Sansui990Sansui 990 Vintage Receiver black faced 9090***UPDATE**** I had a gentleman offer me $675 shipped and now I am not unable to get back in contact with him. If he or anyone else in the US wants to offer that again I will accept. Just please ...599.00

Sansui 990 Vintage Receiver black faced 9090 [Expired]

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***UPDATE**** I had a gentleman offer me $675 shipped and now I am not unable to get back in contact with him. If he or anyone else in the US wants to offer that again I will accept. Just please provide a zip code in your offer to ensure that I can ship for under $75. Thanks! I am selling this beautiful and rare Sansui 990 receiver. If you are interested in this then you probably know all about it. It is the same as the 9090 but is the black faced European/Japanese market version. I think it is far more visually stunning than the silver face one and is far more rare. It is in very good condition but it is not perfect. It has a few small scratches and imperfections in the wood cab and hopefully the pictures can show those fairly. As shown in the pics it is missing one switch button cover, the "meter selector." This beast looks great and sounds absolutely amazing! Many prefer the 990 and 9090 over the DB versions because they do not suffer from the Dolby switch problems. I have had this one professionally cleaned and restored by an extremely reputable local tech and now it is ready for another 40 years of beautiful music. He performed the following: - Complete cleaning including pots, switches, and knobs. No more scratchy knobs. - All bulbs nice and bright. LED's in the watt meters. Amp Section - All problematic fusable resistors replaced - Full recap on driver boards - Bypassed filter caps - Upgraded coupling caps with Panasonic stacked film types - Replaced VD1212 diodes on driver board - New input pairs on both channels Misc - Recapped tuner power supply - Recapped protection section - New relay and relay driver transistor Here are the specs on this unit. Controls: Bass Midrange Treble Volume Balance Mic Level Switches: Power Low Filter High Filter Audio Muting: -20dB Dolby NR/4-CH Adaptor FM Muting Off MPX Noise Canceler Meter Selector: Signal, Multi-Path Speakers: A, B, C, A+B, A+C Bass: 300Hz, Defeat, 150Hz Treble: 1.5kHz, Defeat, 3kHz Loudness: On/Off Mode: Stereo/Mono Tape Play: Deck 2/Copy 1-2, Deck 1/Copy 1-2, Deck 1, Source, Deck 2, Deck 2/Copy 2-1, Deck 1/Copy 2-1 Selector: Phono, FM Auto, Dolby FM Adaptor, AM, Aux Indicators: Signal Strength/Multipath Meter Tuning Meter Left Channel Power Meter Right Channel Power Meter FM STEREO PHONO FM AM AUX DOLBY FM POWER/PROTECT Jacks: Phones 1 Phones 2 Mic Rear Panel: AC Outlet Unswitched AC Outlet Switched Antenna Inputs: FM 75 ohm, FM 300 ohm, AM AM Ferrite Bar Antenna Dolby NR/4-CH Adaptor Out (L, R) Dolby NR/4-CH Adaptor In (L, R Pre-Out (L, R) Main-In (L, R) Phono (L, R) Aux (L, R) Tape 1 Rec (L, R) Tape 1 Play (L, R) Tape 2 Rec (L, R) Tape 2 Play (L, R) Tape 2 Rec/Play (DIN) Speaker System A (L, R)com Speaker System B (L, R) Speaker System C (L, R) I will package this very well to ensure its safe delivery to you. If you have any special packaging or shipping requests I will do my best to accommodate them. If you have any questions please ask and I will respond asap. I have additional high-res pics I can provide for serious potential buyers. Thanks for looking and good luck!
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