Scott 222CScott  222C Completely rebuilt by Foster BlairFirst of all the title should say Foster Blair , I can find no way to change it. Mapleshade 222C Scott amp rebuilt by Foster Blair. These amps sell for $1175 new . Go to mapleshade site for more de...799.00

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First of all the title should say Foster Blair , I can find no way to change it. Mapleshade 222C Scott amp rebuilt by Foster Blair. These amps sell for $1175 new . Go to mapleshade site for more details extent of rebuild too lengthy to list . Comes with NOS GE 5AR4,2x 6FQ7 phase splitters, 4X EL84 power tubes and 4 12AX7 drivers. You get all the NOS GE tubes and a spare set of perfectly matched Electro Harmonix EL84's 4 sound you will love this amp.The unit will ship with New Old Stock GE tubes, four 12AX7preamp, two 6FQ7 driver, four 6BQ5 output and one 5AR4 rectifier. The faceplate is perfect with no bends, lettering is intact except for some wear around the volume pot , as are the brass ring inserts on all knobs. The faceplate has a few tiny scratches on the upper edge that were there before it was professionally clear coated. Other than that, the surface is smooth and has a glass like appearance that gives it a luxurious appearance . The deck is clear with no rust or pitting.This amp is self biasing, it's basically plug and play, the original owner that sold it to me had an extensive amp collection and just wanted to thin out his collection. He barely used the amp, I have had it since the 6th of June and played it less than a week.Unforseen repair bill forces sale.There are many talented people who restore these amps. The 222C and the 299 are still prized by, and sought after by many audiophiles and music lovers. The devil is in the details they say. I myself believe it's the vintage iron, power and output transformers, that make these vintage amps sound better than much of the new amps made today.Just like the tubes themselsves , they don't sound as good or last as long as the vintage amps.This amp is very affordable by tube amp standards.I once read it's hard to make a bad sounding EL84 amp , well here's avery good sounding EL84 amp. The basic specs of our modded Scott amps are:(from Mapleshade) • 26 watts per channel; the dynamic swing is large enough to drive speakers as inefficient as 86 db to full realistic volume • integrated passive preamp • modded (and excellent-sounding) integrated phono stage • phono stage will handle both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges down .08 mv output • three line level inputs (tuner/aux/tape) • two phono inputs (high mag/low mag) • one line level output• tape loop is functional • outputs for 4, 8 ,16 Ohm speakers • all stock balance, tone control, filters and power indicators are bypassed as part of our mods Deck of amp is free of any rust or pitting,cover is excellent condition,back of amp is also in great shape. Front is all original, as is the rest of the amp, there is some worn lettering in the volume control area, but it's completely legible, I'm only mentioning it, in the interest of full disclosure, What Mapleshade states they do in a restoration of a Scott 222C 1. We refurbish to full factory specifications, replacing any parts that are more than a few percent off spec. 2. We bypass all the preamp/tone control active stages and replace them with a vastly better-sounding passive preamp stage. 3. Similarly, all the front panel switches are bypassed (except for the source selector and tape monitor switches); this greatly reduces the length and the complex routing of the signal path wiring--with audible improvements for every switch bypassed. 4. We upgrade all the passive components in the feedback loop, at the same time reducing the feedback to almost zero--thereby greatly improving dynamics and transparency. 5. Much better passive components are installed in the phono stage, thus improving an already first-rate phono section. 6. All the interstage coupling capacitors are changed to significantly better-sounding modern polypropylene film capacitors. 7. The chassis' aluminum bottom plate is removed and replaced with two much stiffer maple rails, thereby greatly improving bass "punch" and upper frequency clarity (due to both the elimination of bottom plate vibrations and the very substantial bottom plate eddy current losses). 8. We replace the original 7189 output tubes with a carefully matched, substantially cleaner-sounding set of new EL-84s--and then match carefully selected driver tubes to the output tubes in such a way as to minimize distortion, using in-circuit oscilloscope waveform analysis (note that tube tester matching is completely inadequate to achieve optimum sonics from tubes). Per our illustrious publisher’s stringent (in a nice way) polices, I also asked Monsieur Pierre about the design goals. Here is his email reply: “As far as I know, ours is the most extensive Scott amp modification program in the country. The objective was to get as close to the sound of our Mapleshade master tapes as possible. We wanted to get really well-articulated, really deep bass (the opposite of "tubey" bass) and airy, transparent, unusually extended treble--while preserving the warm, rich harmonic detail that's the real magic of good tube amps. Since we tested by ear each modification idea we came up with (and we rejected almost as many as we incorporated into the final mod package), it took us almost a year to complete the R&D. I estimate that our mods improve the quite-excellent sound of the factory-stock Scott amplifier by at least 50%. Let me give you a feel for just how high a level of sound quality we're talking about: in head-to-head trials in the hands of our customers and dealers, our standard Scott integrated has easily beaten several $20,000+ solid state amps and a number of $7500+ tube amps. The Only mod that was not performed to my amp is it retains the stock bottom plate.No maple planks for the bottom. Original Scott bottom plate with diagrahm of tube. In Reply to: upgrade scott tuner posted by jrg on June 4, 2006 at 22:08:39: Go to /removed link/ and on the left side of the page click on repairs. Then, scroll down until you see Foster Blair. You'll see the following: "Foster Blair rebuilds and repairs all types of vintage Scott equipment, including amplifiers, tuners, multiplex units, and the hardest to work on, tube receivers. He has over 35 years experience working with Scott equipment and has an extensive collection of vintage Scott gear. Foster has the necessary test equipment, schematics and knowledge to fix dead, sick or wounded Scotts at very reasonable cost. Foster upgraded both a 350-D tuner and LK48B integrated amp for me. They sound and function beautifully. I was up in his neck of the woods visiting family and popped in on him. He has quite a large collection of Scott gear - museum quality. Jim --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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