ShunyataHydra 8 v1Eight cryogenically treated outlets are available to serve your system a healthy diet of pristine power. The unique and effective Trident Defense System offers state of the art spike and surge prot...995.00

Shunyata Hydra 8 v1 Line Conditioner [Expired]

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Eight cryogenically treated outlets are available to serve your system a healthy diet of pristine power. The unique and effective Trident Defense System offers state of the art spike and surge protection, resulting in unprecedented performance. The Trident Defense System seeks to achieve more than the mundane task of reducing the likelihood of damage resulting from large scale electrical events (no line conditioner can guarantee complete isolation from catastrophic events, such as direct lightning strikes). The small spikes, which occur many times per day (and are the suspected culprit in a variety of sonic ills), are addressed by this proprietary design. Lights, fans, motors and appliances contribute impulse and wide bandwidth noise components to the AC line. These perturbations degrade the performance of audio and video components sharing the line. The Trident Defense System confronts these gnarly foes. Want proof? Check out the Impulse and wide bandwidth noise measurements below. More interesting features await the curious under the hood. Nested within the antimagnetic aluminum exterior skin is a hermetically sealed sub enclosure. Tucked away in this electrically isolated chamber resides a huge (five pound) buss-bar array made from the purest form of copper, CDA-101. Both the exterior housing and internal sub enclosure are isolated from RFI and EMI with the patented (US#6,545,213) FeSi-1002 compound developed by Shunyata. A four-element capacitive array eliminates over-voltage spikes of only a few volts to beyond 1,000 volt transients. They perform their function of spike and noise elimination without the “ringing” or grainy sound associated with common power line capacitors. The Carling 20A super-fast acting electromagnetic circuit breaker shuts things down if a component fault causes an abnormally high current draw, while allowing an unimpeded current flow below its rating. Proprietary Teflon-insulated silver wire connects all the pieces together. Things you won’t find in the Hydra are ferrites, transformers coils and chokes. These dynamically compressive elements are replaced with FeSi-1002. This compound is a synthetically manufactured ceramic material similar in appearance to crystalline beads. Although the substance has no metallic content, it has a similar effect as ferrites in that it absorbs electromagnetic noise within its molecular structure. The FeSi-1002 compound’s passive noise-reduction avoids the dynamically compressive effects commonly associated with ferrites, transformers, chokes and coils. As further benefit, FeSi-1002 absorbs both incoming AC noise while suppressing outgoing AC line noise generated by the components themselves. Far more than a collection of interesting philosophies materials and parts, the Hydra is all about music. And that is as it should be. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this life is you can’t judge a book by its cover. Yes, it’s an overworked cliché, but exceptionally apropos in this situation. Regardless of the component, you can read specs all day long and you gain little, if anything, which reveals the true measure of the article. The sound, man, it’s all about the sound! So, you’ll just have to hear a Hydra 8 in your system to realize its talents; we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting. The Hydra 8 achieves Caelin Gabriel’s goal of enhancing the musical experience. It does so by scraping away layers of electrically induced artifacts which cloud the subtle cues in music that convey the intent of the composition. A technical statement? Probably. A product that serves the soul of music? YES! • 8 cryogenically treated Venom silver outlets • “Trident Defense System” • 2400 watts @ 20 amps continuous • Surge protection (60,000A) • Four individual, isolated circuits • Shunyata Venom noise filters • Massive CDA-101 six pound solid buss bars • FeSi-1000 noise compound • Detachable 20A inlet • Aluminum chassis • Soundstage! review • On Hi-Fi Review • Stereophile review ******************************************************************* SEE ALL OF OUR GREAT VALUES IN NEW, USED AND DEMO GEAR! VISIT US ONLINE AT: HTTP://WWW.GCAUDIO.COM/PRODUCTS/STEALS.HTML ******************************************************************** Credit cards or PayPal Accepted, please add 3.5%
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