Sansui Au-D11 Iitotally upgradedSansui Au-D11 Ii totally upgraded true balanced amp(not stock)This was sent to me by one of my customers:"Ezekiel, I bought another from eBay because I had never heard this amp and despite all your work I couldn't fathom dropping $1300 on one. So, I just did...1300.00

Sansui Au-D11 Ii totally upgraded true balanced amp(not stock) [Expired]

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This was sent to me by one of my customers:

"Ezekiel, I bought another from eBay because I had never heard this amp and despite all your work I couldn't fathom dropping $1300 on one. So, I just did all that work and more to the one I bought and I'm in tears. I have never heard an amp do what this can do. The $1300 is really quite a deal in retrospect. I just wanted to let you know that I get it."

"And thats why I'm writing to you because I j-u-s-t had to let you know that I am ready to nominate you for a Nobel Peace Award for Electronic's Modification! This musical experience is significantly beyond my pay grade.
I am getting a severe case of "flat butt" because I am now glued to my listening chair. I have another stereo system in another room---it is/was my main system---it cost more than a fancy SUV Cadillac, but I think this T-100 system may actually sound better!!!
I am sooo excited and AND I wanted to tell you thank you very much for your most excellent craftmanship."

The face head on looks very good but it does have a scratch on the top face wide edge (see picture) not the front. The wooden sides also have some very small places along the bottom and can barely be seen but honesty always works best; again see pictures. You can barely see them but I like to be honest as possible. The top case is now powder coated and looks great and being coated makes it harder to scratch.Now to the best part! This unit has really surprised me because it is totally balanced through out the input of the amp section to the output. You only find this now in the ultra high priced amps and I mean 10000.00 and up usually. Many say their amps or whatever are balanced but most are not TRUE balanced like this one is. Most are done with IC's or OP's and that is NOT a true balance amp. Because it is truly balanced all the noise is canceled and the output is simply amazing. What that means is it has 4 separate signal paths that come together and whatever that does not match with the rest is removed. Can you say NO NOISE in the back ground! It has a killer phono stage especially the MM (MM & MC), but this amp section is OFF THE CHARTS! The volume control does not have notches meaning it has plenty of range in the low volume. Just look at these numbers:10Hz to 20,000Hz with no more than 0.0028% total harmonic distortion with 130 wpc into 8 ohms. These are real numbers from the spec sheet and not just in the frequency that the amp does the best in as some only give. I upgraded all the electrolytic caps in the entire unit and even raised the main power caps from 4 x 10000uF to 4 x 22000uF. As you can tell from the picture of the parts I upgraded a bunch of them and some film caps too. I even put an Furutech gold plated IEC, 2 sets of WBT look alike insulated binding posts with Neotech pure solid copper wire. It already comes with gold plated RCA's and has many extra nice features that you can look up on the Vintage Knob or Sansui Lovers or many other sites. All the specs have been set and it plays like a dream with that VERY low THD level and the control it has over your speakers. The amp section is KILLER! This is your chance to own a killer int. amp for a fraction of the new 6k and up int. amps that may or may not be better than this one. I will leave that answer up to you. When you remove all the extra noise that gets into the circuits all you are left with is music and I mean even the micro dynamics that are hard to hear on regular amp sections.

Audiogon Blue Book is $620.00 so you can see I am giving away a ton of money so someone can enjoy this KILLER int. amp.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way and tell you I truly appreciate you all. I hope you all are doing well. I am going to lower the price on everything as I am going to have to have neck surgery soon and I need the money, not having any insurance besides the VA. If you are interested please let me know but please no low ballers who only care about themselves.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or call me at 865 463-0743 10am to 9pm, Mon. - Sat.

May God Bless America and Keep Our Troops Safe!
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