of OAK patented "Torlyte" free standing platforms, 1...599.00

Russ Andrews Oak 3 torlyte platforms & mains euro block!! [Expired]

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"Thanks for looking at this Russ Andrews accessories special advert". We have on sale a combo of Russ Andrews products like 3 remaining units of OAK patented "Torlyte" free standing platforms, 1 Euro mains 5-way distribution block attached to a 2.1m Signature Kimber PowerKord with special Hubbel Wattgate IEC plug on one end and super high quality Oyaide Schuko on the other!!! We are willing to sell all items or selected ones at less than half price advertised on the official Russ Andrews website in the UK. A few very important words about each of the items on sale by the manufacturer: "Using our Torlyte Platform is the simplest way to experience the Torlyte 'effect'. Use one under your CD or DVD player with your existing rack and you can expect to hear your music and soundtracks much more clearly, with better separation and with a deeper, wider soundstage. They're an amazing system enhancer - and your system will sound even better if you mount each of your components on one. For complete support, use an additional set of Oak Cone Feet between your player and your Torlyte Platform. Dimensions: 445mm x 349mm x 40mm (w x d x h). Fitted with three Big Oak Cone Feet: two at the front and one at centre back. EURO MAINS BLOCK: Connection to perfection.... Fitted with 5 European 'Schuko' sockets Nickel plated contacts, DeoxIT™ treated for a perfect connection Earth terminal for Earth spike attachment High current 16A IEC socket to connect your choice of mains cable, buy the cable separately. L: 409mm H: 55mm W: 66mm The Mains Block’s high quality nickel-plated sockets improve your equipment’s mains connection. You get to choose which of our mains cable you fit to it to filter Radio Frequency Interference. And the earth terminal lets you improve your earthing if you want to. All this and The Mains Block’s stylish aluminium casework even looks great, too! SIGNATURE POWERKORD: What will it do? Our best copper PowerKord, in our opinion the Signature has the ability to make your system sound like you've just upgraded your hardware by a couple of levels, but for a fraction of the price! You can expect improvements right across the frequency range and a noise floor so low that instruments and vocals feel like they're in the room. Home Cinema pictures become stunningly real and almost leap from the screen while surround sound is so convincing you'll get drawn into movies like never before. Where should I use it? Right across your system, but especially on amplifiers, Home Cinema processors and power amps, which will benefit greatly from the Signature's ability to deliver power when required, allowing your equipment to cope with sounds and scenes that draw intensely on the mains power. Why this cable? The top-of-the-range for those who don't want to compromise on performance. 24 Hyper-pure copper conductors allow your system to perform at another level, especially on power-hungry equipment like Home Cinema processors and power amplifiers". OUR 2M SIGNATURE POWERKORD SPECS: 24 Hyper Pure VariStrand copper conductors insulated with Teflon for very low resistance, KIMBER's unique cable weave, Flexible braided protective sheathing, Superb WATTGATE 350i Ag IEC plug and inline mains plug for effective connection to the mains supply, OYAIDE P-037e silver&rhodium super high quality European Schuko plug!!!! Shipping worldwide will be made only through International First Class Registered Mail!!!! PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR PHOTOS & EXTENSIVE FEEDBACK AND BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!! ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN KEPT IN SUPERB CONDITION!!!! Warmest wishes to all Audiogoners, Greg Karagiannis & Liliane Marouda
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